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School of Real Estate

Pass the Affiliate Brokers Exam… The 1st Time
The State Affiliate Broker exam is really two exams in one. The Test Consist of
both a national portion and a state specific portion. You will take both of these exams
back to back. Your must pass both, but if you pass only one section, you can take the
failed portion again at a later date and still receive credit for the passed portion. The
National portion of the exam is 80 questions and you have 160 minutes; the state portion
of the exam is 40 questions and you have 80 minutes. A student should not underestimate
the difficulty of this exam. This exam is said to a mile wide, buy only an inch thick. This
means the exam covers a very wide area of knowledge without a sizeable emphasis on any
one area particularly. Some areas will be tested on both exams, such as agency and
disclosure. These will be tested with multiple questions on both exams. I have included
the % breakdown of each section to help you focus your study time and prepare you for a
realistic expectation of what you will see on the exam.