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The Oblivion
Far in the town a special mobile buzzed in Sofia’s
pocket. She quickly took it out and clicked it muttering a curse and said, “Yes chief”
“My dear spy. Have you got any lead upon
“I am happy to inform you that I have. The CCTV
cameras showed them breaking right in the mall.
Though the vision was quiet blurred to see who
they were,” said Sofia smiling.
“Very well then hurry there before they escape.”
With this the screen flickered off and Sofia signalled the men to move.

Soon we were all packed and prepared. All the
goods in order. “Hey Oz, so how were we going
to get this all back at the base,” I asked.
“Here are these rucksacks. Fill them with as
much material you can. While I go to collect
some specific things from the medical store. Be
right back.”
“What! are we going to carry this all? No way am
I going to take this load,” said Hassan complaining while gulping down his fifth can of coke.
“Still drinking coke Hassan. Haven’t you already
drunk enough at home.”

the floor. Oz moved closer to the window to
hear, trying to sort out what he had heard.
Nothing could be seen outside the window because of the dark. Suddenly someone pushed
the door open carefully while Oz backed away in
the dark. No one entered and Oz waited; finally
moving towards the door he wondered if his
mind was going crazy.
“AHHHHHHH” screamed Oz dodging a well
aimed slash from an axe, the person fell to the
ground. Oz snatched the axe and then in the
brief light of the torch, he saw the hint of craziness in the eyes of this man and without another
break he decapitated him.

As we continued our work on filling the duffel
bags, I kept feeling the queer feeling that someone was watching us.
“Why are you so frantic?” asked Hassan.
“I don’t understand… but… I have this absurd
feeling that someone is watching us.”
“WATCHING US,” he roared with laughter, “If its
one of those things then it would have attacked
long ago and if it’s a human then by now he
should have been brave enough to introduce

“Oh no I wouldn’t take a sip of that coke again
but next time you take a bite of food, be sure the
curse of the muck will follow you.”

Then to my chagrin he called out loud, “Hey Mr
Strange Creep, are you there?”

“Muck skhmuck. Just get on moving,” said Oz.

“Rafay! Hassan ! RUN FAST,”

As Oz left for the second floor, I felt something
strange watching us. I quickly turned to see but
there was nothing.

I glanced up and saw Oz standing over the stairs.
I tried to questioning him but at the same moment, there were cries from the dark and we
were suddenly surrounded by men holding
weapons, with craziness in their eyes gazing at
us hungrily. I knew we were doomed.

Oz walked in the medical store, everything was
deadly quiet and dark. He lit his torch and started looking at shelves for some specific medicine
or drug. He was lost in his work when he heard a
faint voice, as if a metal was being dragged on

“Shut up Hassan.”