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Hayden-Mephistus Treaty of 2011
Parties Concerned: The Femina Commonwealth under the 2nd Reich, & The Armed Coalition of Comrade
Regarding: The Official Documentation of the ACCH Protectorate and the trade benefits granted by the
Acknowledging the fact that prior to the creation of this document that there was already a standing
agreement along with a set of trade agreements between the Commonwealth and the ACCH, that the two
parties in question have had an untarnished diplomatic history that lasts until this day and that the ACCH is
a foreign investor in the Commonwealth, the Central Council has approved for Chancellor Von Leipstig's
push for the creation of an official and certified document to log the standing relations between the two
Moving under the following assumptions,
- That the two nations shall continue to have a good track record of relations,
- That the Commonwealth shall honor its word and refrain from pulling out of the agreement at any point in
the foreseeable future,
- That the standing diplomatic relations between the nations shall continue until either one decides to pull
out of the agreement,
The following conditions and agreements have been made by the ACCH and the Commonwealth prior to the
proposal of the log of this treaty. A few minor adjustments have been made to render fairness to the ACCH
as well, allowing it more liberties with which to function in relation to Dakini Femina:
A. That the ACCH has entered into a protectorate with the Commonwealth, and shall be allowed to station a
maximum of 20% of its total armed forces from DEFCON levels 5 through 3. This shall be raised to 40% in the
event that DEFCON 2 or 1 is raised, and shall cover forces belonging to the ACCH's Armed Forces,
Peacekeeping Corps, Security Detachments/Delegations and Science Teams.
B. That in the event that DEFCON 2 or 1 is raised, the ACCH protectorate forces shall be allowed to open
lines of communication with Commonwealth Redoubts, fortress cities and any military outposts as it seems
necessary, and Cadian High Command shall grant the protectorate forces access to the supply lines and
depots in all of the Commonwealth's main territories, clan-held territories, assimilated territories and
C. That the Commonwealth shall also respond to any distress calls made by the ACCH and shall participate in
its defense, should the Armed Coalition come under attack. For item "c" to be invoked, DEFCON 2 or its
equivalent must be raised in the ACCH and officially confirmed by both coalition command and Cadian High

Command. A maximum force pool percentage of 50% on the part of the Commonwealth shall be placed in
such circumstances.
D. That the Commonwealth shall subsidize 20% of the expenses incurred by the ACCH for the maintenance
of its protectorate forces garrisoned in Dakini Femina, and that the ACCH commanders and Commonwealth
AF commanders shall be free to conduct joint exercises within reasonable economic means.
E. That annually, the Commonwealth shall make a resource injection to the ACCH in the form of
manufactured consumer products, luxury goods, processed food and raw materials, that when converted to
cash shall amount to 100,000,000 ova's or its equivalent in ACCH currency.
F. That all additional goods exported to the ACCH that do not fall under the jurisdiction of item "e" from the
Commonwealth, shall have 20% of their costs subsidized by the Commonwealth government, allowing the
ACCH to import goods from the Commonwealth at 80% of the base price. This shall not cover contraband,
specifically narcotics and non-declared arms.
Signed & Sincerely,
Chancellor & Head of State Sakura von Leipstig
Signed & Sincerely,
Deputy Fuhrer & Minister of State Affairs Frederick Hess
Signed & Sincerely,
Vice Chancellor Rio Miasnikov
Passed & Approved by,
The Commonwealth Central Council,
& The Femina National Socialist Party
Signed & Approved by:

Chairman Hayden
Passed & Authorized by:
The People of The Armed Coalition of Comrade Hayden by referendum vote number 29318: 81% In Favor,
17% Opposed, 2% Requesting Modification of Terms
The People of the ACCH Have Spoken

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