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The postulates. A must read.
 History has seen a reversal of two and a half centuries of progressive advancements.
The elites, that since the European Enlightenment had been gradually deprived of the
absolute powers they had in favour of democracy, have staged a successful claw back
to almost total control of the vast majority of our common wealth. They can blackmail
entire nations, preventing them from exercising their sovereign prerogatives in
monetary policy and even in the legislative sphere. They can inflict havoc on millions of
families and firms through their profit seeking schemes, globally. Citizens are today in
a position to vote empty political structures controlled by these financial and
corporate elites. Democracy is rendered virtually meaningless.
 Modern Money Theory (MMT) has presented itself as the only powerful, coherent and
scientifically sound alternative to this dramatic state of affairs. It embraces such an
ample range of human functions in the economic, political, and social spheres that no
other theoretical approach seems at present preferable. MMT is a life saving, nation
saving tool for both Western and Developing countries. MMT is Sane Economics for a
Just and Safe Coexistence in Democracy.
 MMT faces one major hurdle: people. The overwhelming majority, from academics to
policymakers to ordinary folks, don’t understand it or judge it structurally wrong.
Why? Because what they consider sound economics are in reality the very tools that
the elites used in order to appropriate the larger slice of our common good. In fact
most people, including the progressive forces, literally fell for the ideological deceit
that the elites enacted in the last 75 years through a structural and coordinated effort
within Western countries. This deceit was able to fashion as intuitive, as common
sense and even as socially beneficial most of the elites’ greed-inspired economics.
Citizens and progressives naturally bought into them, wholly unaware of what lay
behind them. It is as shocking a realization as that, no less. As a logical consequence,
since MMT runs contrary to most of the elites-inspired economic dogmas, it will clash
with most people’s and progressives’ core economic convictions. We must help them
see this, with the utmost urgency.
 This primer explains the deceit, and shows how MMT can emasculate it. It is a must for
anyone who wishes to bring people and progressives on board along our struggle to
see MMT become government policy. It is a must for a mass communication effort to
ORGANIZE for MMT. Absent the awareness of the elites’ 75 year scheme, no effective
reaction can be organized, and of course MMT will remain for most an apparently
absurd, counterintuitive and even flawed approach.