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This dissertation will look at outsourcing manufacturing to developing
countries, its history, causes, and outcomes. It will focus specifically on
quality and demographic issues. The motivations of companies to outsource
and countries to liberalise their trade, case studies will be looked at, and the
impact all of this has on society and reduction in quality will be discussed.
Quality is a very difficult, if near impossible, thing to explain and in many
ways to know if a product is of a higher quality you must see it and feel it.
Much of the research undergone in this dissertation has therefore been hands
on. Although the chance to visit factories in developing countries did not arise,
many high quality production facilities in Europe were visited for this
dissertation and in Japan prior to this.
Overall, the reader should be able to gain a better understanding of the
underlined issues and hopefully change their view on them. Finally, many case
studies were undergone to develop this work and unfortunately only a small
amount was able to be used to due space constraints.