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The Spiritual Light and Color of LIFE .pdf

Original filename: The Spiritual Light and Color of LIFE.pdf
Title: The Greatest Creator ——Foreword
Author: Tian

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Lifechanyuan Era

The Spiritual Light and Color of LIFE
Both material and nonmaterial has light and color. Everything in the
universe has feelings and psychic energy.
LIFE is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality and every
light and color is the result of this structure.
Although both the LIFE body and non-LIFE body has spiritual light,
yet the spiritual light of LIFE body is initiative, whereas the spiritual light of
non-LIFE body reflects the light of spiritual source.
The light and color of material can be visible while the light and color
of nonmaterial has to be experienced by spiritual perception.
The stronger the LIFE-force is, the richer the color is, and the brighter
the radiance is and vise versa.
The spiritual light of LIFE has color, and it is determined by the
nonmaterial structure of LIFE.
LIFE has levels. Although different LIFE levels may embody the same
spiritual lights, yet their colors are quite different.
Spiritual light just embodies the wax and wanes of the LIFE body, not

Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth

the quality of LIFE body; whereas, the color of the spiritual light embodies
the quality of the LIFE body not the degree of LIFE body.
People can be divided into ignorant person, laity, mortal, sage and
celestial. Celestials include the saint, lofty man, pure man. In fact, celestials
also include goblin and devil. This kind of classification is not based on the
external characters of the LIFE body, but rather the connotation of its
quality; just like the diamond, carbuncle, sapphire, opal, olivine, moonstone,
aquamarine, tourmalin, amethyst, etc, which are all stones, but their
structures and properties are different.
Every one has spiritual light. The spiritual light of ignorant person,
laity, mortal, and sage is relatively weak; the spiritual light of saint, lofty
man, pure man and demon is relatively strong. The color of spiritual light of
ordinary people is flat; the color of spiritual light of immortal is strong.
Generally speaking, ordinary people’s spiritual light is faint white, like
a mass of vapor; sage’s is a little multicolor, and the color is changeable.
With the perfection of structure and purification of the quality, the spiritual
light of LIFE gradually shows in fixed color. The Saint, lofty man, pure man
show the light of red, yellow and purple; the goblins show the light of blue
and green; devils show black light; and Buddha (include angels) show the
light of seven colors.
As spiritual light belongs to nonmaterial, so it is invisible by naked
eyes and it is only visible to those who have Buddha-eyes.
Generally speaking, auspicious light belongs to LIFE character of
heaven; dark light belongs to LIFE character of hell.
We can still sense the invisible spiritual light and color when we deal
with people and situations. If we feel fresh, open and clear, bright and
beautiful, enjoyable, warm, cheerful, inspiring and safe when reading

Lifechanyuan Era

someone’s work, then this person’s spiritual light is auspicious; if we feel
pain, oppressed, heavy, discouraged, unsettled, negative, depressed and
worried, then this person’s spiritual light is dark.
To make your spiritual light show auspicious light, you must perfect
the nonmaterial structure of LIFE. The more perfect it is; the more
auspicious it is. We can sense the degree of the perfection. If our
consciousness is clear and ordered, the colorful light will be presented; if
consciousness is disordered, colorful light won’t be presented. We can be
enlightened from the iron and magnet; iron can’t reflect the polarity, but
magnet can reflect the polarity. The difference between them is the
arrangement of the molecule—one is ordered, the other disordered.
Of course, we can be inspired from the environment. Just like we go
shopping, some shops are very clean and tidy, bright and lively, make us
feel comfortable; some others are disorganized and gloomy, make us feel
oppressed. The nonmaterial structure of LIFE is like the shops; someone’s
LIFE structure is like green hills and clear waters, bright and sunny; while
others may be barren hills and turbulent rivers, dark and evil. So, the
different structures present different spiritual light and color.
Looking up to the heaven, we only see the blue sky and white clouds
and can’t see the natural scenery concealed. This is because our spiritual
perception is too weak and our consciousness can’t enter into the
nonmaterial world. Standing in the Gobi or the desert, looking into the far
distance, what can we see? Most of the people see a vast desert; but some
people can see the grand phenomenon of hot flowing on the earth’s surface;
and some people may even see the mirage.
Concentrating on a certain object and phenomenon for a long time, you
will find something other people can’t see.

Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth

I hope every one has the auspicious spiritual light; and every one can
see the colorful spiritual light.

Follow the guide of the Greatest Creator will be beneficial to humanity,
Blessed by God and Buddha, ideal will come true.
Come on, my dear friend!
We are destined to be hand in hand in this lifetime
Lifechanyuan, follows the Tao of the Greatest Creator, safeguard life, cultivate
The invitation from Lifechanyuan

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