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July 2nd, 2012
Issue 8, Volume 1

your Child’s Intelligence

Did you know it can be disrespectful to do things for your children that they can do themselves? Children
have an innate sense of what to do, and while it may not be up to your standards, if they are allowed to try
something, they will get better. Respect their choices, rather than demanding they do it your way every time.
Even kids know what is best for them sometimes. As a parent, you need to decide when that sometimes is and
choose your battles wisely.
There are many reasons parents give for doing things for their children, rather than letting them do things
themselves, including the following:
• I want to give them the things I didn’t have.
• I like control and everything has to be done my way.
• They never do it right and I just have to do it over.
• I want them to be kids and not have to do adult things right now. • They are too busy, so I need to take off
some of the pressure.
Research shows kids would rather do the job themselves than pretend they did
it. Let them help you wash the clothes, make the beds, clean their rooms, and work in the yard. If you allow
them to learn life skills now, you’ll help develop their self-esteem and they’ll become decision makers, rather
than becoming indecisive later in life. You’ll also help them become independent. After all, isn’t your job as a
parent to raise your children to become independent, responsible adults? So have a little respect for the
decisions your kids make today; they may just grow up and know more than you someday.


Fourth of
Academy Student of the
Teodora Drazic

“The Chosun One” for June 2012

Don’t forget! We will be
marching in the city of
Franklin’s 4th of July
parade! Following the
parade, there will be a
performance by the
Chosun BBA Demo Team,
so stick around after the
parade! There will ne NO
classes on July 4th or
5th, due to the holiday!

Teodora Drazic is a ten year old green stripe. Her
favorite kick is the stepside kick and her favorite
martial artist is Master Peterson! Her favorite
actress is Angelina Jolie and her favorite movie is
The Parent Trap. She loves to watch the Big Bang
Theory on TV and enjoys listening to her favorite
musician, Brad Paisley. Besides TKD, Teodora loves
tennis! Her favorite subject in school is math and if
she could, she would actually ask for longer math
time at school!
Congratulations Teodora! Keep up the good work!




See Master Peterson or Mrs. Van Ert for a registration form

Chosun Academy Softball
Every Sunday, during the
summer, Chosun Black Belt
Academy’s softball team
is playing at Konkel
Park, on Layton ave. in


Come out and cheer for
them! A schedule is
printed below with times.










Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, July 4th-5th - Independence Day Parade (NO CLASSES)
Tuesday, July 10th- Backwards Day (wear your uniform to class backwards)
Saturday July 14th- Women's Self-Defense class (12:00-2:00pm)
Tuesday, July 17th-Hat Day (wear your favorite hat to class)


Chosun Academy Birthdays!

Birthdays in July:
Sam Grzybowski - 7/04
Brian Rodman - 7/05
Jack Paull - 7/05
Preston Braunreiter - 7/05
Shane Staerkel - 7/06
Teodora Drazic - 7/06
Israa Salah - 7/07

The Concept of Respect
RESPECT is when you feel or show honor or esteem for someone or
something. There are many ways to be respectful. When you listen
to your parents or teacher, you are showing them respect. When
you’re playing at a friend’s house and are careful not to break
their toys, you are showing your friend respect. When you work
hard to learn something, you are being respectful to yourself.
Yes, you should even respect yourself. That’s called showing
When you learn to show respect as a child, you grow up to be a
respectful adult. That is very important when you have a job and
work on projects with others. Respect is also important in
friendships. Do you want to have friends who call you a dummy or
stupid? No, because they don’t respect you. Think of someone you
respect and look at how he or she treats others. Hopefully you
will try to be like that person so others will respect you, too.


7123 S. 76TH STREET
Franklin, WI 53132
414-529-KICK (5425)


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