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Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth


simple discussion about the issues of symmetry in the Symmetry in
Nature—Mysterious and Great Power and Golden Mean—Perfect
Proportion. We have known the core of the order is symmetry; the
universe is an order. So the universe is symmetrical, and “Taiji Diagram”
is a vivid simile for this. We have also understood that the universe is
holographic—one cell can reflect the whole style and features. Thus, we
come to a conclusion that LIFE is symmetrical. This symmetry not only
is reflected in the symmetry of certain individual LIFE, but in the
symmetry of the whole universal LIFE.
From 36-Dimensional Space we can understand that the Zero World,
the Heaven World, Elysium world, the Cathode Black Hole Body, the
Ten-Thousand-Year world and the Thousand-Year world are symmetric
to the Inflamed Layer, the Frozen Layer, Hell World, the Plant World, the
Animal World and the Livestock World; the Mortal World locates exactly
at the interface of these two symmetric worlds. In this way, the symmetry
of the whole universal LIFE is formed, namely the simplified over-all
structure of LIFE—“heaven, the Mortal World and hell”.
The universe has the universal morality; once it is reflected in an
individual LIFE, it represents the evolution, transmigration and
reincarnation of the individual LIFE. For example: if a man’s
consciousness and thinking resonate with the morality of universe in the