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Detailed documentation for any LATEX package can usually be found online. Just Google “latex”
and then the name of the package.
3.4. Change page layout
By default, the amsart documentclass leaves very wide margins around the text. If you prefer
narrower margins, you can specify that as an option in the LATEX file’s preamble. For example, if
you add

to your preamble, you get 1-inch margins on all four sides.
3.5. Change paragraph formatting
By default, the amsart documentclass leaves no space between paragraphs in the .pdf output, and
indents each paragraph’s first line. If you prefer a different look, add for example

to your preamble. This tells LATEX to leave open (“skip”) half a line between paragraphs, and to
indent the first line by zero inch, i.e., not at all.
3.6. Change default section numbering
By default, the amsart documentclass numbers all sections, subsections, sub-subsections and down.
If you prefer to number only sections, but not subsections and down, then add this to your preamble:

If you prefer to number sections and subsections, but not sub-subsections and down, change the
secnumdepth to 2, etc. Setting the secnumdepth to 0 specifies that nothing should be numbered.
3.7. Change default page numbering
By default, the amsart documentclass places the page number for the very first page of a document
at the bottom-center of the page, but page numbers for additional pages alternately at the top-left
and top-right. If you prefer to have all page numbers at the bottom-center, add

to your preamble. If you prefer no numbers at all, add