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Middos of Rabbi Yisrael Salanter ‫ אמת‬Truth ‫ זריזות‬Alacrity ‫ חריצות‬Diligence ‫ כבוד‬Honor ‫ מנוחת‬Tranquility ‫ נחת‬Gentleness ‫ נקיון‬Cleanliness ‫ סבלנות‬Patience ‫ סדר‬Order ‫ ענוה‬Humility ‫ צדק‬Justice ‫ קמוץ‬Thrift ‫ שתיקה‬Silence .‫אמת – שלא להוציא מן הפה דבר שאין הלב מעיד על אמיתותו‬ Truth- Never speak a word unless your heart can testify to its truth. Do the words we speak to others clearly reflect the feelings in our heart? It is vital that when we talk with our friends or family members we open up ourselves and show them who we really are. Our heart serves as a witness to what we say and who we are. The gemara in Yoma 69b states that Hashem's “seal” is ‫ ,אמת‬truth. By committing to speak the truth in all matters, we are connecting to Hashem in a very powerful way. .‫זריזות-שלא לבטל רגע לבטלה. כן לעשות מה שדרוש לעשות‬


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