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Throughout  the  course  of  sharing  this  perspective  in  small  chunks  with  those  
seeking  some  deeper  understanding  of  their  world,  requests  have  been  made  for  a  
lengthier  bit  on  the  subject.  The  internal  nudging  has  also  been  quite  persistent,  and  
so  finally  has  managed  to  get  the  author  writing.  
This  subject  can  be  a  little  confusing,  especially  in  the  terminology,  for  those  who  
are  new  to  it.  The  only  advice  offered  is  to  not  worry  about  taking  it  all  in  on  first  
pass.  Let  whatever  sticks  saturate  for  a  while,  then  go  back  for  further  clarification.  
Just  like  learning  a  new  language  or  skill,  what  at  first  seems  strange  will  quickly  
become  second  nature.  
As  far  as  the  intent  in  writing  this,  it’s  hoped  that  the  reader  may  take  away  
something  useful.  It’s  also  hoped  that  some  confusion  regarding  the  on-­‐going  shift  in  
consciousness  can  be  alleviated.  This  information  is  offered  as  the  author’s  
perspective  as  it  is.  Each  much  decide  for  themselves  whether  or  not  it  resonates.  If  
the  reader  does  find  it  useful,  it  may  be  used  freely;  if  not,  simply  leave  it,  knowing  
that  it’s  not  the  right  tool  for  you.  “Take  what  resonates,  leave  what  doesn’t.”  
~  B.M.  

Cosmology  of  Oneness  
In  pondering  our  place  in  the  universe,  there  have  been  many  ideas  put  forward  
concerning  the  creation  or  formation  of  the  vast  cosmos,  and  the  various  bodies  and  
energies  contained  within.  This  is  another  understanding  of  that  process,  the  
foundation  being  the  concept  of  Oneness,  and  how  that  Oneness  created  Manyness.  
Ultimately  the  why  is  more  important  than  the  how,  though  they  are  inseparably  
linked.  Some  may  find  this  interesting  solely  on  an  intellectual  level,  for  it  certainly  
appeals  to  the  mind’s  propensity  for  puzzle-­‐solving.  Others  may  find  it  useful  for  
helping  to  understand  the  various  experiences  we  find  ourselves  in,  and  how  they  
relate  to  the  various  states  of  awareness.  
Before  getting  into  the  finer  details,  it’s  first  necessary  to  lay  a  foundation  of  core  
ideas  by  defining  some  terms,  and  illustrating  a  few  concepts.  
The  Basics  of  Creation  
(Note:  This  description  is  only  an  approximation  at  best,  as  there  are  no  words  to  
accurately  describe  the  process—it  exists  outside  our  understanding  of  time  and  space.  
It  simply  goes  beyond  our  ability  to  fully  understand  as  3D  incarnate  beings.  

Some  of  these  terms  may  be  overwhelming  at  first,  and  can  take  some  getting  used  to  
before  they  start  to  make  sense.  If  it  becomes  too  confusing,  this  section  can  be  skipped  
for  now.)  
“In  the  beginning…”  there  is  the  Infinite  One.  Undifferentiated,  unfocused  infinity  
in  perfect  singularity,  perfect  unity.  It  exists  in  a  state  of  unawareness,  beyond  all  
Awareness  dawns.  The  first  known  thing  is  Infinity.  This  Self-­‐awareness  can  be  
called  Intelligent  Infinity.  
The  desire  is  to  know  the  Self.    A  concept  arises  of  total  freedom  in  the  ways  of  
exploring  the  Self.  From  this  concept  comes  the  idea  of  finiteness,  or  manyness.  This  
is  the  first  distortion,  or  law,  of  creation:  The  Law  of  Free  Will.  
(Note:  Distortion  as  it’s  used  here  does  not  refer  to  anything  negative.  It  simply  means  
that  something  is  altered  from  its  truest  state;  in  this  case,  anything  other  than  the  
original  state  of  perfect  singularity  and  unity  is  a  distortion.  The  prime  distortions  
form  the  basis  for  which  all  other  distortions  are  derived.)  
Intelligent  Infinity  focuses  itself  into  infinite  energy  (potential),  or  Logos—more  
commonly  called  Love.  Love  uses  Its  intelligent  energy  to  create  a  certain  pattern  of  
illusions  in  order  to  satisfy  Its  desire  to  know  Itself.  This  is  the  second  distortion:  
The  Law  of  Love.  
As  the  Logos  creates  these  patterns  of  illusion,  the  concept  of  Light  comes  into  being.  
“Let  there  be  Light…”    Light  is  the  basic  element  or  building  block  for  all  of  the  
universes,  or  creations.  This  is  the  third  distortion:  The  Law  of  Light.  
In  short,  the  Infinite  One  divides  its  consciousness  into  infinite  sub-­‐portions,  the  
nature  of  each  being  that  it  is  the  Infinite  One  in  Its  entirety,  yet  free  to  explore  the  
Self  as  it  will.  This  manifests  in  a  hierarchical  nature:  Universes,  galactic  clusters,  
galaxies,  stars,  planets,  individual  beings,  particles,  etc.,  all  radiating  outwards  from  
a  common  central  point:  the  Self.  
From  Logos,  to  Sub-­‐Logos,  to  Sub-­‐sub-­‐Logos,  and  so  on  infinitely.  (Note:  we  are  sub-­‐
sub-­‐logoi  of  the  Sun,  which  is  a  representation  of  a  galactic  level  Logos)  
The  Creation  is  an  expression  and  distortion  of  the  Infinite  One,  experienced  by  
Itself  in  order  to  know  Itself.  The  process  of  creation  could  be  thought  of  as  the  
unfolding  of  the  One  consciousness  into  infinite  possibilities,  followed  by  the  infinite  
exploration  of  those  possibilities,  and  the  return  to  Oneness.  Expansion  and  
contraction;  the  breath  or  heartbeat  of  the  Creator.  

The  densities  represent  different  states  of  awareness  that  are  experienced  as  the  
Infinite  One  comes  to  know  Itself.  
Why  Density  and  not  Dimension?  
Often  the  terms  dimension  and  density  are  used  somewhat  interchangeably  in  the  
New  Age  community,  dimension  being  the  more  common  by  far.  This  has  caused  
some  confusion  regarding  the  current  shift  in  awareness.  Because  this  information  
has  to  do  with  different  states  (or  levels)  of  awareness,  the  term  density  is  more  
useful  in  providing  an  understanding.  
Put  simply,  density  refers  to  the  hierarchical  states  of  awareness  experienced  as  
consciousness  becomes  aware  and  returns  to  Oneness.  Each  density  is  a  “step”  along  
the  path  in  this  journey  of  knowing  the  Self.  The  term  density  is  used  because  it  
applies  to  the  denseness  of  awareness;  the  higher  the  density,  the  more  dense  the  
awareness  (or  the  faster  the  vibrations  are).  This  seems  to  run  contrary  to  the  
definition  of  the  word  in  relation  to  physical  matter,  where  as  the  density  increases  
in  physical  matter,  the  vibrations  become  slower  and  slower.  This  type  of  density  
refers  more  to  the  metaphysical,  or  spiritual  if  you  will.  This  density  is  related  to  
spiritual  mass  rather  than  physical,  and  as  we’ll  see  later  this  relates  directly  to  
some  phenomenon  that  we’re  directly  familiar  with,  such  as  gravity.  
Each  density  is  focused  on  a  central  “theme,”  with  infinite  expressions  of  how  that  
theme  may  be  explored.  Each  theme  builds  upon  themes  of  previous  densities.  In  
some  ways,  a  density  can  be  thought  of  as  a  particular  classroom  in  the  great  school  
of  life,  where  the  One  is  both  teacher  and  student.  
Dimension  can  refer  to  the  way  a  physical  reality  is  perceived.  Often  the  reality  we  
currently  experience  is  referred  to  as  the  3rd  dimension.  What  we  actually  
experience  is  the  4th  dimension,  because  there  are  three  dimensions  of  space  (height,  
width,  depth)  and  one  dimension  of  time.  Four  dimensions,  but  third  density  of  
Imagine  a  building  with  seven  floors.  A  density  would  be  a  single  floor  in  this  
building,  whereas  dimension  refers  the  way  the  floor  is  physically  perceived  by  the  
senses.  You  can  go  stand  there,  at  three  o’clock,  and  you  can  go  sit  here  at  three-­‐
thirty,  and  you  can  spin  in  circles  over  there  at  four  o’clock.  
Patterns  of  Seven  
There  exists  in  the  creation  many,  many  energetic  patterns  that  form  the  basis  for  
the  realities  we  experience.    They  arise  from  the  hierarchical  nature  of  creation  as  it  
unfolds,  which  we  can  observe  as  being  similar  to  a  fractal  or  hologram.  The  pattern  
of  seven  becomes  essential  to  illustrating  the  structure  of  the  densities.  

Seven  densities  make  up  an  octave  of  experience,  from  the  dawning  of  awareness,  to  
the  return  to  the  One  consciousness.  The  term  octave  may  be  confusing  because  the  
Latin  root  word  “octo”  refers  to  eight,  but  as  we’ll  see  in  the  examples,  the  first  and  
eighth  levels  share  the  same  function.  
There  are  some  common  examples  that  can  be  used  to  help  understand  this  
repeating  pattern.  The  first  is  a  rainbow,  or  light  broken  through  a  prism.  
A  white  beam  of  light,  which  can  be  analogous  for  
the  Infinite  One,  is  separated  into  seven  distinct  
colors:  Red,  Orange,  Yellow,  Green,  Blue,  Indigo,  and  
Violet—our  friend  Roy  G.  Biv.  After  Violet  the  
spectrum  shifts  back  again  into  Red,  creating  an  
infinitely  repeating  pattern  of  seven.  Within  each  
primary  color  there  are  infinite  gradations,  yet  each  
band  of  primary  color  remains  distinct.  
The  second  example  can  be  found  within  a  Western  classical  music  scale,  which  is  
comprised  of  seven  pitches  that  form  an  octave.  

Beginning  at  the  left  C  and  working  up  in  pitch,  we  come  back  to  C  an  octave  higher.  
Like  the  rainbow,  this  musical  pattern  repeats  infinitely  beyond  our  range  of  hearing,  
both  below  and  above.  
Another  example  is  the  week  cycle,  seven  days  that  repeat:  Monday-­‐Tuesday-­‐
Wednesday-­‐Thursday-­‐Friday-­‐Saturday-­‐Sunday-­‐  Monday-­‐Tuesday-­‐Wednesday-­‐
Repeating  patterns  can  be  found  everywhere  because  everything  in  the  Creation  is  a  
microcosm  of  the  Infinite  One.  This  connection  becomes  important  later  in  
understanding  the  density  shift  we  are  currently  experiencing.  Remember  the  
pattern  of  seven!  
Cycles  of  Experience  

Cycles  are  found  everywhere  within  the  Creation.  They  are  a  natural  function  of  
Oneness.  Consider  the  light  photon  that  spirals  into  a  wave  form,  a  spiral  being  
cyclical.  Consider  the  galaxies  which  spin  and  spiral  through  space.  Consider  the  
planet  that  spirals  around  a  star.  Consider  the  cycle  of  the  seasons  here  on  Earth,  or  
the  day/night  cycle.  The  cycle  of  breathing.  The  wheel  of  Karma.  Electron  spin.  
Cycles  are  everywhere!  
Cycles  of  experience  also  exist  within  the  densities.  Each  planetary  density  unfolds  
in  a  specific  amount  of  time.  The  cycle  for  an  entire  density  is  known  as  a  Grand  
Cycle.  Within  each  Grand  Cycle  there  are  also  smaller  cycles,  known  as  Major  
Cycles.  This  pattern  of  sub-­‐cycles  continues  on  infinitely  smaller,  and  can  be  seen  as  
an  expression  of  simple  cyclical  rotation,  or  spiraling,  that  is  inherent  to  the  third  
distortion  (the  Law  of  Light).  
On  third  density  Earth,  the  Grand  Cycle  is  approximately  76,000  years.  Major  cycles  
are  c.  25,000.  Each  cycle  breaks  into  a  smaller  cycle.  Knowledge  of  this  cyclical  
system  was  passed  down  to  the  Mayan  civilization  during  a  period  of  contact  with  
higher  density  beings,  which  is  why  they  and  their  calendar  are  currently  at  the  
epicenter  of  the  2012  phenomenon.  
Lessons  of  Awareness  
Earlier  it  was  stated  that  each  density  is  focused  on  a  particular  “theme.”    These  
themes  can  be  thought  of  as  lessons  of  awareness.  Lessons  are  expressions  of  
particular  kinds  of  energetic  exchanges,  or  interactions  between  Self  and  Other-­‐Self.  
Each  of  these  exchanges  are  for  the  benefit  of  teaching  the  One  about  Itself.  Each  
type  of  lesson  is  an  expression  of  a  particular  vibration,  which  we’ll  later  see  ties  
directly  into  the  chakra  energy  centers.  The  lessons  of  both  the  densities  and  the  
chakras  are  the  same  in  concept,  yet  expressed  on  different  ‘scales’,  as  we  might  
think  of  it.  
All  of  the  lessons  are  somewhat  sequential  in  nature.  As  one  lesson  is  explored  and  
mastered,  it  leads  to  new  lessons  that  are  built  on  previous  ones.  Take  the  example  
of  a  baby  learning  to  crawl,  then  to  walk,  then  to  run;  each  lesson  lays  the  
foundation  for  the  next.  In  this  way  it  can  be  seen  that  each  density  is  vital  for  the  
overall  development  of  each  individual,  none  being  more  or  less  important  than  any  
other.  There  is  sometimes  a  tendency  to  view  the  higher  realms  as  somehow  better  
or  more  spiritual  than  the  ones  below,  but  without  the  lower  foundations  there  
would  be  nothing  for  the  higher  densities  to  build  upon.  They  are  all  equal,  merely  
different  expressions  of  consciousness.  
The  Densities  

Hopefully  you  the  reader  have  made  it  this  far  through  the  information  tsunami.  The  
above  details  are  intricate  (and  possibly  confusing),  but  necessary  for  laying  the  
foundation  for  the  rest  of  the  information.  With  something  solid  to  build  on,  we  can  
begin  to  explore  the  concept  of  the  seven  densities  of  awareness.  
1st  Density  Red  Ray  –  Awareness  
“In  the  beginning,  the  Earth  was  void…”  Life  on  a  planet  begins  in  what  we  might  
call  chaos,  or  the  unformed—a  state  of  unawareness  that  directly  mirrors  the  
original  state  of  unawareness  of  the  Infinite  One.    
Energy  patterns  begin  to  form  amid  the  
chaos,  slowly  focusing  into  the  awareness  of  
basic  consciousness.  On  Earth,  this  was  
represented  by  the  four  pillar  elements:  
Water,  Wind,  Fire,  and  Earth/Minerals.  They  
taught  each  other  the  awareness  of  Being  
through  their  interactions,  each  element  
acting  as  the  catalyst  for  the  others.  Wind  
and  Fire  taught  Water  and  Earth  to  become  
rivers,  lakes,  oceans,  and  land.  This  density  
lays  the  foundation  for  the  development  of  
biological  life,  and  thus  for  all  further  
2nd  Density  Orange  Ray  –  Growth  and  Movement  
When  conditions  for  biological  life  become  stable,  life-­‐forms  spontaneously  emerge.  
(Note:  this  concept  of  spontaneous  life  has  been  demonstrated  in  labs  by  applying  a  
small  electrical  charge  to  a  container  of  sterile  water)  
The  first  life-­‐forms  are  very  primitive  single-­‐celled  organisms.    As  these  beings  
interact  with  each  other  and  their  environment,  the  lessons  of  2nd  density  being  to  
unfold.  More  complex  organisms  appear  over  time,  both  of  plants  and  animals.  The  
lessons  consist  of  survival  and  continuation  of  the  species  for  further  experience.  
Foundations  for  3rd  density  experience  are  laid  here.  One  example  is  in  the  concept  
of  herds  or  packs  which  form  to  increase  the  odds  of  survival  through  group  
cooperation.  This  later  forms  the  basis  for  3rd  density  societies.  The  cycle  of  
experience  in  this  density  is  the  longest—4.6  billion  years.  
Assisted  Transition  

Within  our  current  3D  cycle,  2D  consciousness  has  been  able  to  continue  its  
evolution.  These  beings  are  sometimes  helped  by  their  higher  3D  brothers  and  
sisters  to  make  this  transition.  This  is  most  often  found  in  interactions  by  humans  
and  their  pets.  The  love  and  sense  of  individual  identity  (names)  given  by  the  master  
often  acts  as  a  tremendous  catalyst  for  the  animal  consciousness.  Many  who  have  
had  animal  companions  will  swear  that  their  pet  has  a  distinct  personality,  and  this  
is  quite  true.  
Trees  also  exist  in  the  upper  planes  of  2D  and  can  be  aided  by  feelings  of  love  sent  to  
them.  Other  examples  include  minerals  kept  in  close  proximity  to  3D  consciousness  
(eg.  diamond  ring),  and  locations  that  experience  a  great  deal  of  loving  energy  (eg.  
meditation  garden).  In  the  case  that  there  are  no  3D  beings  incarnate,  the  Logos  
sends  love  to  the  2D  beings,  providing  the  same  function  of  assistance.  
It  should  be  noted  that  this  concept  of  assistance  is  not  limited  to  the  2D-­‐3D  shift.  
There  is  always  this  assistance  offered  from  above.  There  is  an  incredible  amount  of  
love  being  poured  into  the  planet  right  now  for  our  own  4D  shift.  
3rd  Density  Yellow  Ray  –  Self-­‐Awareness  and  the  Choice  
An  approximately  76,000  year  grand  cycle  of  experience  in  which  Self-­‐Awareness  is  
explored.  For  the  first  time  an  entity  becomes  aware  of  itself  as  an  individual  entity,  
separate  from  others.  The  ability  to  think  abstractly  (or  in  ways  not  related  to  
survival  and  procreation)  is  essential;  this  can  be  thought  of  as  the  ability  to  imagine  
and  ponder,  and  has  to  do  in  some  part  with  the  size  of  the  brain  in  the  particular  
vehicle  (body)  used  for  experience.  An  individual  incarnates  into  this  density  under  
a  kind  of  spiritual  condition  that  causes  a  forgetting  of  its  true  nature  as  Creator,  as  
well  as  any  past  life  experiences.  In  this  forgetting  is  born  a  very  pure  form  of  Free  
Will  that  is  able  to  freely  explore  a  wide  range  of  interactions  between  self  and  
other-­‐self,  without  any  inherent  bias.  This  brings  us  to  the  Veil.  
The  Veil  of  Confusion  
In  the  Biblical  story  of  Eden,  Adam  and  Eve  existed  in  a  gorgeous  paradise  in  direct  
contact  with  God.  It  was  a  blissful,  but  stagnant  existence.  Without  challenge,  there  
was  no  desire  for  further  growth,  because  of  the  unchanging,  harmonious  existence.  
After  all,  when  one  is  content  there’s  no  desire  for  change.  When  they  became  aware  
of  “good  and  evil,”  they  lost  direct  contact  with  God  by  being  “kicked  out”  of  Eden.  
Let’s  hear  the  same  story  told  slightly  differently.  There  existed  a  world  where  all  
were  utterly  content.  There  was  no  strife  or  conflict,  because  everyone  knew  that  
they  were  One.  Their  spiritual  evolution  was  extremely  slow  because  they  had  no  
desire  to  change  or  grow  beyond  the  blissful  paradise  they  lived  in.  One  day  they  
became  aware  of  the  positive  and  the  negative.  They  forgot  they  were  One.  They  
began  to  explore  many  new  ideas  of  peace,  war,  harmony,  conflict,  and  so  on.  By  

exploring  these  new  methods  of  interaction,  the  rate  of  their  spiritual  evolution  
exploded.  It  was  the  difference  in  speed  between  the  eagle  and  the  snail.  
The  Biblical  story  is  an  analogy  of  spiritual  existence  in  what  we  would  view  as  the  
extremely  ancient  past  on  other  worlds,  in  which  Free  Will  was  not  passed  down  by  
the  Logos  to  its  creation.  They  were  in  direct  inner  contact  with  God,  or  direct  
knowledge  of  themselves  and  all  around  them  as  being  One  with  the  Creator.  
Free  Will  had  not  been  passed  down  to  these  beings  from  Logos  to  Sub-­‐Logos,  
because  this  extension  had  not  yet  been  conceived  of.  Because  of  this,  the  3D  
incarnate  beings  simply  lacked  the  desire  to  progress  due  to  the  very  pleasant  
existence  they  experienced,  thus  progress  was  extremely  slow.  
Although  the  spiritual  evolution  was  very  fast  once  these  beings  moved  beyond  3rd  
and  4th    densities,  it  was  perceived  by  the  Logos  as  not  being  the  fullest  possible  
exploration  of  the  Self  that  was  desired.  A  solution  was  sought,  and  an  idea  was  
conceived:  There  would  be  a  split  between  the  conscious  and  subconscious  minds  of  
3D  beings  when  they  incarnated.  They  would  no  longer  consciously  know  
themselves  and  others  as  the  One,  thus  flinging  wide  the  doors  to  many,  many  more  
varied  opportunities  for  interaction  between  selves.    
(Note:  This  is  analogous  to  Adam  and  Eve  eating  the  forbidden  fruit  and  gaining  
knowledge  of  “good  and  evil,”  or  polarity.  This  has  nothing  to  do  with  punishment  or  
sin,  but  only  of  offering  a  more  varied  experience  of  Self  to  the  Infinite  One.)  
This  condition  of  forgetting  is  what’s  referred  to  as  the  Veil  of  Confusion,  or  just  the  
Veil.  With  the  implementation  of  the  Veil,  two  possibilities  instantaneously  arose  for  
expressing  Love  to  the  Creator.  One  could  direct  love  towards  Other-­‐Selves  or  
towards  the  Self:  the  positive  and  negative  polarities,  respectively.  
3rd  density  is  the  Choice  to  consciously  follow  one  path  or  the  other,  both  being  
equal  in  the  eyes  of  the  Infinite  One,  as  all  Love  expressed  is  to  the  same  Self.  The  
Veil  allows  for  very  pure  choices  to  be  made  by  following  what  attracts  one,  rather  
than  making  the  only  “logical”  choice  based  on  the  answer  already  being  known.  
With  the  infinitely  diverse  methods  of  interaction,  the  available  catalyst  for  spiritual  
growth  was  tremendously  increased,  leading  to  a  fuller  exploration  of  Self  within  3rd  
Free  Will  –  Purpose  of  the  Veil  
As  stated  earlier,  the  purpose  of  the  Veil  is  to  give  3rd  density  beings  a  very  pure  
form  of  Free  Will,  without  the  bias  of  fully  knowing  themselves  as  Creators.  
Confusion  results  in  many  more  paths  being  available  for  exploration,  which  makes  
the  Infinite  One’s  experience  of  Itself  that  much  richer.  The  lack  of  Free  Will  results  

in  the  earlier  Edenic  experiences,  a  more  “bland”  existence  lacking  the  “spice”  of  
Societal  Interaction  
While  the  human  tribal  system  is  largely  an  orange  ray  phenomenon  from  the  2nd  
density  function  of  herd  and  packs,  there  arises  certain  distortions  towards  what  we  
think  of  as  personal  power—both  the  beneficial  use  and  abuse  of  it—when  self-­‐
awareness  enters  into  the  equation.  Interaction  between  tribes  led  to  further  
variations  of  this  concept.  As  humanity  spread  across  the  planet  and  permanent  
cities  arose,  the  energetic  exchanges  between  an  individual  and  society  became  
available,  which  is  a  function  of  the  yellow  ray.  
Though  3D  is  largely  an  individual  experience  (remember  the  foundation  is  Self-­‐
Awareness),  there  exists  the  potential  for  a  society  to  learn,  through  the  many  
catalysts  and  lessons,  to  begin  working  together  as  one  unit,  pointing  the  spiritual  
compass  in  one  collective  direction.  This  is  one  example  of  the  foundation  being  laid  
for  the  lessons  of  4D.  
Another  example  of  seeking  towards  4th  density  is  the  blossoming  awareness  of  the  
expression  of  Love,  both  in  the  positive  and  negative  sense.  Two  historical  examples  
that  may  help  to  illustrate  this  would  be  the  Civil  Rights  movement  in  the  1960s  in  
the  USA,  this  being  positive  in  the  expression  of  equality  of  all  beings  stirred  in  the  
mass  consciousness.  A  negative  example  would  be  the  Nazi  movement  of  World  War  
II,  the  superiority  of  one  faction  being  emphasized  and  the  enslavement  of  another,  
this  being  an  expression  of  negative  Self-­‐Love.  These  are  both  expressions  of  Love  
with  polarity,  and  are  evidence  of  the  effect  of  consciously  moving  towards  one  
polarity  or  the  other,  or  polarizing.  
Polarization  is  the  key  
Polarization  is  the  goal  of  3D  graduation.  Without  conscious  choice  to  walk  either  
the  positive  or  negative  path,  the  higher  lessons  cannot  be  accessed,  and  one  will  
remain  incarnating  within  3D  until  the  choice  is  made.  Thus  while  there  can  be  
balance  within  the  act  of  polarizing,  there  is  no  “middle  path,”  so  to  speak.  To  use  an  
example,  a  magnet  only  attracts  through  the  use  of  polarity.  Neutrality  produces  no  
effect,  and  is  the  equivalent  of  spiritual  stagnation.  
Often  times  an  individual  will  be  well  along  in  their  efforts  to  polarize  before  they  
consciously  realize  their  preference.  At  this  time  a  soul  will  begin  to  have  more  
influence  over  the  process  of  reincarnation.  They  become  more  involved  in  planning  
future  incarnations  and  future  lessons  with  their  Higher  Self  in  order  make  the  best  
use  of  catalyst.  This  allows  for  more  specific  opportunities  to  polarize,  as  well  as  to  
correct  imbalances  and  alleviate  accumulated  karma.  However,  this  planning  phase  

takes  place  in  between  incarnations,  as  the  Veil  is  in  place  once  again  when  the  
incarnation  is  entered.    This  is  a  unique  concept  that  will  be  covered  later.  
Negative  is  not  Evil  
It’s  important  to  understand  that  neither  polarity  is  good  or  evil.  They  are  equal  to  
one  another  in  every  way,  since  they  are  One.  One  is  always,  and  can  only  be,  equal  
to  Itself.  Remember  that  Love  is  always  being  expressed  to  the  same  Self  no  matter  
what  the  interaction  is.  When  we  use  terms  like  Good  and  Evil,  it  tends  to  limit  our  
perception  of  the  available  paths  by  saying  one  path  is  worthy,  while  the  other  is  not.  
Yet  the  Creation  is  Infinite.  The  Creator  is  Infinite.  WE  are  infinite.  The  paths  
available  for  Self-­‐exploration  are  likewise  INFINITE.  All  paths  being  equal,  all  paths  
are  valid.  
Positive  and  negative  are  only  the  ways  in  which  energy  is  exchanged  between  
individuals:  either  Service  to  Other-­‐Selves  (positive)  or  Service  to  Self  (negative).  A  
soul  may  spend  many,  many  incarnations  within  3D  attempting  to  consciously  
discern  their  truest  desire  towards  service.  When  they  have  grasped  this  desire,  and  
demonstrated  it  through  actions  and  thoughts,  a  soul  is  ready  for  harvest  into  4th  
The  Three-­‐way  Split:  The  Two  Paths  
In  order  to  move  beyond  3D,  an  individual  must  consciously  choose  a  path  of  
polarity  to  continue  their  evolution.  Within  3D  exists  an  equal  amount  of  positive  
and  negative  catalyst  so  that  an  individual  has  equal  opportunity  in  choice.  Once  the  
choice  has  been  made  and  the  graduation  to  4th  density  is  achieved,  there  is  no  
longer  the  need  for  direct  interaction  between  the  polarities.  It  would  actually  be  a  
hindrance  to  both  if  they  were  made  to  interact  with  their  opposites  on  a  regular  
basis,  as  we’ll  see  from  the  concept  of  4D  battle.  
The  positive  seeks  to  be  of  Service  to  Others,  and  Love  is  offered  freely  to  all  who  
call  for  assistance.  The  negative  seeks  Service  to  Self,  and  this  is  often  expressed  in  
the  idea  of  elitism  and  dominance  of  one  group  over  another  by  enslavement.    From  
this  understanding  we  can  see  that  it  would  be  extremely  difficult  for  either  polarity  
to  effectively  function  were  they  made  to  interact  in  the  same  environment.  It’s  for  
this  reason  that  a  planet  can  only  enter  the  4th  density  as  either  positive  or  negative.  

Earth  is  entering  into  the  positive.  This  is  because  the  number  of  positively  
polarized  beings  graduating  into  4th  density  outnumbers  those  of  the  negative  
Thus  there  is  be  a  three-­‐way  split  of  souls  as  the  3D  cycle  ends.  Many  at  this  time  are  
still  attempting  to  master  the  ways  of  the  yellow  ray,  and  they  will  choose  to  remain  
in  3D  until  they  have  made  their  choice  in  polarity.  This  will  be  occurring  on  another  
planet  still  within  its  3D  cycle.  They  will  not  remain  on  Earth  because  the  3rd  density  
of  Earth  is  going  into  a  state  of  what  we  might  think  of  as  dormancy  or  hibernation,  
called  potentiation.  This  will  be  further  explained  later.  
Those  graduating  along  the  positive  polarity  path  will  join  the  newly  activated  4D  
Earth.  Those  graduating  along  the  negative  path  will  be  joining  4D  negative  planets.  
Words  Fail  
Beyond  3D,  the  ability  to  describe  the  higher  densities  with  words  becomes  more  
and  more  difficult,  because  the  concepts  quickly  move  beyond  our  ability  to  
comprehend  with  3D  awareness  and  perception.  There  are  simply  no  words  for  the  
concepts.  Therefore  only  the  basic  concepts  can  be  described.  
4th  density  Green  Ray  –  The  Law  of  Love  
The  Choice  of  3D  polarity  is  more  powerfully  expressed  in  4th  density,  more  refined  
through  further  available  paths  of  interaction.  The  body  used  in  this  density  is  
electrical  rather  than  the  heavy  chemical  body  we  experience  now.  Thoughts  are  no  
longer  hidden  (telepathy),  and  there  is  thus  no  deception  or  confusion.  
Communication  is  done  via  transmission  of  concept  rather  than  symbolic  words;  
this  results  in  perfectly  clear  communication,  rather  than  the  tendency  for  words  to  
be  interpreted  differently  due  to  the  subjective  nature  of  communication  through  
symbols.  (Words  have  been  the  cause  of  many  of  our  misunderstandings,  as  meanings  
become  distorted  over  time)  The  Veil  of  Confusion  is  no  longer  in  effect,  allowing  for  
more  direct  communication  with  spirit.  

Soul  Group  
When  a  planetary  population  is  oriented  to  one  polarity,  one  direction  of  seeking,  
they  have  available  to  them  the  social  memory—or  the  collective  memories  of  all  
beings  within  that  society.  At  this  point  they  become  what’s  known  as  a  social  
memory  complex  or,  more  commonly,  a  soul  group.  Individuality  is  still  experienced  
and  expressed,  but  the  availability  of  the  social  memory  to  call  upon  becomes  an  
immensely  useful  tool.  
Example:  an  individual  may  work  with  a  single  toolbox.  The  social  memory  complex  
has  access  to  each  individual’s  toolbox—a  more  vast  collection  of  experiences  to  
draw  from.  
Often  a  4D  social  memory  complex,  driven  by  their  understanding  of  
Love/Compassion,  will  choose  to  venture  out  beyond  their  home-­‐world  to  offer  
assistance  to  3D  beings  in  other  parts  of  the  galaxy.  This  is  true  of  both  the  positive  
and  the  negative  soul  groups,  and  can  help  to  understand  much  of  the  UFO  contact  
we  have  experienced  throughout  human  history.  
Clash  of  the  4D  Titans  
Compassion  drives  the  positive  4D  being,  while  the  negative  4D  being  desires  to  
enslave  others.    As  covered  earlier,  there  is  no  need  for  interaction  between  the  two  
polarities  as  a  necessary  part  of  experience,  yet  interaction  occurs  because  of  the  
various  callings  for  assistance  by  3D  beings,  which  are  answered  by  the  4D  beings  
(as  well  as  beings  of  other  densities).  This  often  results  in  the  3rd  density  becoming  a  
sort  of  battleground  over  which  4D  beings  continuously  battle.  While  the  positive  
4D  beings  are  compassionate  and  willing  to  fight  to  protect  their  younger  3D  
siblings,  they  do  not  yet  have  the  wisdom  to  understand  the  futility  of  battle,  and  
thus  do  not  refrain  from  it.  The  battles  only  result  in  stalemate,  both  sides  being  
equal  to  one  another  in  ability  and  understanding.  
Both  sides  suffer  a  slight  loss  in  polarity  due  to  this  choice  to  battle.  The  positive  is  
unable  to  accept  that  which  is  given  by  the  negative  (in  order  to  continue  serving  
others,  rather  than  become  enslaved  by  the  negative).  The  negative  is  unable  to  
overcome  the  positive.    Stalemate  is  the  only  outcome,  the  actual  battle  being  for  the  
minds  of  the  3D  beings.  
5th  Density  Blue  Ray  –  The  Law  of  Light/Wisdom    
The  intense  compassion  of  4D  is  balanced  here  with  wisdom.  This  is  the  wisdom  of  a  
state  of  being/knowing,  rather  than  the  accumulation  of  information.  The  vehicle  
(body)  used  for  this  density  is  of  light,  and  is  increasingly  under  the  control  of  the  
being  so  that  one  form  may  be  dissolved  and  another  manifested  at  will  

(shapeshifting/teleportation).  Graduation  from  5D  requires  the  conscious  
acknowledgement  that  All  is  One,  or  the  Law  of  One.  
6th  Density  Indigo  Ray  –  The  Law  of  One/Unity  
The  deep  wisdom  of  5th  density  is  rebalanced  with  compassion  into  compassionate  
wisdom.  In  this  density  all  is  directly  experienced  as,  and  known  to  be,  One.  During  
the  early  stages  of  this  density,  the  negative  individual  hits  a  wall  in  their  progress,  
and  they  are  forced  to  abandon  the  way  of  separation,  the  negative  polarity,  and  
instantaneously  switch  to  the  positive.  It’s  at  this  moment  that  the  path  of  polarity  
ends,  as  it  no  longer  serves  any  useful  function  for  continued  evolution.  
The  Higher  Self  
As  an  entity  reaches  the  end  of  6th  density,  it  looks  back  to  all  of  its  former  
incarnations,  and  offers  itself  as  a  guide  and  resource,  known  as  the  Higher  Self.  The  
Higher  Self  exists  in  what  we  would  think  of  as  the  future,  acting  as  a  kind  of  
“spiritual  GPS”  for  all  of  its  former  incarnations.  This  guidance  is  offered  regardless  
of  the  polarity  of  the  seeker,  because  the  love  expressed  is  truly  unconditional.  The  
purpose  of  this  guidance  is  to  help  the  entity  reach  the  same  spiritual  destination  in  
a  more  efficient  manner.  
Example:  A  car  GPS  unit  will  take  the  shortest  route  to  a  destination.  When  a  turn  is  
missed,  the  GPS  automatically  reroutes  to  again  find  the  shortest  route.  This  is  
similar  to  the  concept  of  the  Higher  Self.  The  specific  choices  are  not  known,  
meaning  that  Free  Will  is  still  very  much  in  play.  Only  the  overall  destination  is  
known,  the  goal  being  to  aid  the  soul  in  reaching  that  destination.  
7th  Density  Violet  Ray  –  The  Law  of  Infinity  
Creation  is  experienced  as  existing  simultaneously,  without  past  or  future,  but  only  
the  eternal  Present.  When  all  has  been  experienced  that  is  desired,  the  
individual/social  memory  complex  turns  completely  towards  seeking  the  Infinite  
One.  Before  this,  it  turns  back  to  its  6D  Self  (the  Higher  Self)  and  offers  its  complete  
awareness  as  a  resource,  known  as  the  mind/body/spirit  totality.  In  this  way  you  
might  think  of  it  as  the  Higher  Self’s  Higher  Self!  
At  the  end  of  7th  density,  an  entity  compacts  into  the  One,  and  the  octave  is  crossed  
into  a  new  creation,  a  new  infinity.  This  gateway  is  wrapped  in  mystery,  though  
there  are  messengers  that  cross  back  from  this  boundary  to  guide  those  coming  in.  
Black  Holes  

When  a  7th  density  being  compacts  into  the  
Infinite  One,  the  physical  manifestation  that  
we  perceive  in  3D  is  a  black  hole.  This  
compaction  is  due  to  the  increase  in  
spiritual  mass  as  a  being  progresses  through  
the  densities.  If  the  Big  Bang  expansion  
could  be  thought  of  as  the  moment  of  
creation,  the  Creator  sending  its  
consciousness  into  the  Creation  to  
experience  Itself,  then  accumulating  
spiritual  mass  would  be  the  return  to  this  state  of  Oneness,  the  collapse  into  a  black  
hole  being  that  point  of  integration.  
(Note:  This  concept  of  spiritual  mass  seems  to  run  contrary  to  many  New  Age  beliefs  
about  the  higher  realms  of  experience  being  less  “dense,”  or  “lighter.”  This  may  be  true  
in  a  physical  sense,  as  the  vibrations  are  faster,  but  in  a  metaphysical  sense  the  density  
increases.  In  this  way  we  can  see  that  gravity  has  a  more  metaphysical  side  and  
application  than  we’re  currently  aware  of.)  
In  review,  there  exists  seven  densities  of  awareness  that  we  move  through  during  
our  spiritual  evolution  from  the  dawning  of  awareness,  to  reintegration  with  the  
Infinite  One.  Each  density  consists  of  specific  lessons  or  “themes”  which  are  
functions  of  energetic  exchanges.  The  ways  these  lessons  can  be  expressed  are  
infinite,  yet  the  type  of  underlying    energetic  exchanges  remain  constant.  
1st  Density  –  The  cycle  of  Awareness  –  Red  ray.  The  four  pillar  elements,  the  
formation  of  Earth.  
2nd  Density  –  Growth  and  Motion  –  Orange  ray.  The  plant  and  animal  kingdoms.  
3rd  Density  –  Self-­‐awareness  and  the  Choice  –  Yellow  ray.  Human  society.  
4th  Density  –  The  Law  of  Love,  or  compassion  –  Green  ray.  Social  memory  complex.  
5th  Density  –  The  Law  of  Light,  or  wisdom  –  Blue  ray.  Wisdom  as  a  state  of  being.  
6th  Density  –  The  Law  of  One,  or  Unity  –  Indigo  ray.  The  Higher  Self.  
7th  Density  –  The  Law  of  Infinity,  or  simultaneous  experience  –  Violet  ray.  The  return  
to  Oneness.  
Inner  Planes  

Within  each  density  there  exists  infinite  sub-­‐planes,  each  of  various  natures  
comprising  different  sub-­‐densities  of  awareness.  Remember  in  our  examples  of  the  
colors  there  were  the  primary  colors,  and  there  could  be  infinite  gradation  within  
the  boundaries  of  each  prime  color.  The  inner  planes  function  on  a  similar  concept.  
In  third  density,  the  physical  world  we  experience  is  one  of  these  sub-­‐planes;  the  
astral  plane  is  another.  
The  Seven  Earths  
Though  it’s  a  somewhat  difficult  concept  to  grasp  for  us,  the  Earth  exists  as  seven  
distinct  spheres,  each  represented  by  a  particular  density.  Each  of  these  spheres  
overlays  the  others,  nestled  together  like  a  Russian  doll.    
The  spheres  exist  in  two  states:  activated  and  potentiated.  An  activated  sphere  can  
be  inhabited  by  beings  of  that  density.  Earth  presently  has  its  first,  second,  and  third  
spheres  activated,  with  its  fourth  in  the  process  of  activating.  The  fifth,  sixth,  and  
seventh  spheres  are  in  potentiation.  Potentiation  can  be  thought  of  as  a  state  of  
inactivity  or  “hibernation;”  a  state  of  potential  at  rest.  These  are  the  spheres  that  are  
not  active  and  are  not  suitable  for  habitation  at  this  time.  
Because  Free  Will  is  of  utter  importance  within  the  3D  realm,  the  higher  densities  
choose  to  remain  hidden.  This  ensures  the  3D  being  has  no  solid,  objective  proof  
that  there  is  life  beyond  this  Veiled  illusion  of  life  and  death.  It  allows  freedom  in  
choosing  what  to  believe.  As  the  planet  enters  into  4D,  the  early  incarnates  there  do  
not  understand  precisely  how  to  remain  invisible  to  the  3D  realm.  As  this  presents  a  
potential  infringement  of  free  will,  the  3D  sphere  goes  into  potentiation  during  at  
least  part  of  the  4D  cycle.  This  means  that  at  some  point  3D  incarnations  on  Earth  
will  stop  for  an  extended  period.  Note  that  this  does  not  necessarily  imply  a  
catastrophic  natural  disaster  or  destruction  that  ends  life  as  we  know  it.  
The  Chakras  
Remember  earlier  that  the  pattern  of  seven  was  established  as  being  important  for  
understanding  the  structure  of  the  densities.  The  chakras  are  structured  on  this  
pattern  as  well.  The  same  kinds  of  lessons  found  within  each  density  are  also  found  
within  each  chakra.    The  same  color  rays  apply  to  densities  and  chakras.  Chakras  are  
a  huge  subject  that  goes  well  beyond  the  scope  of  this  article,  but  the  basic  
descriptions  will  be  covered  here.  There  is  certainly  plenty  of  information  available  
on  the  subject  if  further  research  is  desired.  
One  idea  to  consider  first:  There  is  a  tendency  to  dismiss  the  lower  chakras  as  being  
less  “special”  and  important  than  the  higher  ones;  less  “spiritual.”  None  are  more  
important  than  the  others,  as  each  relies  on  all  the  others  to  function.  It’s  a  system,  

just  as  your  physical  body.  And  like  your  body,  each  organ  is  needed  for  the  whole  to  
function.  Each  chakra  must  be  considered  when  attempting  overall  balance.  
Attempting  to  skip  the  lower  three  in  an  effort  to  focus  on  the  more  “spiritual”  ones  
results  in  imbalances  and  blockages;  the  energy  doesn’t  flow  freely.  
1st  Chakra  Red  Ray  –  The  root  chakra  lays  the  foundation  for  all  energetic  
exchanges.  Without  this  “grounding”  connection,  the  kundalini  energy  cannot  flow  
upwards  (just  as  a  dam  in  a  river  stops  the  flow  of  water).  The  sexual  drive  to  
reproduce  is  found  here.  Located  at  the  base  of  the  spine  near  the  groin.  
2nd  Chakra  Orange  Ray  –  The  distortions  towards  power  over  others,  in  both  the  
positive  and  negative  sense.  Blockages  here  can  include  self-­‐judgment  and  judgment  
of  others.  The  negative  side  of  the  orange  ray  is  where  you’ll  find  the  expressions  of  
controlling  others,  such  as  through  rape  or  murder.  Located  at  the  navel  in  the  
3rd  Chakra  Yellow  Ray  –  The  relation  between  self  and  groups/societies.  Much  of    
what  we  call  Fear  is  seated  within  this  chakra.  War-­‐like  actions  stem  from  here  
when  there  is  a  blockage  present,  or  in  its  negative  expression.  Located  at  the  solar  
plexus  (just  below  the  sternum).  
4th  Chakra  Green  Ray  –  Compassion,  love,  understanding.  This  is  the  Heart  chakra.  
It  is  the  major  stepping  stone  towards  contacting  intelligent  infinity  (the  Infinite  
One).    The  so-­‐called  “healing  miracles”  take  place  through  this  chakra.  The  
negatively  polarized  being  will  not  activate  this  energy  center,  instead  using  a  
combination  of  their  red,  yellow,  and  orange  rays  to  contact  intelligent  infinity,  
skipping  green  ray  and  going  to  blue  ray.  This  is  an  interesting  concept  that  will  be  
covered  ahead.  
5th  Chakra  Blue  Ray  –  The  center  of  communication.  This  is  the  ability  to  express  
oneself  without  reservation  or  fear.  Located  at  the  throat.  
6th  Chakra  Indigo  Ray  –  The  so-­‐called  psychic  and  intuitive  center.  The  third  eye.  
This  is  also  the  energy  body  in  use  before  birth  and  immediately  after  death.  An  
open  indigo  chakra  is  experienced  by  those  who  know  themselves  as  Creator  and  
recognize  their  power  to  change  themselves.  Faith  is  found  within  this  chakra.  
Located  just  above  the  bridge  of  the  nose  in  the  forehead,  where  the  third  eye  
(pineal  gland)  is  often  depicted.  
7th  Chakra  Violet  Ray  –  Located  at  the  crown.  Unlike  the  other  chakras,  which  may  
be  balanced  or  imbalanced,  this  chakra  is  merely  the  overall  vibrational  signature,  
or  color,  of  an  individual.  This  chakra  can’t  ever  be  unbalanced  as  it  is  always  the  
sum  of  an  individual.  It  will  be  a  unique  color/pattern/vibration  for  every  single  
individual.  Located  at  the  crown,  or  top  of  the  head.  

The  Connection  Is  Clear  
Densities  and  chakras  are  both  based  on  the  same  patterns  of  energy,  each  an  
expression  of  consciousness  and  awareness  of  a  particular  vibration.  Energy  flows  
upwards  through  the  chakras  from  the  root  to  the  crown,  just  as  awareness  flows  
upwards  through  the  densities  from  red  ray  to  violet.  The  progression  is  sequential  
in  both,  as  each  density  and  chakra  lays  the  foundation  for  future  lesson.  
Understanding  this  connection  is  vital  for  understanding  the  nature  of  the  shift  in  
consciousness  presently  being  experienced  on  Earth.  
Time/Space  –  Between  Incarnations  
So  far  what’s  been  described  has  applied  to  the  incarnate  side  of  experience.  These  
experiences  occur  in  what  is  known  as  Space/Time.  It’s  called  this  because  Space  is  
perceived  simultaneously  (infinite  locations  in  space),  while  Time  is  perceived  in  a  
more  fixed,  linear  fashion.  For  simplicity  sake,  Space/Time  can  be  thought  of  as  the  
part  of  creation  experienced  while  incarnating  a  body.  
Time/Space  on  the  other  hand  is  the  part  of  creation  experienced  while  between  
incarnations,  also  known  as  the  Anti-­‐Matter  Universe.  It’s  called  Time/Space  
because  its  structure  is  opposite  that  of  Space/Time;  Time  is  perceived  in  a  more  
simultaneous  state,  while  Space  is  somewhat  more  fixed  and  immobile.  
Time/Space  and  Space/Time  are  two  sides  of  a  coin.  Time/Space  follows  the  same  
octave  structure,  each  density  corresponding  to  its  Space/Time  counterpart.  Just  as  
we  experience  natural  laws  (such  as  the  laws  of  physics)  in  the  Space/Time  universe,  
Time/Space  has  its  own  set  of  natural  laws.  

Death  of  the  body  
For  each  density  there  is  a  particular  kind  of  vehicle  (body)  that  is  appropriate  to  
that  realm.  Just  as  a  wheeled  vehicle  would  be  used  for  driving  on  roads,  a  floating  
vehicle  for  water,  and  a  flying  vehicle  for  air,  there  are  particular  kinds  of  physical  
bodies  appropriate  for  the  environment  of  each  density.  Our  bodies  are  not  meant  to  
last  eternally,  however.  Bodies  are  meant  to  undergo  the  process  we  call  death.  This  
idea  runs  contrary  to  many  beliefs  held  about  the  higher  density  bodies  never  dying,  
but  as  will  be  shown  it  is  extremely  vital  that  our  bodies  die  and  we  experience  the  
transition  of  death.  
An  incarnation  within  Space/Time  can  be  thought  of  as  following  a  loosely  detailed  
road  map  laid  out  before  the  incarnation.  There  is  the  potential  for  a  lot  of  progress  
to  be  made  during  an  incarnation  through  the  use  of  the  various  planned  lessons.  
There  is  also  the  potential  through  the  use  of  Free  Will  to  go  way  “off  course”  of  the  
planned  route,  this  possibly  resulting  in  imbalances  and  karma,  or  just  a  unexpected  
direction  of  exploration  that  nevertheless  provides  further  polarization.  
Time/Space  is  like  pulling  off  at  a  rest  stop  to  check  the  overall  progress  between  
incarnations.  New  lessons  are  planned  for  future  incarnations,  as  well  as  “course  
corrections”  to  alleviate  incurred  karma  and  imbalances.  Time/Space  has  the  
advantage  of  very  clear  overview  of  one’s  overall  progress  as  a  soul,  yet  there  is  no  
opportunity  for  further  progress,  correcting  imbalances,  or  alleviating  karma.  Only  
within  Space/Time  is  it  possible  to  continue  the  lessons  and  correct  imbalances,  
though  it’s  akin  to  working  in  the  dark  with  a  candle,  unsure  of  the  plotted  course  
due  to  the  Veil.  The  Veil  of  course  only  applies  to  3D.  Planning  of  incarnations  also  
only  begins  in  3D  as  the  early  densities  function  without  polarity.  
The  Shift  
Earth  is  presently  reaching  the  end  of  a  c.76,000  year  grand  cycle  in  which  third  
density  has  unfolded.  From  the  earliest  dwellings  within  tribal  life,  to  the  rise  and  
fall  of  countless  empires,  humanity  has  explored  and  re-­‐explored  the  lessons  of  the  
yellow  ray  density  of  Self-­‐awareness.  Many  continue  to  struggle  with  these  lessons,  
but  there  are  those  who  have  sufficiently  polarized  along  either  path  and  are  now  
ready  to  graduate  into  the  4th  density.  
For  several  decades  now  the  fourth  sphere  of  Earth  has  been  in  the  process  of  
activating.  The  light  of  4th  density  has  been  increasingly  streaming  in  to  the  planet,  
causing  changes  within  the  DNA  structure  of  mankind,  as  well  as  physical  changes  
within  the  Earth  itself—such  as  the  increase  in  inner  heat,  the  increase  in  violent  
weather  and  earthquakes,  and  so  on.  The  magnetic  poles  are  realigning  to  allow  the  
light  of  4th  density  to  fully  stream  in.  

All  of  these  changes  have  been  building  in  intensity  towards  the  full  activation  of  the  
4th  Density  Earth,  which  many  believe  will  culminate  on  or  around  December  21st,  
2012.  When  this  happens  the  4D  Earth  will  be  fully  activated  for  the  first  time,  and  
will  be  able  to  be  inhabited  by  beings  of  that  vibration.  There  is  some  debate  about  
this  specific  date,  as  well  as  whether  or  not  the  shift  is  an  instantaneous  or  gradual  
event.  Each  will  have  to  decide  what  resonates  for  them  in  this  matter.  Ultimately  it  
is  not  as  important  as  understanding  the  general  idea  of  what  is  occurring.  
At  some  point,  the  aforementioned  three-­‐way  split  of  souls  will  occur,  the  newly  
graduated  positive  joining  the  newly  activated  4D  Earth,  and  the  newly  graduated  
negative  moving—through  the  process  of  reincarnation—to  other  4D  worlds  of  
negative  polarity.  Much  of  the  current  population,  due  to  the  relatively  un-­‐polarized  
state  of  confusion,  will  be  repeating  a  portion  of  the  3D  cycle  on  other  planets,  as  
that  sphere  of  Earth  goes  into  the  state  of  potentiation.  
The  3D-­‐5D  Confusion  
Many  New  Age  teachings  that  speak  about  this  shift  in  density,  or  dimension,  refer  
to  an  idea  of  skipping  from  3D  to  5D.  The  specific  numbers  used  to  label  this  are  not  
important,  it’s  the  underlying  concepts  that  matter.  Much  of  what  is  being  presented  
with  these  ideas  is  somewhat  distorted  due  to  confusion.  It  must  be  reiterated  
again  that  the  numbers  used  to  label  this  are  unimportant,  it’s  the  concepts  
that  matter.  Having  a  clearer  understanding  of  the  concepts,  the  numbers  likewise  
become  more  clear.  
Earlier  the  connections  between  the  chakra  energy  centers  and  the  densities  were  
made  clear.  It  was  shown  that  the  3rd  density  is  the  expression  of  Self-­‐awareness,  
just  as  the  3rd  chakra  deals  with  expressions  of  Self  in  relation  to  Other-­‐Self  and  
Group-­‐Self.  The  idea  of  3rd  density  laying  the  foundation  for  4th  with  a  seeking  
towards  the  expression  of  Love  was  described.  In  the  4th  density  the  lessons  and  
experiences  branch  from  the  idea  of  Love,  just  as  the  expressions  of  the  4th  chakra  
come  from  the  Heart  and  are  of  loving  acceptance  of  all  that  is.  The  seven  spheres  of  
Earth  were  briefly  explained  to  illustrate  the  idea  of  activation  and  potentiation.  
Further,  the  connection  between  the  rising  kundalini  energy  through  the  chakras  
from  the  root  through  the  crown,  and  the  rising  of  consciousness  from  the  density  of  
awareness  to  the  density  of  completion  and  reintegration  was  shown.  This  
progression  is  sequential  in  nature.  
Thus  it’s  clear  that  the  shift  in  density,  the  vibrational  density  of  awareness  on  Earth,  
is  moving  from  the  Yellow  Ray  3rd  density  to  the  Green  Ray  4th  density.  From  Self-­‐
Awareness  and  the  Choice  of  polarity,  to  the  Law  of  Love.  
There  are  a  few  ideas  contributing  to  the  confusion  regarding  this  shift.  

Density  and  Dimension  -­‐    Earlier  it  was  explained  why  the  term  density  is  more  
appropriate  for  describing  the  different  states  of  awareness.  The  term  dimension  
was  explained  as  being  the  way  that  physical  reality  is  perceived  within  a  given  
density.  The  confusion  between  these  two  terms,  as  well  as  their  tendency  to  be  
interchanged,  is  likely  the  main  cause  of  confusion  regarding  the  shift.  If  one  uses  
the  term  dimension,  it  should  be  realized  that  reality  being  currently  
experienced  is  4th  dimensional—three  dimensions  of  space  and  one  of  time,  and  
not  3D.  In  that  sense  we  are  shifting  to  the  5th  dimension—three  dimensions  of  
space  and  two  of  time.  This  is  still  the  sequential  movement  from  one  plane  to  the  
next.  Either  way  of  terming  it,  whether  3rd  density  to  4th  density,  or  4th  dimension  to  
5th  dimension,  the  shift  is  only  of  one  level.  Remember  that  progress  is  sequential.  
You  can’t  build  a  skyscraper  and  skip  a  floor,  each  floor  is  crucial  for  the  next.  
Duality    -­‐  “Our  contract  with  duality  is  complete,  so  we’re  skipping  the  4th  
dimension  and  going  straight  to  5th.”  
It’s  not  that  duality  is  ending,  but  our  perception  of  the  black-­‐or-­‐white,  this-­‐or-­‐that  
nature  is  expanding  to  see  that  it’s  black  and  white;  this  and  that.  The  two  
(seemingly)  separate  paths  of  the  polarities  continue  in  4th  ,  5th,  and  early  6th  
densities.  Much  of  our  perception  of  duality  stems  from  the  natural  confusion  we  
experience  while  living  under  the  Veil.  Also,  as  illustrated  before  in  the  kundalini  
energy,  which  rises  sequentially  from  the  root  chakra  to  the  crown,  consciousness  
ascends  the  densities  in  the  same  sequential  manner.  The  reason  for  this  is  simply  
that  you  can  only  experience  the  reality  that  you’re  the  vibration  of,  the  density  of  
awareness  that  you  have  risen  to.  Imagine  a  pig  suddenly  finding  itself  in  the  seat  of  
a  jet-­‐fighter;  it  would  be  in  a  situation  far  beyond  the  level  of  awareness  that  it’s  
ready  to  experience.  The  same  could  be  said  with  the  idea  of  skipping  an  entire  
density  of  experience.  A  student  doesn’t  approach  complex  mathematical  equations  
without  first  learning  to  add.  A  spiritual  student  doesn’t  approach  the  lessons  of  
Light  without  first  learning  the  lessons  of  Love.  
Astral  –  “The  4th  dimension  is  the  astral  plane,  so  it’s  skipped  during  ascension.”  
As  described  earlier,  there  are  various  inner  planes  connected  with  each  density.  
The  astral  plane  that  we  experience  is  an  inner  plane  of  3rd  density.  The  astral  plane  
experienced  by  4D  beings  is  an  inner  plane  of  4D,  and  so  on.  
Negative  Chakra  Activation  
There  is  another  concept  which  may  come  into  play  regarding  this  confusion.  During  
the  course  of  activating  the  chakras,  those  on  the  positive  path  will  experience  
activation  of  each  chakra  from  the  root  to  crown.  Those  on  the  negative  path,  
however,  do  not  use  the  green  ray;  they  skip  it.  

As  previously  covered,  the  green  ray  4th  chakra  is  the  center  of  Love.  This  Love  is  
expressed  freely  to  all  in  the  form  of  total  acceptance.  Because  the  negative  being  
believes  in  Love  of  the  Self  and  separation  from  others,  the  green  ray  is  seen  as  
being  trivial  to  these  beings.    Instead,  they  will  use  their  red,  orange,  and  yellow  rays  
in  combination,  skipping  the  green  ray  heart  chakra,  and  activating  their  blue  ray  5th  
3rd  chakra  to  5th  chakra  activation.  
Sound  familiar?  
A  further  point  of  consideration:  Much  of  the  5th  dimension  talk  comes  from  
contemporary  channeled  information.  Without  getting  into  finger-­‐pointing  at  
specific  sources,  much  of  the  current  channeled  material  coming  through  is  of  
various  levels  of  distortion.  This  is  due  to  a  number  of  factors,  the  primary  being  
that  many  of  the  channels  are  new  to  the  phenomenon,  and  have  simply  not  learned  
to  discern  both  the  source  of  the  information,  and  the  information  itself.  
There  is  a  lot  of  negative  information  coming  through  being  disguised  as  positive.  
This  is  why  much  of  the  material  today  is  full  of  inconsistencies  and  contradictions.  
The  personal  bias’s  of  the  different  channels  also  plays  a  part  in  distorting  the  
information  as  it  passes  through  filters  of  perception.  An  additional  point  to  
consider  is  that  by  placing  importance  on  specific  information  requested,  the  door  is  
open  for  negative  beings  to  slip  in  disinformation  by  using  the  eagerness  of  the  
channel  to  blind  their  discernment.  In  general,  positive  sources  will  speak  more  
philosophically.  Their  information  will  be  as  relevant  in  ten  thousand  years  as  it  is  
now,  because  the  concepts  are  more  general  and  of  the  overview.  Negatives  sources  
generally  will  give  more  specific  information.  Note  that  the  negative  sources  do  not  
appear  to  be  negative  on  the  surface.  
It’s  a  Mad  Mad  Mad  Mad  World  
Chaos  appears  to  be  theme  of  Earth  during  this  mad  dash  down  the  last  hundred  
meters  of  third  density.  There’s  more  violence,  greed,  fear,  anger,  and  hatred  than  
ever,  hanging  like  a  cloud  over  the  whole  planet.  On  the  opposite  side,  there  is  more  
love,  acceptance,  assistance,  and  very  vocal  calls  for  positive  change  than  ever.  All  of  
these  things,  this  huge  vortex  of  energy,  are  directly  related  to  the  shift.  
In  the  spring  of  2011,  this  energy  was  expressed  on  a  mass  scale  in  the  so-­‐called  
“Arab  Spring,”  with  protests  and  demonstrations  in  the  Middle  East.  That  whirlwind  
of  energy  quickly  spread  and  sprouted  other  movements,  such  as  the  Occupy  
movement  that  has  since  gone  worldwide.  This  is  not  intended  to  comment  about  
the  goals  of  those  movements,  only  to  point  out  the  root  energy  fueling  them.  

As  a  density  shift  approaches,  the  energy  builds  on  a  planet.  Take  the  example  of  
water  going  down  a  drain.  Water  around  the  edge  of  the  vortex  moves  slowly,  but  as  
it  approaches  closer  and  closer  to  the  center,  it  speeds  up.  The  same  is  true  of  the  
More  catalyst  for  growth  is  available  in  a  shorter  amount  of  time  than  ever  before.  
Like  “cramming”  before  final  exams,  this  gives  everyone  a  chance  to  get  in  “last-­‐
minute”  lessons  in  efforts  to  polarize,  balance,  and  alleviate  karma.  It  can  be  a  
tremendously  valuable  period.  It  can  also  be  extremely  disoriented  for  the  masses  
who  remain  largely  unpolarized.  They  are  coming  face  to  face  with  their  inner  Self,  
and  many  are  simply  not  ready  to  do  this.  Even  for  those  who  are  consciously  
striving  towards  the  higher  lessons  are  facing  all  of  the  old  baggage  as  it  rises  to  the  
surface,  and  this  can  be  a  hectic  time.  
Being  aware  of  the  process  that  is  occurring  allows  for  more  conscious  use  of  the  
tsunami  of  catalyst  that  comes  into  our  lives.  Conscious  awareness  lets  us  pull  back  
from  the  chaos  into  a  place  of  inner  peace,  knowing  that  all  is  well,  all  is  perfect.  
Closing  Thoughts  
Hopefully  this  information  has  been  useful  in  some  way  to  the  reader.  A  seven-­‐
tiered  octave  cosmology  is  one  way  of  conceptualizing  of  the  creation.  Much  of  the  
information  comes  from  The  Law  of  One/The  Ra  Material  series  
(http://www.llresearch.org/),  though  many  more  gaps  have  been  filled  by  personal  
research  and  contemplation.  
In  considering  this  cosmology,  one  must  look  at  more  than  any  single  facet  to  begin  
to  see  the  larger  connections  and  patterns  that  point  to  the  octave  structure.  The  
more  facets  considered,  the  more  the  connections  become  obvious.  This  article  is  
the  result  of  much  research  (and  tail-­‐chasing)  to  seek  out  the  connections.  More  
than  the  external  sources,  internal  seeking  has  aided  greatly  in  forming  this  
particular  perception  of  the  creation.  After  all,  one  can  be  told  something  quite  
easily.  Understanding,  however,  only  comes  from  within.  
External  seeking  may  supplement  the  internal,  but  is  never  a  replacement  for  going  
within  to  ponder  the  deep  questions  of  life.  One  can’t  survive  on  vitamins  alone.  
As  we  approach  this  4th  density  shift,  more  and  more  will  be  revealed.  The  Veil  is  
quite  thin  for  those  willing  to  look  through  the  holes.  More  abilities  will  be  unlocked  
that  may  seem  fantastical  now,  but  will  later  pale  in  comparison.  
So  what  can  be  taken  away  from  this  information  besides  a  basic  understanding  of  
the  structure?  By  understanding  the  structure,  the  general  mechanics  of  what  we’re  
experiencing  can  be  grasped,  and  from  that  more  awareness  brought  into  the  
moment.  More  awareness  of  catalyst  when  it  arises,  more  awareness  of  the  lesson  

being  presented,  so  that  we  may  consciously  make  more  use  of  that  catalyst,  
increasing  our  overall  polarity  in  service  of  the  Infinite  One.  

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