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Hartge wheels – (OZ) aluminum staggered
Fronts 7.5”x16” – P/N 36 31 0755
Rears 8.5”x16” – P/N 36 31 0855
Front – 225/50 VR16
Rear – 245/45 VR16
Hartge spoilers
Front spoiler – P/N 51 31 0500
Rear Spoiler – P/N 51 31 0600
Hartge mono wiper – P/N 61 31 0505
Hartge body decals anthracite – P/N 51 22 0920
Hartge steering wheel (Momo) – P/N 32 22 0400
Hartge shift knob – P/N 99 49 0140
Hartge speedometer 280kph – P/N 62 31 0010
Hartge instrument cluster - P/N 62 22 0100

Hartge sold more parts than cars. Vasek Polak in Manhattan Beach California, and Performance Plus in
Dania Florida were authorized Hartge dealers and also parts distributors. Both imported complete cars
but also built their own conversions and sold Hartge parts over the counter.
This project begins with a European spec 528i just as Hartge used, and by referencing Hartge parts
catalogs and records to document and assemble an H5S to original specifications.
The top end of this engine was purchased complete from a known 1983 H5S sold through Performance
Plus verifying that the 2.8 intake manifold is original Hartge spec to this early 3.5 liter 84mm stroke “LBlock”.
Included with the sale are all the original Hartge brochures for part verification, as well as Hartge in-house
engine setup documentation for timing, spark plug, and AFM adjustment.
The car currently runs and holds a California registration and smog certificate. It has the lambda box in
the glove box from Federalization at the Port of Los Angeles in 1986. It will NOT pass California smog
requirements due to a bad catalytic converter. It has lived in Southern California its whole life and kept
indoors. The original Glasorit Schwarz (Jet Black) paint is in near flawless condition. The interior is black
comfort and still supple with no tears in the leather. The trunk and quarters were repainted professionally
and the rear fenders were rolled to accommodate the Hartge rear tire setup.
Project completion requires:
Engine short block rebuild – 10:1 forged pistons
Leather upholstery
The following pictures document the car and all included parts. It is a complete Hartge H5S.