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Orders Of Laws
This is a few of my thoughts on the ray of creation and orders
of laws. For a more complete discussion, please look at laws.

In the cosmology of the work, we consider there to be a
hierachy of laws. There are laws which apply to the absolute; there
are laws which apply to the sun; there are laws which apply to the
solar system as a whole, and laws applying to the individual

Sometimes you hear that there are 48 laws for the earth. This
does not literally mean there is a list of 48 laws; it means there
are 48 categories of law. For instance, a law coming from the level
of the sun is that the earth rotates round the sun; this determines
the seasons, length of day and night, etc. Then there are laws
which we are subject to which are determined by the earth, for
instance, the gravity of the earth, the electro magnetic field of the
earth. Then there are laws we are subject to that come from
nature, for instance, we are part of the ecosystem; if there is
global warming, we will all be affected by it.

Note, for each level, we are affected directly by the laws from
that level, and indirectly, through the intermediate levels; for
instance, we feel the heat of the sun on our face directly; we also
breath the oxygen which is from the plants, part of nature, but this
comes because of the effect of the sun.