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OVERVIEW1: We all have interests and curiosities that the school system rarely lets us examine. The
purpose of this assignment is to give you the chance to investigate a topic of your choosing
in depth over the course of a semester. PLEASE SEE OUR SYLLABUS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT
Each student must:

Investigate your subject using a minimum of 7 sources. It is recommended that you use books,
hard copies of resource materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.), professional journals,
and/or magazines. No more than 1/3 of your sources may be from the internet unless they are
accessed through a database to which the school subscribes.
Submit a written proposal that includes everything outlined below.
Write a typed, double-spaced essay of 10-15 full pages of text, not counting any separate Works
Cited or Resource page.
Submit at least one draft of the essay to me for submission to Grammarly, and then revise the
Submit at least one draft of the essay to your group for peer review (4 peer-reviewers).
Create a poster or PowerPoint presentation or poster presentation that presents your findings
to your classmates. This part of the assignment is required to receive a grade. (Bring your
finished posters/presentations and essays to our last class meeting.)
Turn in a typed annotated bibliography of sources that includes:
o An Introduction that clearly identifies the question you sought to answer this semester,
briefly explains why this subject interests you, and identifies (in bullets) the three main
conclusions you drew from your study of this topic through these sources.
o Complete and proper citation information for each source in APA format.
o Approximately 75 words that explain not only what the source material was about but
also how it related to your question.

Each student must submit a typed, one-page proposal by _______________________ (hard copy); it
should include the following:

The subject of your research (nature, relationships, self-image, Columbus, becoming a
comedian, etc.)
A guiding question (or questions) about this subject (e.g., What components make up my
A rationale for why you want to study this subject all semester
A summary of what you know about this subject at this time
A prediction about what you think you will discover during your investigation
The titles and authors of 3 sources you will use this semester
A discussion as to the importance of this subject (which answers the question, “So what?”)
Other possible sources (websites, publications, people, organizations, etc.) you might consult
to satisfy the resource requirement

NOTE: Students must read the sources listed on their proposal (Authors & Titles section); you may, if you
learn of new and more relevant titles, revise your proposal.

Adapted from an assignment by Jim Burke