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Price per 1000 Stitches : Up to 100 items
Under 15K


R 2.10

Between 15K and 25K


R 1.80

Over 25K


R 1.60

**10% less on embroidery on ordering of more than 100 Items

Other Costs:
Setup Cost on Return Orders:


R30.00 per logo

Postage Anywhere in South-Africa for orders over R800



Pricing Guide for Logo Embroidery (per logo):
Standard Names
Class 1 Digitized Left Breast Logo
Class 1 Digitized Big Logo
Class 2/3 Digitized Left Breast Logo
Class 2/3 Digitized Big Logo
Custom Digitized logo
Left Breast Logo
Big Logo



R12 per Name
R 5.00 - 15.00
R 10.00 - R 30.00
R6.00 - R 30.00
R15.00 - R 80.00
R10.00 - R ??

(up to 12 cm Wide)
(up to 20 cm wide)

For more detailed prices we will have to see your design and work out a stitch count, in
order for us to calculate the exact cost.
Please Note:
The biggest standard Size we Embroid is usually 20cm x 20cm. For Bigger Designs please
enquire in-store or contact a sales person. You can use up to 9 Different Colours in one
design and it does not affect the pricing.