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Author Anonymous
Yr 2007 - 181524785

NOTE: Permission is hereby granted by the author, to all wishing in doing so,
to freely reproduce and distribute any and all parts of this pamphlet,
"The World-Rule Conspiracy".
Here in America, as with other countries around the world, we are undergoing a sea
of social and economic change. We have daily attacks upon our morality, our religion,
our family structure and our nationhood. We have an endless stream of "rights"
--minority, homosexual and other-- that seemingly are designed to destroy our
natural social order.
We have a country that hastily exports its factories to other countries.
We have a country that opens its borders to allow floods of immigrants from all parts
of the globe.
In short, we have a country that appears to be committing national suicide.
Why are these things happening?
********** ** ***********
They are happening because a powerful entity wants to eliminate the national
societies and their independent countries. It plans to replace them with a world society
and a world government that it can dominate.
What we are witnessing are the preliminary steps in the accomplishment of this plan:
*** We see the national societies of the world being divided and fragmented --from
within-- over economic, moral, religious, gender, etc., etc., issues.
*** We see national borders being thrown open to large-scale immigration of other
races from other parts of the world....and then we see these immigrants being given
preference in advancement into the middle-class positions of society.
In each such country, the formerly unified national societies are, thus, being