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Get Pregnant Naturally


Get Pregnant Naturally


Get Pregnant Naturally
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possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or
content. Also, this report contains information available only up
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The purpose of this report is to educate. The author and
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If you do not wish to be bound by the above, please return this
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the Internet or offline.

Get Pregnant Naturally


How long have you been trying to get pregnant?
Whether you've just started trying to get pregnant, or you've been trying for
quite a long time with no results, this report is going to provide you with
the important steps you can easily take to increase your chances.

Fertile, Infertile, or Subfertile
Some couples are highly fertile, and will get pregnant as soon as they stop
using birth control. However, not everyone is that lucky.
If you've been trying for at least one year, the inability to get pregnant in
one year without using any birth control is widely defined as “infertility”.
An estimated 15% of the population in Western countries is affected by
However, just because a couple has not been able to get pregnant after a
year of trying, does not always mean they are infertile. You may only be
subfertile, and still able to get pregnant by natural means. Rather than
seeking expensive treatment, which may be painful or come with harmful
side effects, there are some steps you can take first to help your chances of
getting pregnant.
In fact, these are steps you can take from day one of your quest to become
pregnant – increasing your chances of becoming pregnant soon.

Timing Is Everything
The most important factor for getting pregnant naturally is understanding
the menstrual cycle and ovulation.
Ovulation is when a mature egg travels down the fallopian tube and
becomes available for fertilization. Sexual intercourse during this time
increases the chance of pregnancy. During ovulation, you should have
sexual intercourse as often as possible.
But, the timing is different for every woman.
Counting from the first day of your last menstrual period, ovulation can
begin anywhere from 7 days later to as long as 40 days later. Many factors
can influence when ovulation will begin – especially stress.
You need to look for signs of ovulation.

Get Pregnant Naturally


Look For Ovulation Signs
Since cycles can fluctuate, you need to look for more reliable signs of
Check your vaginal fluids. The cervical fluid, or mucus, discharged from
the vagina will change to a thinner, slippery substance that resembles raw
egg whites. This starts just before ovulation occurs and lasts until
ovulation is over.
Feel inside your vagina. During ovulation, the cervix (the neck of the
womb) is softer and more open during ovulation.

12. Cervix (during ovulation, this is softer and more open)

Note abdominal pains. Some women will feel pain or aching in the vicinity
of the ovaries. Known as mittelschmerz (“middle pain” in German) this is
caused by the egg moving down the fallopian tube, and signals the
beginning of ovulation.

Get Pregnant Naturally


Relax After Sex
During ovulation, you should have sexual intercourse as often as possible.
This will increase your chances of getting pregnant.
You can also up your odds by relaxing after sexual intercourse. Laying sill
for a while after having sex, will increase your chances of fertilization.

Buy Him Boxer Shorts
The man also plays a rule in upping the chances of pregnancy. For
successful fertilization of the egg, the man's sperm must be healthy and
Sperm that are kept in a hot environment can be damage by overheating.
A man's scrotum hangs away from his body for a reason – it's nature's way
of keeping the sperm at a cooler temperature.
Tight briefs undo nature's work, by keeping the testicles snug against the
body – and subject to the higher body heat. To ensure proper cooling (and
strong, healthy sperm) the man should wear loose-fitting boxer shorts.

Ensuring You Get Pregnant Soon
The above steps will definitely increase your chances of getting pregnant.
For more information – and a sure-fire system that uses holistic methods
to help you get pregnant quickly and naturally – read about the Pregnancy
Miracle system. This system has been used by many couples to reverse
infertility and get pregnant – without drugs, risky surgery, or side effects.

Click here to ensure you get pregnant naturally

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