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How To Get Girls Without Trying

Article #1

Tips on How to Pick Up Girls Without
Looking Like a Jerk
By Ross Mackenzie
Tips On How To Pick Up Girls
We could all do with a few extra tips on how to pick up girls and luckily for you I am
here to help. You might be reading this article for a number of different reasons but the
most common will be that you are having no luck picking up girls and keep getting
rejected, or you don't have a clue where to even start when it comes to picking up girls.
If you follow these tips on how to pick up girls then you will be off to a very good start
and before long you will have the ladies eating out of the palm of your hand!
Always Evaluate The Scenario
If you are in a bar or at a party or in a coffee shop or even in church (heaven help us!)
then you need to look around at what you see before you try your hand at picking up a
girl. Is it the kind of place where everybody would be watching you or would you be
able to blend in and not make a scene. The reason I say this is because if you know
that everyone is looking at you then you will begin to get nervous and probably screw
up whatever it was you were going to say.
What Do I Say To Her To Break The Ice
The biggest mistake men make when they are trying to pick up girls is that they think
they have to use some cheesy line to break the ice. This couldn't be further from the
truth - all you need to do is go over, introduce yourself and ask if you can get her a
drink. If she says no thank you then it's no big deal, if she says sure then you are over
the initial hurdle.
Keep The Compliments To A Minimum
You really shouldn't tell her just after you have met her that she looks beautiful. It's
corny and it will make her feel uncomfortable. As much as everybody likes to receive a
compliment, most people don't know how to receive one and it will pretty much kill the
conversation. Instead you should be getting to know her and show her that you are
interested what she has to say NOT just what she looks like.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these tips on how to pick up girls and you can put
them into action at some point in the near future.
For more great tips you can visit my squidoo page - Tips On How To Pick Up Girls to get
the low down on the latest and greatest techniques that guys just like me and you are
using everyday to pick up beautiful women.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ross_Mackenzie

Article #2

The Best Guide to Dating Women
By Andrea Metell
Dating advice for men
In my last article about dating I told you how best to approach the hottest girl in the
room. When you know how to successfully do that, then it's time to get her to agree to
dating you. It is not as hard as you might think. First you have to find an excuse to
start a conversation. Remember, in my last article about dating I told you can't seem
too interested? So we have to be clever. When she glances at you (oh yeah, she is
going to after the way you ignored her), you'll politely return the look and ask her with
a careless, but nice, voice "Can I help you?" She will most likely be a little embarrassed
that you caught her looking at you, and unless she is very bold she will say no. As the
trained dating guru you now are, you smile and declare; "I could have sworn you
looked puzzled." This is a great way to start a conversation.
So you are talking and the only thing you can think about is how much you want to
start dating this girl. No matter what you do, never let her know that what you really
are thinking about is how she will look naked. Don't gawk at her lips or breasts. You
should look her in the eyes, but don't stare. You can look at the bartender or order
another drink if the eye contact gets too intense for you. But remember, if you do order
another drink you will most definitively want to ask her if she wants one too. If you
don't she will think you cheap. Needless to say, that's bad. She wont consider dating
you then. But let's get back on track. You are wondering what you should do once you
start talking. Here are some tips:

Be a bit mysterious
Make her think you are modest but still secure and certain of yourself
Find a way to assure her you are successful without seeming arrogant.
Always be polite and funny, never crude.
Make her feel like you enjoy talking to her, but you're still not interested in more
Make sure she believes you are a good listener.
You want to make her feel like you have a connection, like you understand her.
Make her feel good, but not sure about where things are going.

1. Ok, I'm going to tell you how you do this. Making yourself mysterious isn't hard at
all, but it's a vital part to dating. When she asks you a question, answer it without
telling her everything about yourself. If she asks you about your hobbies, tell her there
are many things you enjoy doing. One of them being (... insert something you like to
do, maybe go hiking). If she wants to know what more, you smile and counter with

"Let's talk about you, what are your hobbies?" Make sure she is the one leading your
conversation, steer clear of some questions by sending them back at her. It will make
her wonder what it is you are hiding and it will make you seem interesting. This dating
advice is a must to all who wants to be good at dating.
2. Next one. How do you make her think you are modest but still secure and certain of
yourself? Let us do the modest thing first. It's fairly easy. Don't brag, don't tell her
stories of all your great conquests, don't act as if you are better than anyone else, and
don't say stupid things about the other guys present there. See, not that hard. Although
making her think you are sure about yourself is something lots of guys think is difficult.
But don't worry. That's why I'm here, teaching you about dating. The first rule is: Don't
keep your eyes averted or downcast. Make eye contact and don't hang with your head.
Posture is always important so make sure yours is good: shoulders back and head held
high. Make sure your eyes doesn't flick from one thing to another, it makes you seem
nervous. And please remember to not be restless. Don't switch your weight from one
foot to the other and don't move your hands everywhere and touch things. If you can't
make your hands just hang there then put one in your pocket and the other at the
counter. You should practice this at home. Seeming confident is very important in
dating and if you do all this you will appear as a man who is certain of himself in a good
way. Not the arrogant jerk way.
The next 6 points you will find in my friends blog (see the bottom of the page) or you
can wait for my next article which will be coming up soon. Sorry to keep you waiting
but I'm on a deadline for another dating article, and seeing as these dating advice
articles doesn't pay (I'm just writing them so you guys wont be completely defenceless
against all the women out there), but my other ones do, I have to make the others
more important. Sorry about that people. Thanks for reading this though, new post will
be here soon.
Visit my friends site, The Dating Guide for men http://dating-guide4men.blogspot.com/
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrea_Metell

Article #3

What Mum Didn't Tell You To Keep In
Mind When Dating Women
By Andre Palmer
These are some things I have learned along the way in regards to dealing with women
that I have been attracted to in the past.
It took me a while to realize how important it is to not get stuck on the same girl. Like
most of us when we do get stuck on one girl, she quickly becomes the most important
thing in our entire world. Not very healthy and since we behave thereafter, we will most
likely end up driving her away.
Women are everywhere, just step outside and look around. The problem is that when
we are stuck on one, she is the only thing we see. In fact, we even somehow manage
to see her even when she is not around.
I tried to turn it around by setting myself up as the person who would see if the girl in
fact was good enough for me. I did this during a couple of dates and at the same time
worked on displaying a - I don't really care attitude. A couple of times I was over doing
it, or I happened to be in a real over-the-top selfish mood that day and made her feel
like I was ready to leave any minute, or that she was bothering me. But all in all, this
worked pretty well for me.
I had one girl, who probably thought I was a freak, or just annoying, leaving after a
while, but a few other times, the girls became interested. Interested enough to want to
see what kind of bed I had in my apartment.
At this time I didn't know exactly what it was that I wanted in a woman or exactly what
I was looking for so I was a bit all over the place.
This was a perfect time for me to experiment with Women to see what worked,
because for me, I didn't really care much about the outcome, I didn't have anything toloose. Except a couple of times when I met some really nice women that I desperately
wanted to get into bed with.
When you have nothing to-loose you play better, at least I do. So these times when I
actually wanted to win, the game was harder, simply because I cared more about the

I stayed with my original strategy which was a mix of: Don't care to-much, if you are
not good enough, don't waste my time (don't tell the girl this however) Take control, be
the leader and in the beginning of a date, or a conversation that I have initiated with
the intention of getting something out of it, I usually try to touch the girls face or
shoulder, pretending to brush away something that is not there. It seems to get them a
bit of guard and gets me in control, and somehow it makes me feel good that I can
touch them in a nice and soft way in such an early stage of the meeting. Silence at the
right times have also worked great for me.
Women loves interesting guys, and in that area I am lucky since I have so much
experience from all kinds of situations and places. Still, I have sat there wondering what
to say next and it is never a good feeling. Jokes and making a woman laugh is great,
however sometimes when you are in that lost for words state, it can be hard. Have
some good things on storage to use for tricky situations like that. Don't forget to make
it sound natural and real however.
I have a few one liners that I used when needed and I used different openers with a
few girls to get the conversations started. It has always worked. Except for one time, I
had met a nice French girl somewhere on a night when I had a bit to-much to drink. I
had said something about a strange situation I just came a cross and then we had
talked for a while and then I probably had felt like it was not going anywhere so I left.
Well, I forgot about her and a couple of days later I she sat next to me in a bar, so I
used the same opener. She laughed and I laughed with her when she told me that we
had met the other night and I had said the same thing. Good experience for me and I
actually got her number that second time, but ended up never calling.
All in all, many women are looking for the same thing and even if they often come a
cross as they play the game better-then most men. One main weakness they have is
that they are predictable.
Most women are looking for: A confident, independent, funny, intelligent, challenging
man with good manners and some other qualities. Good luck.
This article and more can be found on http://www.whatmumdidnttellyou.com
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andre_Palmer

Article #4

How to Pick Up Girls Through
Techniques of Seduction
By Dominic Privata
You have probably seen the guy. The one who walks into a bar chooses a girl, has her
laughing and enjoying herself within minutes and ends up taking her home. You know
the guy right? He is called the pickup master and in this article I am going to show you
how to pick up girls just as quickly without much effort.
Now keep in mind when you are learning how to pick up girls, you are going to run into
99% that are easy to pick up and then there will be that 1% that no one can pick up.
That 1%, we are going to leave alone. We could care less about the 1%. What we want
to do is go after the 99%. For one, they are more beautiful, sexy and worthy of your
To pick up the girls in that 99% group, you need to have a few things hammered out.
The first area to focus on is your appearance. You need to dress for your personality.
For one, you will feel more comfortable that way and two, it describes to the girl who
you are and what you can offer. Someone who walks into a bar wearing Armani
clothing, but driving a Kia, is not going to be able to pull off the look. So dress for your
The second thing you need to learn in how to pick up girls is confidence. No man can
be successful with a woman unless they are confident. You don't have to be tall,
muscular, smart or anything else society tells us to be. But you do need to be confident.
Confidence will win the day over a guy with money and looks. Trust me I know this for
a fact. I am short, average looking and don't have much money, but I have dated
beautiful blondes almost twice my size. Why? Because I have confidence ten times my
The third thing you need to learn in how to pick up girls is body language. You must
learn this last piece to win the girl over. Body language can get a girl into your bed
faster than any other method out there.
There are two parts to body language. One is exhibiting the kind of body language girls
melt for and the second part is being able to read the girl's body language to expect
what move to make next. It is not a hard thing to learn. Once you understand the
underlying reasons why certain things work and others don't, the correct way to do
things will become like second nature.

These are the three things to learn in how to pick up girls. All you need to do is master
these three things and you increase your success rate with girls 100 percent. There are
those that might speak negatively to what is read in this article. Yet in the same token,
these are the men that are somewhat successful with women. Those that take this
information to heart and act on it will be the true winners in their relationships and also
in their ability to become intimate with a woman of their choice.
For more in depth information make sure you checkout how to pick up girls. Also find
out more here what women want in bed.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dominic_Privata

Article #5

Art of Attraction - Know How to Pick
Up Girls
By Tomas X Decker
If you're not really having an easy way with girls, there could be an underlying reason
why: you're probably not confident enough to do so. Girls aren't easy people to go near
with and ask a conversation from. They can be harsh too if you're not watchful of your
actions and words, and they're brave enough to reject you on the spot amidst their shy
and innocent façade.
One challenging thing which you need to realize before trying ways to pick up girls is
simply this: do you know how to read girls? There have been a million movies and flicks
made around this single plot alone-it's all about the difficulty on how to handle girls and
to know what goes through their minds. If you want to get be lucky around women
you've newly met, or if you want to know the best ways on how to pick up girls, your
prayers have just been answered below.
Girls, no matter how near they are to you, will all seem distant at first. It will take time
for them to get to feel comfortable around you and at most cases; they want to see
something in you that would give them a reason to pick you above the other guys in
the room. Somehow, you have to spark something, or you have to start something that
will make them look at you and say, "He looks just right."
So how do you do that? Well, there are a few ways and they could all be the result of
enough confidence. Yes, as soon as you've built enough trust in yourself and your
abilities, you will be able to find approaching any woman and introducing yourself a
Doesn't it make you wonder what confident people show that makes them the star
before women's eyes? It's actually pretty simple: if someone is confident, he knows
how to carry himself in crowds. He knows how to dress himself and he knows the best
ways in interacting with people from all walks of life. He doesn't need fancy jewelry or a
very tight suit. All he needs is to make his confidence visible and that's it.
It's very easy to pick the confident men from those who are very timid within a group,
and women, especially those who are quite seasoned when it comes to dating, can
easily identify who is best to hang out with. If you want to be noticed by girls, you will
have to keep them interested in you, and that could be by keeping them in a very
intriguing conversation. If you want girls to want you, it's going to take more than just

a mere conversation, you will have to flirt along the way too, and you have to be
prepared when it begins to move onto the next level.
As soon as you've gone past the touch barriers and the introductions, perhaps it's time
you let your instincts get into the picture and finally ask her out for probably another
private date with you.
In dating, it's all about who creates the biggest rapport with whom. The same rule goes
out when thinking about picking up a few dates. When you want to pick up girls, you
only need to know what you want and you need to have the determination to achieve
that desire and everything will be easy from there.
Tomas Decker has let the cat out of the bag by sharing his secrets on how to pick up
girls Learn how to be a magnet with the help of a free video course on
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tomas_X_Decker

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How To Get Girls Without Trying

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