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8. Increasing and Decreasing Returns
9. Competition
D. Market cycles and other factors affecting value
A. Supply vs. Demand
B. Buyers vs. sellers market
C. Factors or influences that affect both supply and demand
1. Factors that influence Demand: Population, Demographics, and Employment
2. Factors the influence Supply: Labor and Construction Cost, and governmental
and finance controls
2. Methods of Estimating Value/ Appraisal Process
A. Market or Sales Comparison Approach
B. Replacement cost vs. Reproduction cost – Difference?
C. Income Approach
D. What is reconciliation?
E. What is Depreciation?
1. Is land subject to depreciations?
F. Know and be able to define the types of obsolescence
1. Functional Obsolescence
2. External Obsolescence
3. Sales Comparisons or CMA (comparable market analysis)
A. Selecting and Adjusting Comparables
B. Factors to consider in selecting comparables
C. How are a CMA and an Appraisal Different?
1. Who Conducts an Appraisal?
D. What is price per square foot?
E. Know What and How to use Gross Rent Multipliers
F. When is a Certified Appraisal Required?