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The Growing Popularity Of Flight Simulators And How To Learn Flight Skills Using Such
By Mark Duran
Flight simulators are popular even if they have not been advertised widely.
This technology does not come often, and things like this catch everyone's
attention. The simulator can match its popularity with its value. Because of
its great detail inn terms of aviation it has been used by the military for
decades. But as time goes and the technology evolves, it now also influences
how flying games are done. Because the details and the flying simulation of
these devices have no match, the gaming entertainment has also decided to
adapt the technology and fit it in their games.
Today, normal people can enjoy realistic in-flight experience in the comfort
of their homes. These simulators provide the users actual control panel and
actual movement an aircraft performs when up in the air. It also features
realistic control and monitoring devices that pilots use when flying. The
graphics are proof enough and everybody realizes its value.
Flight simulators are now used by the Federal Aviation Administration or the
FAA to train and educate the aviation students. However these simulators
have to be approved by the FAA for it to be used by the student and for the
hours to be credited to any rating and proficiency check a student is seeking
to pass. To be approved means to pass certain standards and criteria by the
FAA. Programs that are not approved by the FAA don't mean that they are
prohibited to be use. In fact all programs including the ones that are not
approved are encouraged to be use and to be trained with.
The approved flight simulator programs can be use to credit the hours you
logged in to achieve any of the following:

Pilot's license
Maintain currency
To meet proficiency standards,
Or whether seeking to earn more advanced flight ratings.