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Ewoca3 Workcamp Newspaper Issue #1, 6th August 2012.

Visit to Klimahaus + Playing Farmer's Golf + German
National Evening + Gossip Box + Police Box + Dossier + Recipe
+ About Us.

MY CAMP issue #1

Visit to Klimahaus

Playing Farmer's Golf

At Tuesday 4.8.2012 the Ewoca group
visited the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven. You can
learn there many things about temperature or
People all around the world. In some rooms it
was round about 35°C and in another room it was
-6°C, so you you can sure find you favorite
temperature. With the elevator you can also visit
the roof of the Klimahaus and have a look an
awesome look over Bremerhaven and the North
Sea. One visit in the Klimahaus can take 1:30h to
3:00h or even more.

Yesterday we had a great
day! We woke up at 9 o clock and
for starting this fantastic day we
took a delicious American
breakfast. Congratulations for the
kitchen group! Then began our
adventure. We went to a big farm
where we had an amazing
morning. We arrived at 11 o clock
and first of all teamers explain we
are going to do.

......At the end everybody in the Ewoca group was
happy and learned something. After the 2:00h the
Ewoca group splits and one group visited the
town of Bremerhaven and the other group stayed
in the Klimahaus to explore more. The Klimahaus
has 11.500 square kilometer exhibition space,

the visitors follow a line of the earth with
the name 6°East and they see many
things about the countries on this line. In
many completely different rooms they
show you something about –journey,
elements, aspects and chances. You also
learn in the Klimahaus what everyone
can do to make the planet saver and
If you want to know more about
the Klimahaus visit their website:

~ 2 ~

We started playing the
Farmers Golf, a game that consist
in hit a ball with a stick and put
inside a hole. It was really fun
even though it was raining all the

MY CAMP issue #1
time! When we finished the game we had
a little free time before the lunch. At 2 o
clock we had lunch in the restaurant of
the farm. Afterwards we played different
games like 4 in line, djenga, mikado,
badminton, ping-pong,...
Before returning to the camp
teamers gave us a nice surprise. We went
to a park where we must going without
shoes. It was a beautiful place! We walk
around 30 minutes by stones and for that
there was that some other accident. But
after all we really enjoyed this so much!
In fact some people finish completely
And if this were not enough we
went to the past ewoca camp place. There
was a lovely lake there!
So finally this day was truly fun!

So all in all the German
evening was really good, and
everybody was happy about it.


German National Evening
The German evening was a real
success, I think it will be hard to top that.
The things that made all the people laugh
and smile were the card, cucumber and
orange game. There were other good
games, but that was the most fun, it had
every thing in it. Off course all the games
in those test were really easy and fun to
play so everybody could have done them.
Everybody was successful in the games. in
the evening Germans prepared the food
and it was heavenly. At night we had a
dance till 12:00 everybody had a blast

~ 3 ~

Gossip box:
Ronja – new girl in
the camp
Jojo invited in German
national evening very beautiful
girl – Ronja.
Long legs, nice body, red
attracteded attention of all men.
All girl and woman were jealous.
All girls and women dream to be
beautiful girl sent kisses to

MY CAMP issue #1

Police box


Ronja attracteded Denis so much that he
even abandoned Sara. Nobody knew what
they were doing. We suppose that they
went together go to bar because, during
the evening, they suddenly disappeared...
Boys - always be ready, noone knowd
when Ronja will come back in Ewoca


~ 4 ~


MY CAMP issue #1
She is Elke. She was born 1959.
06.02. Elke lives in Germany. Her hobby is
riding. She likes water with bubbles. If
she were an animal she would be a horse.
To desert island she would take her
husband. If Elke were invisible she would
dreaming of a beter world. With her
hands she likes to work. In 10 years she
will not work – nonstop holiday. :) She
has superpower – sometime she is
„workoholic“. Her message to the camp
is: very important and a lot of fun for the


hiking. He likes all water. If he
were an animal he would be a
human being. To a desert island
he would take his family and the
New Testament. If he were
invisible he would like to play
God (just for a while). With his
hands he likes to caress his son
when he falls a sleep. In 10 years
Ralf will be 10 years older (well
my body). He would like to have
superpower – he promised not to
tell amyone. And Ralf message to
the camp is:
1. Take the chance to live
2. Be aware of each other.
3. Be lucky – next year we
meet again!


He is Ralf. He born 1967.11.20. He
lives in Germany. His hobbies are being
father, cooking, eating sushi, Squash,

~ 5 ~

MY CAMP issue #1
Pascal born 1995.02.07. He lives in
Germany. Pascal hobbies are listen to
music, ride bike and PC. He likes water
with bubbles. If he were an animal he
would be a bird. To desert island he would
take handy, Pc and friend. If he were
invisible he would do all things he never
done before. With his hands he like to do
many things. In 10 years he will have a
job. He would like to have superpower –
being invisible, teleporting. His message
to the camp „You are great“


he would take some friends and
tools. If he were invisible he
would discover the truth in the
world. With his hands he like to
explore some things... In 10 years
he will working as engineer, with
an expensive car, huge house and
nice woman., is it too much? He
would like to have a superpower –
move things with mind that
would be legen-wait for it...- dary!
His message to the camp „To keep
this spirit because it's a great one
and this experience it's unique.“


He born 1992.03.20. He is Spainish.
His hobbies are footbal, videogames,
party, girls (If you know what I mean...)...
He likes water with bubbles. If he were an
animal he would be a panda bear, he
wants to be like a boss! To desert island

~ 6 ~

She born 1995.10.20. She
lives in Lithuania. Her hobbies are

MY CAMP issue #1
riding a horse, play tennis, meeting with
friends, music, organize events. She likes
all water. If she were an animal she would
be a rabbit. To a desert island she would
take food, drink, mp3 player and a lot of
friends. If she were invisible she would do
all! With her hands she like to play piano.
In 10 years she will be finished university,
very clever, have black-skinned husband.
She would like to have a superpower – fly
and invisible. Her message to the camps
„I love everyone!“

Recipe for
fried potatoes with
sauerkraut and meat loaf
Fried potatoes:
Ingredients for 4 portions:
1 kg of potato (s), cooked, from the day
before 200g bacon
2 onion (s)
Salt and pepper from the mill
Peel potatoes and cut into thin slices or
small pieces. Cut the onions into small
The bacon into small cubes cut, fry the
onions in a pan with hot butter nice and
crisp. The potatoes and add the crispy
roast can. Season with salt and pepper.

~ 7 ~

Ingredients for 4 portions:
1400 g white cabbage (sliced)
4 tsp salt
2 tablespoon juniper berries
2 tablespoon caraway seeds
4 tablespoons sugar
Water, boiling
possibly whey
First, the canning jars (1 l) with
screw clamps or rubber ring and
test their air-tightness: Fill with
water and place it on the head.
Only use those glasses from
which no water leaks. The rubber
rings should be new, the brackets
dressed and finely chopped or
sliced green cabbage is as potato
with a pestle with salt and spices
in a bowl until mashed, juice
The clean jars with vinegar-saltwater solution (1 tablespoon
vinegar, 1 tablespoon salt and 1
liter of boiling water) rinse.
Layers into the prepared herb.
Not more than 700 grams of
vegetables for 1 L glass use. The

MY CAMP issue #1
glass should be filled to a maximum of
4/5. The juice should cover the
vegetables. Possibly. top up with boiled
water or whey (whey from whey powder
from the health food store, if not
available fresh).
Immediately closed and work for a week
standing in a dark, warm place. Possibly
cover Then keep in the basement. You
can eat it after 4 weeks. Then warm up
only in a boiling pot.
Meat loaf:
Ingredients for 4 portions:
4 kg of beef, lean
800 g pork
400 g bacon, bacon, fat (possibly with
4 onion (s)
120 g of salt
4 tsp pepper, ground white
4 tsp marjoram
4 toe / n garlic, crushed
some lemon (s), including the shell
2000 ml of water
20 g lard
The crazed flesh in a blender with the salt
and the process water in portions into a
smooth, glossy paste.
Refrigerate whole lot of swelling.

~ 8 ~

With the grated onion and other
spices mix, season well and press
firmly into a greased loaf pan fill,
and 1 1/2 to 2 hours at 170 ° - 180
° top and bottom heat.

About Us
We are 24 young people
from Germany, Spain and
Westerkappel to take part in an
extraordinary project called
EWOCA3 – green friendship. It is
an european work camp during
which we are going to build a low
rope course in the local
kindergarten. Additionally, we are
going to prepare meals under the
Jonathan Finke and the latest
news from the camp will be
provided by media group: Mante,
Arantxa, Cristina, Ronny, Julius,
Pascal under supervision of Janek
and Adam.

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