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Leaked FBI Anonymous profiles
Spread the freedom.
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U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investi
Psychological Profiles
Anonymous Leadership
Law Enforcement Sensitive
August 2011
INWSTIGATION .............. /
A. Introduction
IV PROFTLE^S............ .......3
3 UNSUB Topiary (Status captured)...... ...................5
ANNEX: A Twitter Logs.........
REDACTED See Enclosure B,
A. Introduction
The Anonymous

risen from an amorphous group of individuals on the intemet to
the current state of a potential threat to national security. Due to the nature of anonymous, they
believe that they are a leaderless collective. However, it has been shown that there is a defined
leadership group. The goal of this report is to better understand that leaderships structure and its
members psychological states in order to better assess who they really may be as well as define
means to effectively track them down for arrest.
By using the techniques and resources of the BSU at Quantico, we hope to enlighten the
investigators to cues that could help in manipulating and apprehending the leadership of
Anonymous. This will have a profound effect on the collective itself as the arrest of the core
would demoralize the whole.
Due to the nature of Anonymous and the intemet, the leaders of the collective have attempted to
cloak their identities within screen names and technological obfuscation methods. Since the
intemet has many ways to hide a person's true identity, the Behavioral Sciences Unit was
contacted to assess the individual's online personae through online dialogs.
Working this case was approached in the same manner as any other UNSUB (Unknown Subject)
that the BSU handles, however, the context from this particular case has been augmented by
technical services branch members. The upshot of this is that the network technical and forensics
teams provided not only the content from which we at the BSU would audit, but also context as
to how the LINSUB's attempted to hide their identities. The marrying of all of the technical as
well as the contextual data has resulted in this report.
A thorough assessment of each UNSUB's online activities, speech patterns, and general writings
was collected by the FBI. Each UNSUB was individually assessed by members of the SBU and a
psychological profile created from these datasets. Some of this data was also collected from

sources such as CI's in the field. One such CI (Marotte) has been quite effective in engaging the
Anonymous leadership and thus gathering intelligence that was helpful to the SBU in gauging
their psychological makeup under differing circumstances.
The following report is to be used as a guide not only to perhaps locate the individuals by region,
sex and age, but also to give insight to the agents in the field canying out operations to capture
these actors. By knowing the traits of these leaders, one can extrapolate the larger motivations
and perhaps even anticipate actions on the part of Anonymous and its splinter cells.
From Wikipedia:
Anonymous (used as a mass noun) is a group initiating active civil disobedience and spread
through the Internet while staying hidden, originating in 2003 on the imageboard 4chan,
representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an
anarchic, digitized global brain.[2] It is also generally considered to be a blanket term for
members of certain Internet subcultures, away to refer to the actions of people in an
environment where their actual identities are not known.[3]
In its early form, the concept has been adopted by a decentralized online community acting
anonymously in a coordinated manner, usually toward a loosely self-agreed goal, and primarily
focused on entertainment. Beginning with 2008, the Anonymous collective has become
increasingly associated with collaborative, international hacktivism, undertaking protests and
other actions, often with the goal of promoting internet freedom and freedom of speech. Actions
credited to
are undertaken by unidentified individuals who apply the Anonymous
label to themselves as attribution.[4]
Although not necessarily tied to a single online entity, many websites are strongly associated

with Anonymous. This includes notable imageboards such as 4chan, Futaba, their associated
wikis, Encyclopredia Dramatica, and a number of forums.[5] After a series of controversial,
widely-publicized protests and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by Anonymous in
2008, incidents linked to its cadre members have increased.[6] In consideration of its
capabilities, Anonymous has been posited by CNN to be one of the three major successors to
BSU Quantico LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive) USDOJIV. PROFILES
Approximate age: 29-35
Sex: Male
Location: USA
Probable Nationality: American
Language Indicators: Slang and diction (American)
Profile: Sabu is the overall leader of the LulzSec group and since the arrest of
Topiary, has taken over the spokesperson role for Anonymous. Sabu's character
strongest of the named group and is definitely in charge. Sabu is technically
competent within the realm of computer technologies and is the elder of the group of
Anonymous IINSUB's
Sabu has character traits of a professional adult individual who puts on the guise of a
kiddie" in language (netspeak) but functions within his normal day to day life
within the business community without casting any clues to his other online activities.
It is likely that Sabu works in the information security sector and has been doing so
since the early days of the internet and hacking activities. His use of net speak is
interspersed with proper American English diction and grammar that implies he is an

American citizen and has been educated.
Varying logs from online IRC (Internet Relay Chat) sessions have borne out the
possibility however, that the user ID
is sometimes also used by others to
confuse authorities and others as to who the real person is behind the keyboard.
However, through an amalgam of transcripts the tell tale signs of a consistent
individual can be clearly seen and assessed.
overall, a picture emerges from these sessions that can lend to a psychological
assessment of the individual who calls himself
The followins bulletized
points are the key findings.
Psychological Makeup and Personal Details:
o Likely married and employed in the technology sector
o Has amoral tendencies and see's the world from a nihilistic perspective
. Spelling correction on chat logs shows compulsive behaviors
o Shows narcissistic tendencies
o Likely to be living in North America (East Coast) Perhaps NYC
o Prideful and likely easily prone to reaction through manipulation
. Ver) conformist in everyday life
o Lives out rich fantasy life online (feeling important and empowered)
o Perceives himself as a martyr for the cause (his own cause)
BSU Quantico LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive) USDOJ4
Assessment: Sabu is skilled and capable according to the technical group, however,

the tendencies toward attention seeking pathologies and his ego driven desires will be
the most likely way to attempt to apprehend him. It is recommended that the
investigation use CI's and operatives online to continue to engage him online in chats.
Manipulation of language and emotions through these chats will indeed lead to
further information to be disclosed by him or others.
It is recommended that the BSU insert a team member into the LulzSec/Anonymous
investigation to interface online with the subject(s) and further the social and
psychological investigation of the group and its leadership in an attempt to flesh out
further information.
Approximate age22-27
Sex: Male
Probable Location: USA (Middle America)
Probable Nationality: American
Profile: Kayla is the online persona for this individual who ran the botnet's
(compromised zombie computers) to run attacks against sites and users with DDOS
(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Kayla claims to be a girl but the intelligence
gathered places the sex of the UNSUB as male.
Psychological Makeup and Personal Details:
Kayla is one of the more introverted members of the group and is a close lieutenant to
Sabu. Kayla is submissive and has a tendency to be aggressive toward anyone who he
feels has slighted him in any way. Chat logs show a penchant for entendre and use of
netspeak that denotes a younger person as well as perhaps a stunted emotional age
that does not connect with his real ase.
o Possibly bisexual

o Likely abused as a child
. Likely inferiority complex due to childhood trauma
o Potentially violent behavior possible offline in real world activities
o Amoral personality traits
o Attention seeking personality seeking father figure approval
o Possible persistent drug use
. Likely from a broken home
Assessmentz Kayla aka Lolspoon (twitter) is a likely target for an attempt to correlate
his online persona with others in the alternative lifestyle intemet underground. SA's
attempting to interface with Kayla should keep in mind that he is easily pushed to
anger and this can be used. It is recommended that the investigators push this
individual as frequently as possible to make him react and thus potentially slip up in
BSU Quantico LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive) USDOJUNSUB Topiary (Status captured)
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Location: Shetland Islands UK, Scotland
Profile: Topiary aka Jake Davis has been apprehended and as such this profile is only
for backstopping purposes. An ongoing evaluation of his personality and his life is
being carried out by the Met and Scotland Yard presently. Topiary was the de facto
spokesman for Anonymous and LulzSec and is very outspoken.
Toipiary/Davis, is a young individual with a defined ethos of counter culture
behaviors. At the time of his arraignment Davis carried a book on revolutionary
scientists and made sure that the press could see this as a means to show his point of
view and defiance of the common laws.

Psychological Makeup and Personal Details:
Out of the group Topiary is the altruist who believes in what he is doing on the
outside of it. Internally, his sense if right and wrong are skewed toward self fulfilling
outcomes. Davis it is believed has been used and co opted by the others within the
anonymous leadership as cannon fodder.
o A true believer in his world view that society has failed
o Youthfully idealistic
o Ego driven in his convictions
o Obsessive personality traits including possible Aspergers syndrome
o Socially inept and withdrawn
UNSUB JoePie9l
Approximate age 2l-26
Sex: Male
Location: EU
Profile: JoePie is a technical individual who is third in command. His skill are in the
coding area and also has partaken in the actual hacking carried out by LulzSec and
Anonymous. Joepie's political views on performing hacking against targets only
extends to the point of actually breaking the law. JoePie has alleged that his is a
support role only, and as such, not breaking the law.
Psychological Makeup and Personal Details:
JoePie is intelligent and well spoken. He tends to not use as much netspeak as the
others and makes relevant arguments in correct grammatical syntax. There are times
when the syntax and grammar infer that JoePie is not an American and may in fact be
in the EU.
It is recommended that the approach to be taken with JoePie is to align the agent's

commentary to JoePie's. Use common ideals stemming from commentary in the HB
Gary and other IRC chats captured to gauge the approach.
BSU Quantico LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive) USDOJLikely a college student but may be just out of
Technically capable and versed (mention of coding and technical measures)
More autonomous member of the group
Amoral character traits and personal beliefs
Approximate age 22-26
Sex: Male
Location: USA
Profile: Tflow shows a more mercenary approach to the LulzSec and Anonymous
campaigns. His motivations seem to be monetarily based and may in fact be a paid
asset for the group as a freelance hacker. Tflow is a key player in the command and
control of their domain registration and management. In essence, Tflow is a key
target for taking down the infrastructural underpinnings of the group.
Pseudo-intellectual that lacks true educational backsround
Monetarily driven
Likely has a criminal history
Has cosnitive dissonance over hacktivism and activism
Psychological Makeup and Personal Details:
The psychological makeup as glimpsed from the IRC chats leads the investigators to
believe that Tflow may be the linchpin to affack as he runs the technology side of
their internet space. As such he is intimately familiar with all of the players and may
in fact know personal details that would be helpful in prosecution of the other key

It is also recommended that Tflow may be easily turned against the group due to his
cognitive dissonance over hacktivism as well as he desires for monetary gain. This
also flows into his likely attitudes that he is not willing to go down for the group
should his identity be compromised. BSU recommends that Tflow be a key target for
agents in the field to approach.
In conclusion, the BSU recommends more investigation be carried out online to investigate these
users by inserting agents into their chat rooms as well as gather more CI's who can do the same.
Because of the nature of Anonymous and the internet, it is harder to get areal idea of where
users are if they know how to hide their tracks online. The use of the social aspects (what
hackers would call
engineering') will be key to gaining access to data that will eventually
lead to capture.
These profiles are solely based on intemet chats and as such, may also be somewhat incorrect as
the users know that they are being monitored in certain areas of the internet. However, as an
aggregate, the data presented and assessed gives the BSU some confidence in the data presented
here. It is the recommendation of the BSU that this report be re-assessed as more data comes
from assets in the field and through interviews carried out with Topiary (Davis) by the Met and

BSU Quantico LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive) USDOJ7
the FBI field agents tasked to the UK for interviews. Overall, the assessment here is that we have
a group of younger individuals being lead by an older, more experienced one in an effort that
seems to have conflicted ideals. Additionally, because there are many personalities involved and
Anonymous claims to be a larger'collective' group without leaders, it is easier to assume that
there are other cells and other leaders. These leaders and groups may not be chatting in the open
areas of the IRC, but in fact have learned from the experiences of this group to be more discreet
about their activities and planning.
The overall assessment for the movement however is the following:
1. The movement is out of control and there seems to be no real coherent motivation
2. The leaders have begun to hide themselves a bit more due to arrests that have been made
3. Their reliance on technology will eventually be their downfall
4. Their interpersonal relationships are weak points, as such they should be leveraged
5. Their increasing attacks on infrastructure will eventually lead to serious results that could
in fact lead to deaths
It is after the first real attributable deaths that there may be a tapering off of their ranks as the
members realize that by outing individuals, actual physical actions can occur that cause great
damage. Until such time though, the movement will continue with the masses used as fodder and
the command structure urging them on to carry out their commands.
BSU Quantico LES Gaw Enforcement Sensitive) USDOJAI\INEX: A Twitter Logs
REDACTED See Enclosure A
AIINEX: B Chat Logs
REDACTED See Enclosure B

BSU Quantico LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive)

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athena.lien@ic.fbi.gov - P(0uphk2ebkl
public.affairs@ic.fbi.gov - LON0912hoskjdn
paul.vitchock@ic.fbi.gov - OIUhalsdkjh2IO
charles.ro@ic.fbi.gov - HuihhYU20
Shepherd@ic.fbi.gov - 082jkaskj
Erin.Sheridan@ic.fbi.gov - gat8aGHub
gregory.baker2@ic.fbi.gov - BybwnGtf29
findwhitey@ic.fbi gov - Buwkajsy
Tumbleson@ic.fbi.gov - passowrds1234567
david.ego@ic.fbi.gov - 987712iugack
kimberly.delgreco@ic.fbi.gov - 187289784
Katherine.Chen@ic.fbi.gov - nOHoiwbfkajs871
Shelley.Kato@ic.fbi.gov - uiT2iykjsdkl
Sueyoshi@ic.fbi.gov - HiuHD8jbgdij1966
Wilkerson@ic.fbi.gov - haUgeyREfai816
Margo.Walker@ic.fbi.gov - JuegGF7718ghd
Thea.Hammack@ic.fbi.gov - GulfWaripsug
NPO@ic.fbi.gov - npo@fbi.gov
sharon.mendez@ic.fbi.gov - qwerty98765
ali@ic.fbi.gov - noentryplease1897182
vieyra@ic.fbi.gov - 01728978975656127
rachel.vega@ic.fbi.gov - KJhiufbiuIbdka

joshua.adames@ic.fbi.gov - jbiIUGkjd71
jeffrey.cugno@ic.fbi.gov - IUOhbdkwut2189
Linguist_Postings@ic.fbi.gov - 79adgs819gVGja
patricia.kelleher@ic.fbi.gov - KGUiug2896kbJSgkk
susan.myers@ic.fbi.gov - &1hkjhkck*677652
agnes.bell@ic.fbi.gov - *)(*^!@tyukjas
Bjornstad@ic.fbi.gov - )(klhkdgkajst2
Jeanne.White@ic.fbi.gov - J^18gcvuq929G
px_cashback@ic.fbi.gov - iubjkbd1982uk
Krall@ic.fbi.gov - 6+Hiu489GYUe
jose.orench@ic.fbi.gov - iT*&2gdkjask
chicago@ic.fbi.gov - &U*&QT@FGCXTAS
dean.fetterolf@ic.fbi.gov - ijkasjdb28
bill.hooton@ic.fbi.gov - p455w0rd18ohjaksd
mrichard@ic.fbi.gov - Loihmsbdiu&
REPORTBRIBES@ic.fbi.gov - oiasdhky28shd
james.stewart@ic.fbi.gov - LIyhwITi7v[12g
Thomas.Krall@ic.fbi.gov - JHfwjfaowkeuyfas
william.r.krueger@ic.fbi.gov - (21vxtgSH10h
suzanne.acar@ic.fbi.gov - Bui0918hd99
Laflin@ic.fbi.gov - 91827821772
Libby.Stern@ic.fbi.gov - Iidhqwo9187y6uias
san.diego@ic.fbi.gov - LKskdl2i^1as
Schlag@ic.fbi.gov - uy2lasojd2kd
david.cudmore@ic.fbi.gov - KIUkbq2wo

Stephen.Meagher@ic.fbi.gov - Hpwcgu1889h
SCAM@ic.fbi.gov - juyt8&81igasd
newark.media@ic.fbi.gov - Jgj2e909sduo1
julia.eichhorst@ic.fbi.gov - Ggoqo2ydggajs
john.iannuzzi@ic.fbi.gov - oYa=hsguu2f
Bogdan@ic.fbi.gov - 19127gasdg8991872
Mary.Dolan@ic.fbi.gov - Iugiu2ebkahdgw2is
crystal.komara@ic.fbi.gov - bhiuoGFhj(612gj
margaret.einspahr@ic.fbi.gov - HkjpLqyvs
heather.stewart@ic.fbi.gov - KhyFhgodohGYs
sandra.breault@ic.fbi.gov - &100288719%6172
agent.applicant@ic.fbi.gov - KGHhh&5182g9
reportbribes@ic.fbi.gov - iukastjak81872
diego@ic.fbi.gov - 98178416253
Montgomery@ic.fbi.gov - JygqocjuUql
william.mcneill@ic.fbi.gov - OInwiiubqiwsjd
linguist_postings@ic.fbi.gov - KhKFdkk2h1872
carolyn.woodbury@ic.fbi.gov - Igwkkao2gtj
lisa.jackson@ic.fbi.gov - ncuwn271gtvdj
rhonda.williams@ic.fbi.gov - JFadah2jbdkii
antoine@ic.fbi.gov - passwords121212121
Rogers@ic.fbi.gov - KgwkdkuT&1auikb
lisa.moore@ic.fbi.gov - moore.lisa
thomas.gancarz@ic.fbi.gov - thomas.gancario
mark.mahon@ic.fbi.gov - jh2i(921bhuid

deborah.broderick@ic.fbi.gov - Iuk2g787athsd2
melissa.mcrae@ic.fbi.gov - JUY2hja9shdn
Johnson@ic.fbi.gov - HJuaih^&*jsdk
Raul.roldan@ic.fbi.gov - Buyr8^%^2jkas
Tini.Leon@ic.fbi.gov - Hy72g&&92nj
sharon.gray@ic.fbi.gov - B72829hgvjs
Megan.mikes@ic.fbi.gov - H2981726ya
jacksonville@ic.fbi.gov - 97tggsh821
baltimore@ic.fbi.gov - 218902hdui1877
Dallas.Public@ic.fbi.gov - I9818hdi81y
dallas@ic.fbi.gov - vtT^17ghkK91y62fA
David.Sobonya@ic.fbi.gov - Boiqmjhiasi1g
ny1@ic.fbi.gov - IH892hyiguisu
DSAC@ic.fbi.gov - BI88912hhduii18
Beth.McConn@ic.fbi.gov - N8ig1gvud8u127
loeffert@ic.fbi.gov - N89290hysdi
McConn@ic.fbi.gov - B001hidas
gary.loelTert@ic.fbi.gov - garyloel19287
Alicia.Sensibaugh@ic.fbi.gov - sensimarklover
PRUrecruits@ic.fbi.gov - recruits.membership
douglas.hares@ic.fbi.gov - hares$mich
B.Bland@ic.fbi.gov - boblogover017876
Oscar.Hernandez@ic.fbi.gov - H92hdkH910hd
seattle.division@ic.fbi.gov - Jnxiqoha=s
stevendean@ic.fbi.gov - dean.donald

Gretchen.Schlag@ic.fbi.gov - foxboi2u17
ctsecuritiesfraud@ic.fbi.gov - fraudadmin
cyberwatch@ic.fbi.gov - Op9haius8
brett.johnson@ic.fbi.gov - BIu29uhausy982
r.mark.wood@ic.fbi.gov - mark.r.wood@
remingtoncomplaints@ic.fbi.gov - complaintboxno1299
almeta.austin@ic.fbi.gov - ausitn.almeta
steven.martinez@ic.fbi.gov - 8877steveymillard

-CyberZeist [Against Corruption, Again]

Here are some Leaked Accounts of some CIA Field Agents(stationed at Virginia), Documents, and
website infos of - https://cia.gov

To CIA - Where is your security gals ;)


website - https://www.cia.gov/
Location - Virginia - Reston

WebSite Last Updated - Mon, 09 Apr 2012 16:53:44 GMT (At time of exploitation)


[ localityName=Mclean
serialNumber=Government Entity
businessCategory=Government Entity ]

Website SSL serial Number - 1B6E90CFD3E033B37EA656F068ECB80F(Registered to Jason Robert, ciaintercom chief) using SSL v3.0[non updated]

Server IP - (apache)

Lookup for A records of cia.gov
Host - cia.gov.
TTl - 14400
A answer-

Site Etag : 890e-4bd41d95b3600

Admin Login Handle - ucia-gw.customer.alter.net (

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------[[[[[[[[[ Hacked Accounts ]]]]]]]]]]

1. Nathan C. Shea
Address - Lockwood Rd
Henrico, VA
Zip - 20190
B'Day - September 5, 1976 (35 years old)
Visa - 4916 5207 0220 XXXX
UPS tracking number -1Z 8Y3 327 95 5468 353 9
Email ID: nathacsh@cia.gov
Password - Nee1zu3Ai91d4

2. Daniel Vida
Address - Pretty Lake Ave
Norfolk, VA
B'Day - January 10, 1974 (38 years old)
Visa - 4716 5639 4375 XXXX
CVV2 - 027
UPS tracking number - 1Z 199 062 00 5717 481 2
Email ID: dan.vida3@cia.gov
Password - tiXue2vooL4fdwq

3. Kevin Morehead
Address - Ox Rd
Woodstock, VA
Zip - 20194
B'Day - October 27, 1975 (36 years old)
Visa - 5207 9306 2697 XXXX
CVC2 - 370
UPS tracking number - 1Z 831 725 07 7755 563 5
EMail ID : morehead.kev@cia.gov
Password - MeijaaG8eimm6

4. Ronnie B. Allen
Address - Richmond VA
Zip - 20191
B'Day - April 5, 1973 (39 years old)
MasterCard - 5208 6923 4319 XXXx
CVC2 - 947
UPS tracking number - 1Z 581 796 27 1185 535 6
Email ID - RonnieBAllen@cia.gov
Password - eiqu7kae1Rt

5. Darrell A. Dunleavy
Address - Montpelier Ct
Woodbridge, VA
Zip - 20194

B'Day - November 20, 1973 (38 years old)
MasterCard - 5480 7450 0976 XXXX
CVC2 - 820
UPS tracking number - 1Z 054 879 87 9434 053 8
Email ID : darrelladunl41@cia.gov
Password - Uth2a675hheG

........ SOme more details will be leaked soon, CIA Beware!

-CyberZeist (Against Online Censorship)

CIA.GOV - Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - DNSi Leaked

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian intelligence agency of the United States government. It
is an executive agency and reports directly to the Director of National Intelligence, with responsibility for
providing national security intelligence assessment to senior United States policymakers. Intelligence
gathering is performed by non-military commissioned civilian intelligence agents, many of whom are
trained to avoid tactical situations. The CIA also oversees and sometimes engages in tactical and covert
activities at the request of the President of the United States.[9] Often, when such field operations are
organized, the US military or other warfare tacticians carry these tactical operations out on behalf of the
agency while the CIA oversees them. [10] Although intelligence-gathering is the agency's main agenda,
tactical divisions were established in the agency to carry out emergency field operations that require
immediate suppression or dismantling of a threat or weapon.[citation needed] The CIA is often used for
intelligence-gathering instead of the U.S military to avoid a declaration of war



EXCLUSIVE FROM - Anonymous Sri Lanka

WWW.CIA.GOV -----> DNS Fuck3D and Bust3D

Primary DNS Server Hacked with DNS AXFR, Brute and
with Transferring (Data Leak)....!!

Hail to Anonymous, Lulzsec and Operation Anti-Sec...

DNS Servers for cia.gov:

Trying zone transfer first...
Testing relay7.ucia.gov
Request timed out or transfer not allowed.
Testing relay1.ucia.gov
Request timed out or transfer not allowed.
Testing relay2.ucia.gov
Request timed out or transfer not allowed.
Testing relay12.ucia.gov

Request timed out or transfer not allowed.

AXFR Failed....

Brute Forcing DNS...... mail2out.ucia.gov mail2.cia.gov relay1.ucia.gov relay2.cia.gov relay12.ucia.gov wais.cia.gov cia.cia.gov www.cia.gov www2.cia.gov
. : 9 hostnames found.


_ _

__ __

__| || |__ _____ _____/ |_|__| ______ ____ ____


\ __ / \__ \ / \ __\ |/ ___// __ \_/ ___\


| || | / __ \| | \ | | |\___ \\ ___/\ \___


/_ ~~ _\ (____ /___| /__| |__/____ \ \___ \ \___ |














Greetings Pirates, and welcome to another exciting #FuckFBIFriday release.

As part of our ongoing effort to expose and humiliate our white hat enemies, we
targeted a Special Agent Supervisor of the CA Department of Justice in charge of
computer crime investigations. We are leaking over 38,000 private emails which
contain detailed computer forensics techniques, investigation protocols as well
as highly embarrassing personal information. We are confident these gifts will
bring smiles to the faces of our black hat brothers and sisters (especially
those who have been targeted by these scurvy dogs) while also making a mockery
of "security professionals" who whore their "skills" to law enforcement to
protect tyrannical corporativism and the status quo we aim to destroy.

We hijacked two gmail accounts belonging to Fred Baclagan, who has been a cop

for 20 years, dumping his private email correspondence as well as several dozen
voicemails and SMS text message logs. While just yesterday Fred was having a
private BBQ with his CATCHTEAM high computer crime task force friends, we were
reviewing their detailed internal operation plans and procedure documents. We
also couldn't overlook the boatloads of embarrassing personal information about
our cop friend Fred. We lulzed as we listened to angry voicemails from his
estranged wives and ex-girlfriends while also reading his conversations with
girls who responded to his "man seeking woman" craigslist ads. We turned on his
google web history and watched him look up linux command line basics, golfing
tutorials, and terrible youtube music videos. We also abused his google
voice account, making sure Fred's friends and family knew how hard he was owned.

Possibly the most interesting content in his emails are the IACIS.com internal
email list archives (2005-2011) which detail the methods and tactics cybercrime
units use to gather electronic evidence, conduct investigations and make
arrests. The information in these emails will prove essential to those who want
to protect themselves from the techniques and procedures cyber crime
investigators use to build cases. If you have ever been busted for computer
crimes, you should check to see if your case is being discussed here. There are
discussions about using EnCase forensic software, attempts to crack TrueCrypt
encrypted drives, sniffing wireless traffic in mobile surveillance vehicles, how
to best prepare search warrants and subpoenas, and a whole lot of clueless
people asking questions on how to use basic software like FTP. In the end, we
rickrolled the entire IACIS list, causing the administrators to panic and shut
their list and websites down.

These cybercrime investigators are supposed to be the cream of the crop, but we
reveal the totality of their ignorance of all matters related to computer
security. For months, we have owned several dozen white hat and law enforcement
targets-- getting in and out of whichever high profile government and corporate
system we please and despite all the active FBI investigations and several
billion dollars of funding, they have not been able to stop us or get anywhere
near us. Even worse, they bust a few dozen people who are allegedly part of an
"anonymous computer hacking conspiracy" but who have only used
kindergarten-level DDOS tools-- this isn't even hacking, but a form of
electronic civil disobedience.

We often hear these "professionals" preach about "full-disclosure," but we are
sure these people are angrily sending out DMCA takedown notices and serving
subpoenas as we speak. They call us criminals, script kiddies, and terrorists,
but their entire livelihood depends on us, trying desperately to study our
techniques and failing miserably at preventing future attacks. See we're cut
from an entirely different kind of cloth. Corporate security professionals like
Thomas Ryan and Aaron Barr think they're doing something noble by "leaking" the
public email discussion lists of Occupy Wall Street and profiling the "leaders"
of Anonymous. Wannabe player haters drop shitty dox and leak partial chat logs
about other hackers, doing free work for law enforcement. Then you got people
like Peiter "Mudge" Zatko who back in the day used to be old school l0pht/cDc
only now to sell out to DARPA going around to hacker conventions encouraging
others to work for the feds. Let this be a warning to aspiring white hat

"hacker" sellouts and police collaborators: stay out the game or get owned and
exposed. You want to keep mass arresting and brutalizing the 99%? We'll have to
keep owning your boxes and torrenting your mail spools, plastering your personal
information all over teh internets.

Hackers, join us and rise up against our common oppressors - the white hats, the
1%'s 'private' police, the corrupt banks and corporations and make 2011 the year
of leaks and revolutions!

We are Anti-Security,
We are the 99%
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us!


[*] Browse the emails using Tor Hidden Services:

<- on tor


<- not on tor

[*] Download the emails using BitTorrent:

[*] Donate BitCoins for future leaks!! 18NHixaoQekQJ3y52aBGJJwgBWX9X3myYR



[iacis-l] lulzsec posted an IACIS thread
Thu, 17 Nov 2011 23:36:16 +0000

From: Weg, Jimmy <jweg@mt.gov>


IACIS List (IACIS List) <iacis-l@cops.org>

Check https://twitter.com/anonymousabu/status/137295699975995392

The thread includes me, Brian Mize, Mark Posler, Greg Norman, Rich Peacock, and
others. This comes under their F_ _ _ FBI Friday. From an FBI server?

Jimmy Weg, CFCE
Agent in Charge, Computer Crime Unit
Montana Division of Criminal Investigation
2225 11th Ave.
Helena, MT 59601
406.465.5617 (cell)



[iacis-l] Re: lulzsec posted an IACIS thread
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 02:57:27 -0800 (PST)

From: Jeff <hammjd@yahoo.com>

Jeff <hammjd@yahoo.com>

iacis-l@cops.org <iacis-l@cops.org>

Thanks for the information Jimmy. I'll check with our hosting company to make
sure we're secure. Unfortunately a lot of local law enforcement agencies email
servers have been compromised recently. It's hard to say which server this
thread was found on (ours or one of the compromised servers).
Best Regards,
Jeff Hamm
IACIS Director of Communications



[iacis-l] Re: Re: lulzsec posted an IACIS thread
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 12:05:20 +0000 (GMT)

From: Andy Cook <computerforensics101@yahoo.co.uk>

Andy Cook <computerforensics101@yahoo.co.uk>

iacis-l@cops.org <iacis-l@cops.org>

Been reading some of the posts and comparing them to IACIS listserver posts ...
not looking good for some agencies.


Andy Cook
Örebro Country Police


Subject:Re: [iacis-l] Re: Re: lulzsec posted an IACIS thread

Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 2:43 PM


Fred Baclagan fredbaclagan@gmail.com

From: beth.whitney@wakegov.


Hello all, I was very disturbed to find this in my inbox this morning:


-Fred Baclagan, CFCE, EnCE, ACE
Special Agent Supervisor - Retired

California Department of Justice
(619) 320-8547



[iacis-l] Re: Re: Re: Re: lulzsec posted an IACIS thread
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 10:12:39 -0500

From: beth.whitney@wakegov.com



Bwaaahhhahahahahahahahhaa!! I haven't been rickrolled in ages! Ah, the good
old days.

Thanks for the laugh,

Beth Whitney, CFCE, CCE, SCERS
Forensic Computer Examiner
City-County Bureau of Identification
PO Box 550
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 856-6619



[iacis-l] Re: lulzsec posted an IACIS thread
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 10:16:44 -0500

From: Greg Norman <photodiver7@gmail.com>



Thanks for letting us know about this post; however, I doubt very, very
seriously that it came from an FBI server. I personally believe it came
from someone's personal post some where or a small department, etc. Who
knows it may have come directly off of our own (IACIS) server, but I do not
believe it came from an FBI server, unless it came from a seeded honey pot
and if it did anonymousabu might want to think about relocating.
Gregory N. Norman, CFCE
CW3, USA (Ret).

" I'd rather die while I'm living than live while I'm dead" -Jimmy



[iacis-l] RE: Re: lulzsec posted an IACIS thread
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 15:37:11 +0000

From: Weg, Jimmy <jweg@mt.gov>


'iacis-l@cops.org' <iacis-l@cops.org>

I agree. I think it’s pretty evident as to the source. However, I’d bet that
they can get into anything that they desire.

Jimmy Weg, CFCE
Agent in Charge, Computer Crime Unit
Montana Division of Criminal Investigation
2225 11th Ave.
Helena, MT 59601
406.465.5617 (cell)



[iacis-l] *Urgent
Fri, 18 Nov 2011 07:21:38 -0800 (PST)

From: Jeff <hammjd@yahoo.com>


Jeff <hammjd@yahoo.com>

iacis-l@cops.org <iacis-l@cops.org>

It is recommend that every member of this list immediately change their email
account credentials. In the mean time, the list will be going down for

Jeff Hamm
Director of Communications


Me to Oscar Vasquez (619) 840-0682 - mobile
11/18/11 10:26 AM 2 minutes ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:42 AM
Oscar Vasquez: Got the CATCH EMAIL 8:23 AM
Me: I think they're pissed! 9:38 AM
Oscar Vasquez: Why 10:22 AM
Me: I did not txt u. If it doent come fr 987.7068, it is not me 10:23 AM
Oscar Vasquez: Did u send this? RE: "I think they're pissed!" 10:25 AM
Me: No 10:25 AM
Oscar Vasquez: T4...itbcamebfrombthe 320 number to my personal cell 10:26 AM

Me to Con (619) 929-1529 - mobile
11/18/11 10:11 AM 17 minutes ago
Me: Hello Con. Did you know that Fred is picking up chicks on craigslist? Ask
him about "Tired of Loser Men? I'm tired of Loser Girls!" 6:39 AM
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 6:59 AM
Con: Hahaha got it 7:04 AM
Me: I'm sry I missed your birthday dinner & went bowling instead! But plz!They
will torture me with toy water guns & glitter if everyone's not released from
prison 7:07 AM
Con: Buy they are having a good time. You really pissed someone off 7:14 AM
Me: Ask Fred about Cindy Johnson & playful_redhead. I never knew Fred was such a
player. Pity his security skills ain't got nothing on his craigslist game. 7:21
Me: Hey Con we have years of your voicemail recordings about to go on the
internet. So tell Fred he better hurry up and get on IRC. BTW check his facebook
7:47 AM
Con: We are not Facebook friends 9:12 AM
Me: How about we add u for him? (Message sponsored BY PEDOBEAR CONSPIRACY) 9:25
Con: Sure or why don't you just make it public for everyone 9:28 AM
Me: What did the hacker say to you? 9:40 AM
Me: ok bad news they put all my voicemails on the internet and it has a lot of

embarrassing calls from you 10:11 AM

Me to frankie contestable (619) 990-8566 - mobile
11/18/11 10:10 AM 18 minutes ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:16 AM
frankie contestable: u'll have to xplain now that u made contact. i was
beginning to thunk we werent fruends anymore. can we meet early dec? i'm in
dallas airport coming home 10:06 AM
frankie contestable: . talk to me! 10:06 AM
Me: I will always b ur friend, but I didnt send that..i got hacked and they
atacked my phone book. Dont reply to 6193208547. Only 6199877068 is good for
now. I t 10:09 AM
Me: hot the same of u re: friends.. 10:09 AM
Me: Look I don't have anything to say to you until you apologize for what you've
done. 10:10 AM

Me to Jordan (619) 961-6849 - work
11/18/11 9:51 AM 37 minutes ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:34 AM
Jordan: dad you need to get on your fb theres a bunch of crap thats being posted
from it. 8:38 AM

Me: I cant, it is hacked as well 8:39 AM
Jordan: ohhhh 8:40 AM
Me: Jordan. Your daddy has been a Naughty boy,We Are just punishing him.
(message sponsored by PedoBear CONSPIRACY) 8:44 AM
Me: Ask your daddy how many innocent people he put in prison. Ask him how the
craigslist dating is going. I heard he has a threesome tonight. 8:47 AM
Me: oh Fred Fred we hope u are waiting for the nice big mail realease. (Message
sponsored by PedoBear CCONSIPARCY) 8:54 AM
Me: You're grounded! 9:35 AM
Jordan: ??? 9:36 AM
Jordan: ?? 9:51 AM
Me: Dont reply to tht no. it is not me. Only txt me 6199877068 9:52 AM

Me to D Minnich (619) 301-7808 - mobile
11/18/11 9:38 AM 50 minutes ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:00 AM
D Minnich: What are u talking about? 7:51 AM
Me: My account got hacked 7:53 AM
D Minnich: Ahhh!!! 7:53 AM
Me: If the occupation protesters do not have all charges dropped immediately, we
will torture Fred with toy water guns and glitter. 7:56 AM
D Minnich: Hahahaha!!!! 8:00 AM

Me: AHH!!!!!!! TEH GLITTER!!!!!!!!!! SEND HELP SOON!!!!! AND CAKES 8:11 AM
Me: U think we are jokeing?. 8:12 AM
D Minnich: Yes 8:16 AM
Me: Nope, chuck testa 9:38 AM

Me to Robert Sanchez (619) 730-9046 - mobile
11/18/11 9:04 AM 84 minutes ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:43 AM
Robert Sanchez: What do need Fred....SWAT, FBI, HNT? Whatever you need
bro......I will get it to you! 8:58 AM
Me: I appriciate that. Will let you know ( Message Sponsored From PEDOBEAR
Me: Got hacked bro...they are spamming my phone book 9:03 AM
Robert Sanchez: No worries bro! I thought you were just messing around. 9:04 AM

Me to Randy Fernandez (808) 649-9486 - mobile
11/18/11 8:55 AM 94 minutes ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:42 AM
Randy Fernandez: Aloha Fred! Hope all is well with u...We are getting ready for
the Holidays n It looks very well...I La Maika'i Nou! (Have a nice day!) 8:48 AM
Me: Tks!. Hey my phone got hacked so if u get some weird txt, it is not me. They

r spamming my address book off google 8:49 AM
Randy Fernandez: Yes! Got one this morning!!! 8:55 AM
Me: K, tks bro 8:55 AM

Me to Susan Sandlin (541) 530-0720 - mobile
11/18/11 8:43 AM 105 minutes ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:48 AM
Susan Sandlin: Fred who 8:03 AM
Me: My google acct got hacked this morn 8:05 AM
Susan Sandlin: Oh yeah payback is a bi--- can't you find them and make them pay.
Inch of rain today and snow on surrounding mountains. 8:43 AM
Me: I will! Workin on it. They got my fb account as well....so dont believe
anything on there 8:45 AM

Me to Tim Darton (619) 964-0644 - mobile
11/18/11 8:39 AM 2 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:48 AM
Tim Darton: Fred was this meant for me? What is up? 8:36 AM
Me: My account got hacked and they are sending out crap messages. Disregard 8:38
Tim Darton: 10-4 8:39 AM

Me to Troy Taylor (619) 318-1873 - mobile
11/18/11 8:22 AM 3 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:52 AM
Me: Fred b.. 8:21 AM
Me: I'm sorry my account got hacked this morning. check this out
http://goo.gl/hFBK5 its some new info about the IACIS! 8:22 AM

Me to Duane Foote (619) 862-3279 - mobile
11/18/11 8:14 AM 3 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:13 AM
Duane Foote: Had to google that. I must be getting old. :) 8:04 AM
Me: I got hacked this morn 8:04 AM
Duane Foote: Lol. Hope all is well my friend. Was about to get help ready and
remembered I didn't really have any bear hunting tools. Have a great holiday.
8:06 AM
Me: U too. Maybe golf nxt week...? 8:09 AM
Me: Hi. Sorry have to cancel that golf offer, I'm gonna be a little busy sucking
on my friends dick. 8:14 AM

Me to Zach (858) 335-5011 - mobile

11/18/11 8:10 AM 3 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:54 AM
Zach: Wtf 7:55 AM
Me: Got hacked this morn 7:58 AM
Zach: Is this ur new number 7:58 AM
Me: yes it is 7:59 AM
Zach: Cool how things going 8:00 AM
Me: Well these PedoBear fuckers, are really makeing my life a liveing
hell.(message sponsored by PedoBear CONSPIRACY) 8:01 AM
Zach: I see that 8:04 AM
Me: MR : Fred, Haz been naughty boy. We are gonna punish him with wather guns
and glitter, If he dont drop the charges on the occupation protesters
immeditatly. (Message Sponsored By Noone Else than PedoBear CONSPIRACY):P 8:10

Me to Dave pearson (619) 905-9795 - mobile
11/18/11 8:06 AM 3 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:05 AM
Dave pearson: What? 7:06 AM
Me: Account got hacked , disregard 7:14 AM
Dave pearson: What night are you bowling 7:15 AM

Me: Tues still 7:18 AM
Dave pearson: Ok i will come by. 7:19 AM
Me: Tuesday bowling's been cancelled 7:56 AM
Dave pearson: Ok 7:57 AM
Me: Wait I'm free for tuesday afterall cya at boweling. 7:59 AM
Dave pearson: Ok 7:59 AM
Me: Wanna join me for dinner after bowling?, I'm feeling a little gay for you my
friend. 8:06 AM

Me to Sean Everett (619) 992-3231 - mobile
11/18/11 7:55 AM 3 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:43 AM
Sean Everett: The what?? What is the pedobear conspiracy? 7:45 AM
Me: My account got hacked 7:49 AM
Sean Everett: So what is it? U of all peeps got hacked? 7:51 AM
Me: We are the PedoBear conspiracy, and MR: Fred have been a naughty boy and
need to be punished. :D 7:53 AM
Me: If the occupation protesters do not have all charges dropped immediately, we
will torture Fred with toy water guns and glitter. 7:55 AM

Me to Steve Seapker (760) 685-1281 - mobile
11/18/11 7:49 AM 3 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR

CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 7:48 AM
Steve Seapker: You deserve it you sick bastard! LOL!!! How u doing Fred? 7:49 AM
Me: My account got hacked bro. It is all bogus... 7:50 AM

Me to Bob Cates (520) 404-4089 - mobile
11/18/11 7:19 AM 4 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 6:55 AM
Bob Cates: SALUTE 7:19 AM

Me to Bob Rex (619) 993-1799 - mobile
11/18/11 6:58 AM 4 hours ago
Me: This is Fred Baclagan and I am being held captive by the infamous PEDOBEAR
CONSPIRACY they say I will pay for all the people I put in prison so plz send
help 6:56 AM
Bob Rex: I'm armed and ready to assist. 6:58 AM
Me: They say if all charges against occupation protesters are not dropped
immediately I'll get tortured by toy water guns and glitter 7:01 AM



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