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Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth


comes into being and how it is born. If LIFE is a kind of material
structure, then all the things produced by human beings such as bicycle,
clothes, desk, toothbrush, pencil and so on are LIFE. Obviously, LIFE is
not material structure, but nonmaterial structure. Since LIFE is
nonmaterial structure, only the “people” who have understood the whole
nonmaterial world can create the “nonmaterial structure”.
To make “the nonmaterial structure” for human beings is like
cracking the hardest nut, but for “those people” who have understand the
“nonmaterial world” it is just a piece of cake. The problem is that LIFE
can not move efficaciously only with “the nonmaterial structure”, and
“the nonmaterial structure” must possess the spiritual nature. However,
where can we get the spiritual nature?
For the masses, it is easy to answer this question; they will say: “it
comes naturally,” or they will say: “LIFE originates from the evolution”.
If you asked further—“what is nature? And how can it come naturally?
LIFE is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality. How does
the nonmaterial structure with the spiritual nature evolve itself”? They,
with a shaking head and angry eyes, will say: “Naturally means naturally,
and evolution means to evolve step by step.” If you go on further, they
will become very impatient and say that we are taking unnecessary pains
to study an insoluble question. (You can