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Original filename: Affiliate marketing report.pdf
Author: Joanna Hutchinson

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Affiliate Marketing as an Online Business
3 Articles about Why you should Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Compiled by Joanna Hutchinson


Article # 1
What Is Affiliate Marketing?
By Choulian Havro
Affiliate Marketing Definition?
I'm an affiliate marketer. When I first started an internet business, I didn't
have any product or service to sell, and I was totally in the dark for 3
months until I was introduced to affiliate marketing.
You want to start an internet home based business and you don't have a
product or service to sell.
The easiest and cheapest way to start is be an Affiliate Marketer. I'm going
to give you a brief but clear affiliate marketing definition, and you can decide
if this is what you want to do.
Affiliate Marketing Guide
There are 3 parties involved - Advertisers A, Publishers (YOU) and Buyers.
Advertisers A (also called Merchant A) - the person or company that has a
product (eBook, videos, equipment,... etc.) or service (coaching,
membership,... etc.) to sell online.
Publishers- people like you who promote Advertisers' products or services.
Buyers- people who use search engine like Google to purchase
products/services online.
Let's put these 3 parties together:
You, the Publisher, register toAdvertiser A's internet marketing affiliate
program (through ClickBank, Peerfly,... etc.), and receive a unique affiliate
link (it's a code that leads Buyers from Publisher to Advertiser through
"CLICK HERE" link.

Advertiser A sells weight loss products and looks for Publishers to
promote their product/service. They offer a commission of certain % to you
when a sale is led by your website.
Your job as an Affiliate (Publisher) is to promote Advertiser A's product
online to attract Buyers to your website.
Affiliate Marketing Commissions:
When a buyer, someone who is looking for a weight loss product, comes
to your website, there would be places where you used "CLICK HERE" links
(affiliate code) to direct the buyer to the Advertiser A's main website.
When the buyer makes a purchase, the affiliate code will info Advertiser A
where the lead came from, and it will be credited to you. You will get the
commission for leading the buyer to Advertiser A.
The process is simple. Affiliate Marketing is like being a broker (offline). You
bring the customers in and get paid for your work. Instead of knocking on
door to door or making cold calls, you just need to setup a website (one
page of web page will do the job wonderfully). Bring traffic to your website,
invite people to "CLICK HERE" and take them to where the produce/service
site is.
3 Months ago when I decided to be an online affiliate, I signed up for a
membership and learned to create a squeeze page (one page website), and
one thing after another, I've become an affiliate marketer.
What I have learned I am more than happy to show you - FREE of charge.
Go to http://www.howtobuild-websites.com and get 1 FREE eBook that will
show you how to build a website in a few hours, and also, 26 FREE videos to
show you how to make money online.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Choulian_Havro

Article #2
5 Basic Qualities Needed For Affiliate Marketing To Help You Succeed
By Mohammed Jogee
There are 5 basic qualities which are essential in succeeding as an affiliate
marketer. Below you will find each of the qualities needed:

1) DESIRE TO LEARN - One of the first and fundamental qualities required is
the ability to learn and having the willingness to be trained. Treading
through unfamiliar territory can be daunting so having the right frame of
mind and a desire to succeed is paramount. At the beginning you will have
to pay a lot of attention to various kind of information and filter out the not
so helpful information from the information that will have a positive impact
on your affiliate marketing.

2) INVEST TIME & EFFORT - There will be times in your affiliate business
where the time invested will not yield the results as expected but it is very
important to have the ability to still drive on and keep on investing time and
effort to see your business grow. This will be integral for your business to
take a hold and see it expand. Eventually time spent on your business will
give you back the time you invested as you see your affiliate marketing grow
as a result. Do not get discouraged at any point as this will help you take
steps to always improve.

3) DETERMINATION - This quality goes hand in hand with the 2nd quality.
When your business doesn't feel like it's growing the way you think it should
then you will need your determination to push you through barriers and
potential hurdles. The ability to push yourself to greater levels will determine
the success of your affiliate marketing in the future.

4) DISCIPLINE - You will need to push yourself and be disciplined in taking
action everyday to grow your business. Even making micro progress each
day will play a big part in your future affiliate marketing success. By
teaching yourself to work with your heart and soul day in day out it will not
be long till you reach your desired goals.

5) OPTIMISM - An important quality as bad attitude shouldn't be an issue
and discourage an affiliate in pursuing there dreams and helping to make life
better for others and everybody around them. You have to keep optimism as
you only will be sole in charge on what you achieve in affiliate marketing and
every decision you make will have an impact on whether your business will
succeed or not.

If you apply these qualities to your affiliate marketing you will go far in this
business further than you ever thought possible. Affiliate marketing can be a
very rewarding career if approached with the right attitude and mindset.

Affiliate marketing is just a slice of your complete online business. If you are
wanting to go further and build a complete online business an experience an
Instant Internet Lifestyle then visit my blog where you can buy Instant
Internet Lifestyle and build your business in record time.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mohammed_Jogee

Article #3
Why Not Try Affiliate Marketing As Online Business
by Stavros Georgiadis
You cannot walk blindly into affiliate marketing. All businesses are looking
for ways to reach their intended audience. This article will provide you with
some great tips on how to reach customers after joining an affiliate program.
If you use tools, such as email marketing, they will help you develop a
rapport with your customers. This will also ensure that you reach a large
number of potential customers, so do your research and make it count.
Appropriate content is the blueprint of your business. You make sure that
you have an eye-catching design along with content that is interesting.
People may glance at your site for just a few seconds and if you do not get
them to stay on your site, they certainly will not click the ads on your site.
Email marketing can be very advantageous for your business. To start
generating your e-mail list, ask customers if they would like to be added to
your list when they make a transaction. Signing up should be as painless as
you can make it for your customers; do not pester them for anything
besides their email address and their name. Try to email on a regular
schedule. Explain that your messages will include new product information,
frequently asked questions and other useful updates. Use a mailing program
that will let you send out automated emails with a personalized message.
Emails should contain special and limited discounts or offers, and repeat
customers should receive special thank-you messages periodically. To
increase the number of subscribers, have exclusive offers available only to
those on the email list. Ask your customers for feedback, and give them a
special offer for telling you how they feel about your services.
Only sign up as an affiliate for a company that offers many products that you
can honestly represent. With affiliate marketing you are not able to control
the product. If the company that produces the product decides to change its
strategy or go out of business there is nothing you can do about it. If you
represent multiple affiliate products and you lose one it will not devastate

Research your customers to find the information or products they are
seeking. Many of your customers may want to see your content on social
networking sites, as opposed to you sending them emails. One good idea is
to take a look at your competition's marketing strategy. Try to get a take on
their perspective. Act as if you're one of their customers and sign up for
their ezines, mailing lists and other direct marketing options. Also, market
research and carefully tailored surveys can help you better understand your
client base. Depending upon the type of product or service you sell, your
strategy may need to be tailored somewhat, especially if the product or
service is of any kind of personal nature. Customers most likely will not
share their information for these products on a social networking page.
Think about what products can be marketed where. Consider what will work
for you, and be willing to try new ideas.
If you are experiencing great success with the affiliate marketing programs
you have joined, be sure to contact your partner vendors and inquire about
leveraging your rewards. Your partners appreciate the business you bring
them, and once you have proven your capabilities you are entitled to ask
them about earning greater profits.
Affiliate marketing is always evolving, and you have to stay on top of that.
One thing you will notice about the most successful affiliate marketing
endeavors is that they are constantly growing and adapting. To keep your
business at the head of the pack, you need to keep tabs on the customers
you already have. Ask for feedback from your customers and work hard to
earn their loyalty. New customers are always available and you should be
targeting them. You can tailor these tips to your own marketing business.
Get more information on how to make money online and how to start an
online business.

Click here to get started with affiliate marketing!

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