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The National Portion of the Exam
Property Ownership: ( 6 Questions )

7.5% of the Exam

1. Classes of Property…
A. Real verses Personal Property
B. Defining Fixtures… Trade fixtures – MARIA Test
C. Know the difference between Allodial and Feudal land ownership systems
2. Land Characteristics and Legal Descriptions
A. Physical Characteristics of Land
1. Immobility
2. Indestructibility
3. Non-Homogeneity
B. Economic Characteristics of Land
1. Relative Scarcity
2. Improvements
3. Permanence of Investment
4. Area Preference or SITUS
C. Types of Legal Property Descriptions
1. Metes and Bounds
A. What are benchmark and monuments?
2. Sections and Townships
3. Lot and Block #
D. Usage of Legal Property Descriptions
1. Know Metes and Bounds Terms…
2. Know how to figure acreage on a portion of a section
3. Know when lot and block numbers are used
3. Encumbrances
A. Liens