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How do I Stop Snoring Free Report .pdf

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How DoI Stop Snoring?
3 Helpful Articles To Help You Stop Snoring.

Compiled By: Tony Hickey

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Article #1
How Can I Stop Snoring - Tips to Help You Stop Snoring
By Tony B. Smith
"How Can I Stop Snoring" is a question asked by many people who are tired of losing
sleep because of snoring. It's irritating and can make you upset. So, what I'm going
to do is share with you some tips on how you can stop snoring.
That way, you will able to get the best sleep you've had in a while.
The tips to stop snoring are:
1. The first tip to stop snoring is to raise your head position. You can do this by
adding another pillow to raise your head. When your head position is lower, you can
block your airways, which will cause you to snore.
2. Another tip to stop snoring is to not consume any yogurt or milk products before
going to bed. If you do consume yogurt or milk, you increase your chances of snoring.
3. Eating honey is another tip. You should eat a small amount of honey before you go
to bed to help you stop snoring.
4. Sleeping on your side is another way to stop snoring. If you sleep on your back, you
could block your air passages, which will cause you to snore while you're sleeping.
5. Using nasal drops is a way to stop you from snoring. Use the drops right before you
go to bed. They will help open your nostrils, which will allow you to get more air.
6. Another way you can stop your snoring is to use devices, have surgery, or use
effective home remedies that are guaranteed to help you with your snoring.
These are some tips on how you can stop snoring. If you really want to put an end to
your snoring, you need to do something about it now. Use these tips to help you. You
deserve a goodnight's rest.
To learn how to stop snoring permanently, without using a device or having surgery,
click on the link below:
How To Stop Snoring
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1670296

Article #2
How Can I Stop Snoring in a Short Time?
By Peter Palmer
Have your been woken up with the disturbing sound of someone snoring by your side?
It could be your roommate, friend, parents or e ven your partner. It could also be you
disturbing the sleep of others. If such is the situation you would be questioning
yourself, "how can I stop snoring?"
To answer your question on "how can I stop snoring?" here are some unique and easy
tips for you to follow to quit snoring and get a peaceful nights sleep. A simple way is
to begin with some easy home remedies. To begin with, try and modify your sleeping
position. Raise your head on a high pillow. It's bound to make a difference. You can
even use multiple pillows for the same.
Try taking a glass of water before you sleep instead of alcoholic beverages or
alcohol. Avoid smoking before you sleep. It blocks your nasal passage leading to
heavy snoring all through the night. The vibrations in your throat cause d by some
kind of obstruction causes snoring. You can stop snoring by doing all that you can to
reduce and stop the vibrations occurring in your throat and your problem is solved.
This could be exercises, medication or other home remedies, whatever suits y ou best.
Still wondering "how can I stop snoring?" Prevent intake of sleeping pills or
tranquilizers at night. Taking sleeping pills relaxes your muscles and blocks air
passage in the process resulting in snoring so avoid taking these pills before you
sleep unless you want to end up snoring.
Excessive body weight also causes snoring at night. So how can I quit snoring if I am
overweight? The answer is simple. Exercise. Exercise includes specific snoring
exercises revolving around your jaws, mouth, neck and shoulders apart from cardio
vascular weight reducing exercises.
Another answer to way is to follow a healthy diet. Eat healthy, and avoid fried food
especially at dinner time if you want to shed off those extra calories.
You may also want to consider changing your lifestyle avoid late nights and sleep at
a fixed hour every day. Apart from that there are home remedies you can try too.
Have a spoonful of honey before you sleep. There are numerous articles and books
available to you both online and offline the se days on "how can I stop snoring?". Do
read them up if you want to get more tips on how to stop snoring.
Medical science has found innovative ways with the invention of nasal strips and
anti-snoring pills and sprays that are readily available at all medi cal stores. Your
dentist may give you advice on stop snoring which would include use of anti-snoring

mouth guards which prevents the muscles of the lower jaw from relaxing and causing
a snoring sound.
If the answer to your question is still not answered se ek professional help from your
medical practitioners or snoring clinics. They will find out the root cause for your
snoring and get you treated.
Discover the natural and step by step methods to stop snoring and sleep like a baby
at http://www.quitsnoringalready.com/
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_Palmer
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4562475

Article #3
How Do I Stop Snoring? - 8 Ways to Beat the Snore Monster
by Nicola Fourie

Its a well known fact that no one who lives alone, snores.
So snoring, and notably the prevention (how do I stop snorning) thereof - is now a
major growth industry, with countless patented potions, pills, pillows, mattresses
and therapies available to sufferers. Before you go that route, though, there are
several simple steps you can take to stop sawing wood, and so prevent a litany of
problems, from tiredness and the accompanying loss of conncentration and energy,
to headaches and high blood pressure. Plus, you could even save your relationship!
1. Lose Weight
Being overweight, especially around the neck area (which can pu t pressure on the
air-ways), is a major contributing factor. Shedding a mere ten percent of your body
mass can help a lot.
2. Avoid alchohol for at least a couple of hours before bed
Also try and avoid sleeping pills, antihistamines and tranquilisers. They tend to
promote snoring, as they relax jaw and throat muscles.

3. Change Position
Sleep on your side or stomach, not your back. If you have a bed partner, ask them to
make you roll over. They probably won't need much encouragement. An alternative
that some sufferers swear by, even though it does sound like an old wives' tale - is to
sew tennis balls onto the back of your pajamas.
4.Stay Regular
Go to bed at the same time every night. This will help promote restful sleep, which
decreases the incidence of snoring.
5. Get Steamed up
Blocked nasal passages can contribute to snoring, so try inhaling steam before
beddtime. If you don't have a steam vaporiser, run hot water into a basin, put a
towel over your head and inhale.
6.Quit smoking
It can inflame and swell the airways, so exacerbating snoring.
7. Ditch the dairy
Particularly before bedtime, as it can cause a build up of mucous, which interferes
with breathing.
8. See your doctor
If none of the above tips help, visit your doctor as you could be suffering from sleep
apnoea, among other things. You may be referred to a sleep laboratory.

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