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800 Values Love and Sexual Love .pdf

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800 Values for New Era Human Being

800 Values for New Era Human being(Second Edition)
Deiform Buddha
Chapter 11:Love and Sexual Love
339. Love is the precious gift bestowed to mankind by the Greatest
Creator. During life we should full enjoy the life of love.
340. People with richer life of love have better heart, gentler character,
and calmer temper. They are closer to the Greatest Creator, have greater
love for life, LIFE, nature, and other people. People with poorer life of
love have uglier heart, crueler character, and worse temper. They are
further away from the Greatest Creator, have little love for life, LIFE,
nature and other people.
341. The depth of man’s love for woman depends on the degree of
freedom the woman has offered the man. The more freedom the woman
gives the man, the deeper the man will love her; while the less freedom
the woman gives the man, the deeper the man will hate her. Don’t try
various means to control the man, but try your best to improve yourself.
342. Man is handsome for his masculinity, and woman is beautiful for her
femininity. Man with too much femininity is ugly and woman with too
much masculinity is ugly.
343. The lower the level of LIFE, the more the lack of love. What is hell?
The place devoid of love is hell. The higher of the level of LIFE, the
richer the love will be. What is heaven? The place full of love is the

800 Values for New Era Human Being

heaven. People without love cannot go to the heaven—Thousand-year
World, Ten-thousand Year World, and Elysium World. They can only go
to hell to live a life devoid of love.
344. Control the extent of love: love shall develop among people that
karma has brought them together, love will follow with nature and
opportunity. When you feel the love you will show it in your mind, when
you feel the love go away your heart will be devoid of it. You will not be
obsessed and infatuated, you don’t intend to claim it as your own, and
you don’t occupy it with force. You will let love carry on if both of you
can feel the love. If you are not in step with each other, you will not
impose it on the other party. The extent of love shall so as to make both
parties happy and pleasant.
345. The more energy love releases, the more energy love will have.
Love is the inner gladness and unselfish devotion with no conditions
attached. Love is sacrifice of oneself for other people. Love is to give
sufficient freedom to the one you love. Love is without selfish desire,
complaint and resentment. Love is a top-grade enjoyment of spirit and
soul. Love is unselfish devotion without any preconditions.
346. As long as both parties are pleased with each other, you can do
whatever you think is appropriate. Life is short, so have a dance of tango
even on the brink of death. Only life of such a kind will be devoid of
regret, only such a kind of life will be beautiful.
347. If you have 100 lovers, you cannot help becoming a celestial being.
If you cannot become an celestial being, you will have no capability to
own 100 lovers. If you are doubtful, just have a try.
348. One of the win-win techniques is to release one’s energy of love.
The more energy of love is released, the more energy you will get. The

800 Values for New Era Human Being

more conservative and selfish you are, the more impossible it will be for
you to preserve the energy of love. What’s even worse, you will lose a lot
of your energy of love. Mutual care, respect, help, and love are the
win-win techniques for energy. The effective measure to guard against
the negative energy is shy away from it, keep a distance from it, and try
your best not to come into contact with it.
349. Chanyuan love values have surpassed the traditional love values.
Such love is the love of celestials that has sublimed from the traditional
love. Those people whose quality of life has not sublimed to the realm of
celestials will generally regard Chanyuan’s love values as vulgar
relationship between man and woman, and even as the uncontrolled
sexual relationship in the animal world. Only those with better structure
of LIFE can gradually experience from Chanyuan’s love values the
relaxed and happy state of mind resulting from the emancipated soul,
unlimited freedom, and the complete lack of depression and bondage.
These values will cause the couple in disharmony to regain love for each
other and prompt the couple with conjugal love to love each other more
350. Love can relieve pain and beauty is an even more powerful
painkiller. Love+beauty=magical painkiller. The power of love is
boundless; the power of beauty is even more breathtaking. Love and
beauty are the most wonderful secrets that prompt the soul to leave the
351. Sex is a resource. Sex is not only material resource but also the
resource of spirit and soul. The resource of male sex and female sex in
particular is the resource more valuable and more significant than food.
Such resource has eight major happiness and benefits: (1). make people
placid and gentle; (2). make people satisfied and contented; (3). make

800 Values for New Era Human Being

people love life; (4). make people filled with yearning and longing for the
future; (5). guarantee the propagation of mankind; (6). make people
pleased and happy; (7). make people feel gratitude; (8). make people
enjoy the wonder of extreme pleasure.
352. Get out of the whirlpool of sentiment. We are not indifferent, we are
not without sensibilities, we are not immersed in sentimentality. Take
eating and drinking for example. We need food and water, but we do not
view them as the purpose and significance of life. If during our life, we
rush about simply for food and water, then there would be no value and
significance of being a man. In the same way, if we live for the sole sake
of sentiment all through our life, we cannot expect to tramp over hill and
dale to reach the realm of freedom.
353. Love has its own frequency, only the loves that share the same
frequency can result in the resonance and sympathetic vibration. Love
shall be sought with love. A heart without love cannot find love. To
obtain love, you must first understand love, then seek and maintain love
with love.
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