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Each Malaysian Supermoto Series will run 2 races call Moto 1 & Moto 2. The race
distance for each Moto has been indicated in Article 1. Race Organizer/Promoter
has the discretion to decide the final distance for each race category.
Starting Order
The order in which riders take their starting grid position for Moto 1 is based on their
fastest time during official qualifying practice. The results of Moto 1 will determine the
riders starting grid order for Moto 2. The races must be time with the results displayed
on the monitors and communicated as official.
Start Procedure
Start Procedure with Lights or Flag.
The final choice of motorcycle to be used in a race should be made before the
motorcycle is brought into the waiting zone. However, the final decision must be
made 15 minutes before the start of the warm-up laps.
The start procedure for the Races is the following:
As of 15 minutes before the start of the race:
The entrance to the waiting zone is open.
The motorcycle of each rider must be placed in the waiting zone.
As of 10 minutes before the start of the race:
Sound or whistle signal.
A maximum of 24 riders may leave the waiting zone to take their
positions on the starting grid (4 riders per row).
The rider will ride around the track and stop at the starting grid. Engines
must be dead.
Tire warmers may be used on the starting grid. They must be powered
by a portable type generator and have a maximum output of one
kilowatt. Only one generator per motorcycle may be used.
Adjustments to the motorcycles can be made. Refuelling is forbidden.
Only the riders, their team manager, two mechanics per rider, one
holder of the team umbrella, one umbrella holder of sponsor/promoter,
commentator, the television crew, photographers and the essential
officials are allowed on the starting grid.
5 minutes before the start of the race laps:
The entrance from the waiting zone to the starting grid is closed for
The entrance from the paddock to the waiting zone remains open.
The motorcycles and all the riders must be on the starting grid.
It is still possible to use tire warmers and make adjustments to the
Refuelling remains forbidden.
No helmets are to be worn at this time.
The entrance to the waiting zone remains open.
The penalty for arriving late at the starting grid is loss of starting position.
Late arriving motorcycles will be held in the waiting zone. The riders
concerned must obey the instructions from the officials.
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