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Affiliate Marketing For Newbies and
Compiled by:
Adenike Onigbanjo
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For Newbies & Beginners

The advancements in technology have revolutionized the way things were
done in business. Business practices and processes have become more
sophisticated and more effective, as they are now backed up by sophisticated
equipment and technology. Affiliate marketing is one such marketing practice
that has emerged with the various advancements in the internet and has
taken the marketing world by storm.
Affiliate marketing results with the collaboration of the merchant who is also
the retailer and the affiliate who can be considered as a salesperson. Affiliates
can be considered as part of secondary tier of players who are rewarded for
bringing in customers for the merchant through their marketing efforts.
Affiliates play a major role in the marketing strategies of the e-businesses.
However, they seldom get their deserved share of applause, which is usually
contributed to other popular internet marketing methods such as SEO, Pay
per click, e-mail marketing, etc. It must always be considered that Affiliate
marketing is as effective and as result-oriented as any other marketing
method. It is only about the execution strategy.
Affiliate marketing is relatively less complex than other internet marketing
methods. Usually, affiliate marketing programs are completely free to join.
That way, the merchant can ensure plenty of affiliates working for the
business, whereas the affiliates don't have any financial risk involved.


Making money through affiliate marketing is very easy. First, the affiliate can
earn throughout the day unlike a traditional business. Secondly, an affiliate
has to promote the website whereas the merchant him/herself handles all the
rest of the work such as provision of marketing material, collection of sales
money, product shipping and delivery, customer service, etc.
Affiliates can work from home in a flexible manner not having to worry about
timings or deadlines. Instead, it is just an easy way of making money on the
go. You can do it along with your job for some extra cash or rely completely
on it for your earnings. On the other hand, it is a lucrative business for
merchants. This is because they get active people to promote their business.
It is obviously less expensive than other forms of internet marketing because
merchants do not face any continuous operational costs for their marketing,
as in case of internet advertising or banner posting. Instead, affiliates are only
paid when a unit of product is sold. Therefore, there are no heavy fixed costs.
A couple of businesses owe their success to affiliate marketing. Amazon.com
is one such example, as it relied heavily on affiliate marketing for the
promotion of its business. Merchants can run their in-house affiliate programs,
or they can also outsource to another intermediary who is responsible for
tracking sales referred by affiliates.
Affiliate marketing is indeed one of the most successful and effective methods
of internet marketing. However, it must be kept in mind that the effectiveness
of affiliate marketing depends heavily on the quality of affiliates you have.
Additionally, it is an ongoing process that requires constant maintenance and
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeremy_A_Barker

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7098000


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - How To
Choose The Right Affiliate Program For You
(Part 1)
I get many emails from people who are just starting out with making money
online, and the number one concern for affiliate marketing for beginners is
how to choose the most appropriate product or program online to promote.
Throughout my years of online marketing, I've grown to realise that while
there can be many factors to consider, only a few major ones really matter as
far as affiliate marketing for beginners is concerned.
So here's part 1 of these concerns. I have jotted them below with my views,
and you can take them into consideration when you're choosing a suitable
program or product to promote.
Concern 1 - How Much Does It Cost To Join?
I know I'm suppose to address concerns about affiliate marketing for
beginners, so naturally I should be asking you to join a program that doesn't
require a cent for you to join.
That would be right, but again, depending on program, an initial fee might be
required upfront for some great affiliate programs out there.
But for beginners, I do advise to start with free affiliate programs first before
trying out the paid ones.
Concern 2 - How and When Do They Pay Out Their Commissions
The reason you join an affiliate program online is so that you can earn an
additional stream of income, so knowing how and when you get your
commissions is vital, making this the second concern when it comes to
affiliate marketing for beginners.
A network like Clickbank.com pays you via check or bank deposit every 2
weeks provided you hit the threshold, while some others may have different
payout schemes.
Usually, you'll want to see if you're comfortable with a certain payout scheme
before you join a program. That way, you will get your payments and not work
for nothing.
Concern 3 - What Is Their Hit Per Sale Ratio?
In other words, how well will it convert?
In case you're not sure what that means because you're new to this, it's how
well will the product sell?


This is a really major concern when it comes to affiliate marketing for
beginners, because if you don't start with something that's easy to sell, you'll
end up not making any money.
Product conversions are usually represented via a percentage, and a 3%
conversion means out of 100 visitors to the site, 3 of them will buy.
Make sure you choose one that has at least 2%, because anything below that
will not be worth your time.
I've just mentioned 3 major concerns when it comes to choosing an affiliate
product for newbies. There are more in parts 2 and 3, so do look out for them
so you can learn other major concerns that directly affect affiliate marketing
for beginners.
By the way, if you happened to have already chosen your affiliate marketing
product to promote, you might like to get the secrets on how to promote them
in the fastest possible ways.
The best I've seen comes from Ewen Chia, the world's number one super
affiliate. He's releasing his secrets for a limited time that's catered to affiliate
marketing for beginners, and you can now copy your way to success following
the top affiliate in the world.
Check out InstantAffiliateBusiness.com right now before he takes those
secrets down!
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chia_Ti_Wah
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7141085
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For Newbies & Beginners


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Is Real
Income Possible?
When it comes to understanding affiliate marketing, whether you're a beginner
or veteran, you either get it or you don't.
I don't mean that you necessarily understand all the methods and techniques;
that takes a long time to master. I'm talking about understanding the power of
being an affiliate as a true business model.
I got into web marketing for my small business. I needed clients, so I turned to
the web. In the process, I discovered affiliate marketing. Until then, I naively
believed the only way websites made money was by selling banner ads or
The affiliate marketing concept hit my in the gut; I was blindsided by a concept
so simple: yet I immediately understood the potential.
In fact, there really is no limit to how big of a business you can build as an
affiliate, even if you're just a beginner.
Like I said, I ran a small offline business which entailed a lot of customer
service. As an affiliate, on the other hand, you gain access to tens of
thousands of products to sell and you don't have to worry about customer
service, shipping, returns, support, etc. The fact is you can focus 100 percent
of your time and energy on selling.
The best 2 aspects of affiliate marketing is it's scalable and presents a
passive income opportunity.
Affiliate marketing for beginners.
There are only 2 requirements to succeed and make money as an affiliate whether you're a beginner or veteran. Those two requirements are:
Traffic; and
Pre-selling copywriting.
That's it. If you can get traffic to your affiliate offer and can pre-sell it, you can
make money.
Affiliate marketing for beginners is the same as it is for veterans. Don't
complicate it. Don't think it requires all kinds of fancy set up. All you need, at
the foundational level is traffic and pre-selling copy.
Now that the abstract is taken care of, I'll discuss a few concrete methods so
that affiliate marketing for beginners. There are many methods and
techniques for being an affiliate marketer. This is good. But it also helps to
latch onto one method and run with it.

Affiliate marketing for beginners - 3 methods:


1. List building
Yes, you've probably heard this before. List building is a technique that has
generated millions of dollars in profits.
Again, for list building to succeed, you need traffic to your page where you
attract subscribers and copy that converts visitors to subscribers.
How do you attract subscribers? Offer something valuable to your targeted
readers. In any niche there's some question or series of questions you can
answer. Create a report or guide giving the information sought and give it
away in exchange for an email address.
You can give away videos, free stuff, run contests, give away access to
software... the sky is the limit. Be creative and put yourself in the shoes of
your target market and ask: what would I want to know?
This model can take a little while to generate an income unless you buy some
traffic to your opt in page. However, once you build a list of subscribers and
you treat them well, you have a ready audience for your affiliate promotions.
2. Build a loyal audience and recommend products
If you can build a loyal audience with a blog or an e-newsletter, then you can
recommend products that some of your audience will buy. This model
includes building a blog. You can then recommend products in your blog
posts and/or in an e-newsletter your run.
This method takes time to establish because it takes time to build up a loyal
audience of readers.
3. Create a review website
This is probably one of faster methods to earn money in affiliate marketing.
The concept is exceedingly simple and when done right, effective.
A review site is an excellent affiliate marketing model for beginners. It's as
simple as writing about a product you use and like. Write about every aspect
of it... your likes, dislikes, how it helped you, why you bought it, and of course,
where to buy it. You then provide an affiliate link to where it's sold online.
There's no reason to stop at one product (although the single product review
website is a viable and effective review website mode). You can also create
affiliate review websites that promote an entire product line. This format is
more informational than a personal recommendation. This too, can be


Is real income possible, even for beginner affiliate marketers?
Yes. I'm no veteran by any stretch. However, I earn a decent monthly income
from affiliate marketing using the 3 techniques above (the review site
accounts for the bulk of my affiliate marketing income). Most importantly,
using concrete models, I focus like a laser on traffic and pre-selling copy.
Next, discover how to build profitable affiliate review sites and start earning an
online income relatively quickly.
Or, check out this product review WordPress theme for building professional
review websites.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_Lawlor

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to
Become a Professional
By Henry Ikeme
Practicing affiliate marketing is not an easy task. You may have dabbled into
affiliate marketing and came out with nothing, or you might be a newbie
wanting to taste the waters of affiliate marketing. Whoever you are, I want you
to get this right: you can make money with affiliate marketing programs. The
secret lies on putting all the puzzles together to form one big picture, and
working to achieve success. But what puzzles? That's exactly what we're
going to consider in this affiliate marketing basics.
If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is generally define as a
process whereby you promote the products or services of other people in
return for a commission. You are the affiliate and the person that owns the
product/service you promote is the merchant. Here is the basics of affiliate
marketing: You sign up for an affiliate program to promote a product and you
will get a special affiliate link. Promoting the product involves persuading as
many people as possible to click on your affiliate link and buy what you're
promoting. Anyone who clicks on the link will be taken to a page where they
can get more information about the product and buy it. If they buy, you'll be
credited for the sale because the person bought through your affiliate link. If
they don't buy immediately, you'll still be credited for the sale if the person
comes back to buy within 30 or 90 days.
As a newbie or a struggling affiliate, there are several puzzles you must put
together, most of which you will see in any affiliate marketing training course.
Let's look into some of them.


1. Finding a profitable niche: To succeed in affiliate marketing you have to
define your niche. You have to decide which type of products to promote. Is it
weight loss products, self-improvement products, make money products or
muscle building products? There are many possibilities but then, not all niches
will make you money. Some niches will just leave you broke and frustrated.
Hence, you have to know how to find a niche that will make you money.
2. Doing keyword research: Keyword research helps you to write articles
that will rank high in search engine listing. This way you will bring your affiliate
links in front of many people and this increases your chance of making a sale
through your link. Therefore, you have to learn how to do keyword research.
3. Choosing the right affiliate products: The affiliate products you choose
can make or break you. Choosing a product that is not in line with your niche
is not reasonable. You cannot sell a weight loss product to someone who
wants to make money online. Even if a product is relevant to your niche, it
doesn't mean that it is profitable. Some products are more profitable than
others and there are many ways to check if a product will be profitable or not.
You can check through a site like Amazon.
4. Learning HTML coding: Having a basic knowledge of HTML coding will go
a long way to help you. This is because as you practice affiliate marketing,
times shall come when you will need to make text links, image links, video
links, embed videos or audios into a webpage, format articles or insert third
party scripts like AdSense, Google analytic, CPM advertising scripts into your
sites etc. A basic knowledge of HTML will help you a lot.
5. Learning email marketing: When it comes to making money with affiliate
marketing program, your greatest asset will be a list of the email addresses of
your customers and potential customers. This is because people hardly buy
something the first time they visit a sales page. Another reason is that you can
offer your list with multiple products in your niche. Therefore, you have to
know how to get their email addresses, how to use an autoresponder, how to
create wonderful opt-in forms etc.
6. Having a website: You can make money without a website, but if you're
serious you have to get a website. You can either build one yourself or
outsource it at freelancing sites. You can also use free blogs or free website
templates. For people still at the basics of affiliate marketing, using free
resources is recommended since they're still testing the waters.
7. Generating Traffic: To make money with affiliate marketing, you need
traffic. Without people coming to your website, you can't make a sale through
your affiliate links. There are numerous ways of attracting traffic to a website.
There are both free and paid methods you can use, but the bottom line is that
you must give people reason why they should visit your website and keep
coming back. In other words, you must have interesting content.


9. Monetizing your site: As an affiliate marketer, you will not be depending
on your commission as your only source of income. You can maximize your
income by monetizing your website with different types of advertisement.
10. Knowing affiliate marketing tactics: There are many tactics professional
affiliate marketers use such as Joint Ventures, back-end selling, cross-selling,
outsourcing, article marketing tactics etc. If you can identify some of these
tactics and use them, you'll succeed.
11. Doing On-site SEO: You can optimize your web pages for certain
keywords you want to rank for. This involves putting your keywords in places
like the meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, anchor texts etc. This kind of
optimization can bring more buyers to your website if you target buyers'
keyword phrases.
12. Tracking: To put more effort into strategies that bring you more traffic you
must track where your visitors are coming from. You can use programs like
Stat Counter or Google analytics for this purpose.
To make money with affiliate marketing, you have to integrate all these
puzzles in such a way that you obtain a desired result. Even dummies can
achieve this but learning from an expert can take months or even years off the
steep learning curve involve. If you can leverage on the knowledge and
experience of experts, you'll accelerate your learning process and learn how
to do things the faster way. Having a one week marketing action plan will be
easy and your business will grow.
Do you want to put all these puzzles together in no time? Try this step-by-step
affiliate marketing guide and learn how to make your first $100. This One
Week Marketing guide has everything you need to start making money with
affiliate marketing. It teaches you step-by-step. Grab your copy.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Henry_Ikeme
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6044807


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Free Ways to Promote Affiliate
By George M Potter
The promotion of your affiliate offer is the task that can never be completed. If
you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to market your
business over and over. There are many ways to promote your affiliate offers,
and bellow are the best free ones.
Blogs and Forums
Maybe the easiest way to promote affiliate links is to post on blogs and
forums. Search for those that are related to your affiliate niche, and have high
traffic. Try to join these online communities by writing valuable and helpful
comments, to build trust and reputation.
At the end of every post, you have to create a signature that contains your
affiliate link. For best results, avoid spamming blogs and forums or you will
lose credibility. The great thing about forum and blog marketing is that you
can get targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.
Viral Marketing
Briefly, Viral Marketing is the marketing technique of creating viral products.
You can turn viral any of the following products: e-books or reports, videos
and even software.
Let's take a report as an example. You create a PDF report, with a valuable
and original content, and spread your affiliate offer all over it. Then you give
away the report, for free, to other marketers along with Giveaway and Resell
Rights. In this way, your affiliate links will spread like a virus, increasing your
Squidoo and Hubpages
The most well-known user generated content websites are Squidoo and
Hubpages. On these sites you can create great looking, one page mini-sites
named lenses, on Squidoo, or hubs, about any topic you'd like.


So you can set up an endless number of lenses and hubs about the affiliate
products you want to promote. Squidoo and Hubpages are free to join, and
are doing well in search engines, therefore they are very effective for
increasing the exposure of your business.
Your Website
Certainly, one of the best ways to promote affiliate offers is on your own
website. There are many methods of using your site as a marketing tool. How
you apply them depends on your creativity. First, you can write reviews for the
affiliate products you are promoting. Then, you can do this through both
banners and contextual advertisements.
You can also use one of the most powerful methods: blogs. At the beginning,
you may join a free blog service like WordPress or Blogger. This promotion
method can be very effective, but only if you create quality content for your
website and blog.
These are some of the free ways of promoting affiliate offers. Most of the
successful affiliates use a combination of them. But first you have to try every
strategy and discover it's full potential. Then choose and combine those that
work better for you, and you will constantly increase your commissions..
Find out which are the marketing strategies currently being used successfully
at http://www.webtrafficaction.com/free.





Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=George_M_Potter
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4735304
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For Newbies & Beginners



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