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Author: ethan

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Flight Sim Tidbits For You
Things To Help You on Your Way!
Compiled by: Ethan Downs

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The Growing Popularity Of Flight Simulators And How To Learn Flight Skills Using Such
By Mark Duran
Flight simulators are popular even if they have not been advertised widely.
This technology does not come often, and things like this catch everyone's
attention. The simulator can match its popularity with its value. Because of
its great detail inn terms of aviation it has been used by the military for
decades. But as time goes and the technology evolves, it now also influences
how flying games are done. Because the details and the flying simulation of
these devices have no match, the gaming entertainment has also decided to
adapt the technology and fit it in their games.
Today, normal people can enjoy realistic in-flight experience in the comfort
of their homes. These simulators provide the users actual control panel and
actual movement an aircraft performs when up in the air. It also features
realistic control and monitoring devices that pilots use when flying. The
graphics are proof enough and everybody realizes its value.
Flight simulators are now used by the Federal Aviation Administration or the
FAA to train and educate the aviation students. However these simulators
have to be approved by the FAA for it to be used by the student and for the
hours to be credited to any rating and proficiency check a student is seeking
to pass. To be approved means to pass certain standards and criteria by the
FAA. Programs that are not approved by the FAA don't mean that they are
prohibited to be use. In fact all programs including the ones that are not
approved are encouraged to be use and to be trained with.
The approved flight simulator programs can be use to credit the hours you
logged in to achieve any of the following:

Pilot's license
Maintain currency
To meet proficiency standards,
Or whether seeking to earn more advanced flight ratings.

Looking at how well our technology is evolving who knows what
advancement these simulators adapts in the next three years. For now, the
details that it brings make thousands of scenarios and environments
possible. The technology allows the programmers the ability to manipulate
and improvise the scenarios and environments according the purpose of use.
Here are some scenarios and environments that are popular with flight
* The weather can be adjusted and changed according to the needs of the
* The situation of the flight can also be altered for training
* Different sceneries are available to better improve in-flight controls
* The technology can provide different situations where the pilot can learn
and make critical decisions.
* The technology can also make in-flight exams to test the pilot's
Those were some of the advantages and improvisation of the simulator
during in-flight moments.
Visit VirtualPilot3D to download the most realistic flight simulator ever
released for the PC and Mac.
This airplane simulator features over 250 different aircraft and over 25,000
real-world airports.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_Duran

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7123689

Flight Simulator Cockpit
By Sara Towell
How the Flight simulator Cockpit can enhance your experience virtually?
The flight simulator cockpit is completely designed in the same way the cockpit of the real air
craft is. It's a place where the pilot operates the entire plane by using the controls. When it comes
to the flight simulator cockpit, it differs depending upon the type of the airplane you choose to
fly. Let me give you an example to illustrate it. If the model that you choose is the Wright Flyer,
then there are no controls in the cockpit. This is because in those days the cockpit was not much
developed and the pilot used to lie down to fly the plane. If you choose a modern airplane, then
you can see all the controls in the flight simulator cockpit.
A joystick or rudder pedal can actually add to the whole experience of the simulation. You can
also use the keyboard in order to operate all the controls. Some of these simulators actually come
in 2 D and some of them even have a 3-D view. Not only that, some RC flight simulator
programs also feature a dual screen view where you can also have a look at the exterior of the
plane. This way, you can really have a very realistic experience with the help of the right flight
simulator hardware.
You can definitely undergo job training as a pilot without spending a lot of money in the training
process. Many people who really want to fly a real aircraft prefer to learn on the flight simulator
cockpit, as things are quite easy to learn in front of the computer. There are lots of options which
actually help you to feel the reality of the cockpit. The graphics contribute a lot to the experience
and this is the reason why many people prefer using the RC flight simulator.
If you love playing any kind of simulation games, then you would definitely like to play the one
which completely resembles reality and gives you the true experience. This is the place where
you would like to know about all the features of a particular simulation program. So if you're
actually looking for the best flight simulator software, I would actually advise you to try the
Flight Pro Sim and experience all its beautiful features.
There is an option where you can actually choose various kinds of aircraft, you can adjust
weather, wind, the environment, and also choose the country where you want to fly the aircraft.
Apart from all these things, the control panel is completely designed like the one which you see

in any kind of airplane. With all these features, the RC flight simulator is still quite user-friendly.
This is the reason why many aviation academies use the RC flight sim in order to train the pilots.
So if you are actually looking for the best flight sim software then it is better if you can actually
spend some time in knowing about the features of any flight sim hardware or software. Also
make sure that your computer's hardware and operating system supports all those features so that
you can actually carry on using it.
The RC flight sim will let you experience the whole process of flying. You can understand what
exactly you need to do when you're up above in the sky. You can also learn control manipulation
in a better way. This way, you can completely enjoy the whole package of the experience of
flying. If you really want to go for the best experience, go for the best flight sim software. The
software should come with various designs of airports which resemble real-life ones. With the
help of such software, you can definitely learn how to take off and handle various situations and
various kinds of weather conditions. This way, you can definitely enjoy the whole process of
learning on a RC flight simulator program. So make sure that you completely understand about
the flight simulator cockpit before you actually choose a particular type of Flight sim program
so that it will aid you better in understanding all the controls commands of the plane.
To see Photos, Videos and learn more about Flight Simulator Cockpit, Flight Simulator
Hardware, Games and more please visit http://www.bestflightsimulatorsoftware.com.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sara_Towell

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5006288

Flight Simulator Controls
By Patrick Sharp
As any novice or seasoned pilot would know, it is impossible to fly any
aircraft if one has little or no understanding of the instrument panels in each
plane. And this is the same with flight simulators like Flight Pro Sim. Before
you can successfully fly any of the more than 100 aircraft models that are
available in this software, you have to be conversant with the flight
simulator controls of each. As an example, let's take a quick look at the
controls for the Cessna Skyhawk P in Flight Pro Sim.
Users can choose from a two-dimensional control panel and a 3-D cockpit.
The 3-D simulation provides a far more realistic experience. You can toggle
between the 2-D and 3-D views at any point. Irrespective of the view, all
knobs and panel levers can be manipulated using your mouse (if you do not
have a joystick or yoke).
Delving into the actual flight simulator controls for the Cessna Skyhawk P,
we can start by looking at the attitude indicator which shows the plane's
bank and pitch. The indicator has bank angle marks at 90, 60, 30, 20 and 10
degrees. Just next to the attitude indicator is the airspeed indicator. It shows
flight speed in knots.
There are different colored arcs on the airspeed indicator each showing
range of speed with flaps and with flaps retracted. But most important, the
upper section of the airspeed indicator has a red dial that indicates the
velocity you must not exceed. Under the airspeed indicator is a turn
indicator. At its center is the image of an airplane which shows the plane's
If the right or left wing is alighted with any of the marks on the turn
indicator, it means you are taking a standard turn i.e.turning full circle in
exactly 120 seconds. Within the turn indicator is an inclinometer that shows

if the ailerons and rudder are correctly aligned. The inclinometer shows
whether the plane is 'skidding'. But just in case you are not conversant with
the Cessna Skyhawk P's flight simulator controls, you can always take off
with the auto-coordination option enabled.
Next to the attitude indicator (on the right hand side) is the altimeter which
indicates your altitude in hundreds of feet. A crucial note here is that the
figure shown here is feet above sea level as opposed to feet above ground.
Related to the altimeter is another vital cockpit instrument - the vertical
speed indicator. This shows the speed at which your plane is climbing or
descending in feet per minute.
The flight simulator controls in Flight Pro Sim however go a tad bit further
than the actual Cessna Skyhawk P's standard cockpit instruments. For
instance, there is a red field just under the compass. This filed indicates the
status of the plane's brakes. It lights up whenever you engage the brakes.
As you launch your Cessna Skyhawk P within Flight Pro Sim, it is important
to remember that you can ignore radio instruments if your flight is strictly
based in Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and not Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).
Want to learn more about Flight Pro Sim? Visit http://www.flightprosim.us
and find out all the latest software.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Patrick_Sharp

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7215811

Flight Simulator Downloads
By Patrick Sharp
Whether it is the flight simulator itself or flight sim accessories, there is a
high probability that any buyer or user of flight simulation software will have
to do some downloads at a certain point. Whereas downloading software
over the internet is no doubt convenient compared to the lag time and cost
of having to order the discs or walking to a computer store to do the
purchase, there are certain things you must always take into consideration
before embarking on any flight simulator downloads.
Check for compatibility - Few things can be as frustrating as patiently
waiting for long flight simulator downloads to complete only to discover that
the software is not compatible with your operating system. Fortunately,
many simulator downloads have versions for the two major desktop
operating systems (i.e. Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOS) and some
even go as far as including a Linux release.
As such, all you need to do is make sure you select the correct file for your
computer's operating system. But the problems that come with compatibility
are not just limited to the software not successfully installing. Certain
legitimate downloads may mess up your computer system if forcibly installed
while others may prove hard to completely uninstall.
Read and follow the installation instructions - The software or accessory may
require that you uninstall an earlier version of the same software before you
install the one you have just downloaded. It may also be necessary to install
a different type of software before you can install your flight simulator
Make sure your computer is running a credible and up-to-date anti-virus.
While there are a number of respectable freely downloadable antivirus

applications, always bear in mind that you get what you pay for. It may be
better to spend some money in buying a world class antivirus as opposed to
relying on freeware then later paying a painful price when your computer is
ruined by malware.
Make sure you scan all flight simulator downloads with your antivirus prior to
installation. Despite all the good software available out there, there are still
a few that conceal malware, adware and spyware.
Back up your system before installation - It does not matter how good a
particular application is - when it comes to computers, you can never be
100% certain of outcomes. Always remember that today's computer is a
complex mesh work of numerous types of software and hardware. As such,
always prepare for the worst. Malware, incompatible software and erroneous
actions during installation can render your computer inoperable and wipe out
data you may have spent years accumulating.
So before installing flight simulator downloads, back up your entire hard
drive or at the bare minimum, your most valuable files.That way, if anything
happens, you have a fallback restore point.
Never download files from unknown sources - This includes instances where
the site purports to offer flight simulator downloads from a major brand such
as Flight Pro Sim. It is possible for unscrupulous sites to take legitimate
software, unpack it, include malware files and then repackage it as an
executable file for download
Want to learn more about Flight Pro Sim? Visit http://www.flightprosim.us
and find out all the latest software.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Patrick_Sharp

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7219692

Download Flight Simulator Games
By Daniel Daubbins
No doubt you have a pile of software CDs that have been thrown into a box or a drawer
somewhere to collect dust. When you grab one, you find that it is most likely buried under a
bunch of junk at the bottom or it is scratched and no good any more. Rather than buying a CD,
why not trying a flight simulator download to save yourself all the trouble?
When you download one, you will skip all the lines and all the waiting. The installation takes
only a minute or two, then you're ready to experience the awesome feeling of virtual flight!
When considering which software to download, you should first figure out what features you are
looking for. Don't just jump at the first one you see. First, consider factors like available memory
and other resources on your computer.
If you're looking for amazingly realistic visual effects, you will need a lot of RAM to do the job.
Check the software's specifications and make sure your graphics will be clear as bell. Also make
sure that you get the best image quality and frame rates. To do this, you may even want to
upgrade your audio or video card or install a new set of speakers to get the maximum effect.
Read the manual carefully to make sure your computer can handle the software download. You'll
probably be able to find the manual online or download and print it. You can also check out an
online forum to see if other users can answer your questions.
Make sure your download has features that will allow you simulate an actual flying experience.
Aircraft simulators each have something unique to offer. For example: Some feature
functionalities that allow the user to change virtual environments more quickly and easily than
others. These are a couple of factors you'll need to consider.
Flight simulator software featuring mid-air combat often trades realism for playability. It
depends on what you need in a flight simulator game. The level of sophistication has progressed
to where you can learn an incredible amount about various aircraft and really put yourself in the
action.Whichever simulator software download you choose, be sure it has all the features you
want, so that you will be getting your money's worth. Consider the software first. Then you'll be
able to rest assured that you'll experience the awesome sensation of real flight!

Everyone is talking about this flight simulator. To download it instantly, go to
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_Daubbins

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7202421

Enjoy the Flight Simulators
By Andy M Fowler
Copy or simulate an artificial fly in a plane is so realistic with a flight simulator. Flight Sim is a
real computer game available, and the replication of the hydraulic control is by far the most
advanced information technology to date. The use of flight games in the aviation sector is
different - from training pilots and aircrew design and development of civil and military aircraft.
Manufacturers of Aerospace Engineering create flight games for developing and testing of flight
hardware, software and avionics systems.
Primarily a flight simulator is used for pilot training. Part Task Trainer (PPT) is for beginners,
covering one or more aircraft systems and cockpit flight procedures trainer (CPT) is designed to
practice the exercises and control. Advanced full flight combat games (FFS) with motion
platforms have the ability to move in six degrees of freedom (6-DOF) combined with the visual
system, to see the outside world. These simulators have a high-end loading system configuration
to provide a sense of real effort in the control of pilot trainees.
An advanced flight sim also allows a pilot to experience three rotations and three linear
movements. Training to standard operating procedures and emergency, such as engine failures
and malfunctions of the system, flight instruments of the aircraft, hydraulic, pressurisation,
electronics, etc., can be served in a flying simulator.
Flight game software was developed information technology for programs and games. Every
game has been largely based on the real world, the search for realism, to reach a wider audience.
The games can be used for basic flight training in addition to free time commitment. Several
flight sim software programmes are recorded for the flight experience, and to use different types
of aircraft in a number of landscapes and environments.
Home entertainment has radically changed after the flight simulator software is available for free
download on the Internet.
You can be sure, I tested almost all Flight Sims on the market today, and I found one I can
personally recommend.
Stop wasting your money and time on disappointing flight simulators.

I put them all through the test, and after hundreds of hours, I finally found a winner, and I can
guarantee that it will be the closest you will get to experiencing real life flying without actually
leaving your home.
This game in my opinion is one of the best on the market, as a pilot myself I have to say the
realism of this game is fantastic and a must for all you pilots out there.
Hi Iam Andy, I have been using flight simulator games for some time as well as the real thing,
and I have to say that Pro Flight Simulator is one of the best realistic simulators I have used, visit
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andy_M_Fowler

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6718868

The Use Of Flight Simulation Training For Pilots And Its Benefits
By Dan Freeman H
Whether you are young or old and are a pilot living in the European continent you need to keep
your piloting skills up to date and stay sharp with your skills. All pilots need to take enough
practice time, they need to learn to stay focused and learn everything on the practice deck as it
can be a very difficult and trying time, especially when so many lives are on the line. The general
consensus is that after thousands of hours on a simulated flight deck or even in the actual flying
of a plane one might have the ability to navigate any plane anytime.
Many pilots need to upgrade their skills on a regular basis and with using a flight deck
simulation process they are able to work on their skills to be able to keep up the individual
licenses and certifications needed to fly a plane, be it a small aircraft or a large airliner. The
different flight schools simulation programs, which are offered at flight schools, and training
facilities around the world are one of the main way these pilots can get the specialized
experience they need.
There are different types of flight simulators that can range from a simple computer program that
a pilot can use or a large simulator where a practicing pilot actually sits at a functioning control
board that makes it seem like the real thing. There are many reasons and advantages to using a
flight simulator for practice to keep your skills honed. Real time flight can be far more strenuous
than a simulation, so by using a simulator you can log more hours in for practice. Also with so
many training facilities and flight centers popping up throughout Europe and the United
Kingdom, a traveling pilot can log in hours on a day off and check out new flight simulators and
new control configurations.
Another option that many pilots utilize to help keep their skills sharp and get some extra hours of
flying time, considering their hectic work schedule, is to book some flying time on private
charter airplanes. Many airline pilots who have left a position with an airline find this option has
a lot of advantages as the flight schedule with private charters can be much less rigorous. Flying
a small charter plane for practice or as a career is far less demanding than flying in the
mainstream airline industry for numerous reasons.
Obviously, because the charter plane is much smaller, the pilot has less controls and functions to
worry about. In addition, because the plane is smaller it holds a limited number of passengers
allowing the pilot to be able to break his routine occasionally and speak with the passengers.

Being a pilot can be a very demanding type of profession that requires constant attention to the
changes in the industry and planes in general. Though it may be somewhat time consuming to
put the extra hours into the practice that all pilots need, it ultimately ensures the safety of the
millions of people that fly every year.
Announcing: The *MOST REALISTIC* flight simulator game for Windows and Mac.
Click the link to visit ProFlightSimulator.com below:
- flight simulator download
ProFlightSimulator features over 120+ aircrafts to fly and 20,000 real life airports with 100%
freedom to explore!
Take to the skies with the most realistic flight sim today!
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dan_Freeman_H

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5345203

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