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And, Concurrently, Attack on the Ideological Front
Go on the offensive. In addition to issues of economic-consequence, project and rally
around the ideological issues because these issues will determine the future.
Attack the oppositions main strategy. The one based upon the destruction of the
nation-state and the family-unit and on the promotion of homosexuality.
Demand that White candidates, in safe White political districts, take positions
endorsing the desirability of the independent nation-state and the traditional family...and
opposing the practice of homosexuality. Make these into election-issues!
And as strength builds on these issues, demand that similar resolutions of
endorsement and opposition be introduced into Congress,
And when, in time, these pass Congress, demand that our representatives to the
United Nations present them and lobby for their passage at the U.N.
Legislative Action
Introduce and pass legislation that prevents future, and reverses past, immigrationamnesty measures.
Introduce and pass legislation that once again outlaws homosexuality. (Reverse the
pro-homosexual trend-- put the opposition on the defensive.)
Introduce and pass legislation that outlaws covert activity designed to weaken or
destroy the sovereignty of the United States. Such a law would not prohibit openadvocacy of sovereignty-weakening measures (free speech) but would punish those
who act in secret to accomplish such an end.
Such a law would subject the secret societies and the Talmudic structure to
government investigation and possible prosecution .
This would greatly hamper their present activity to create a world government.