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On a larger scale, when physicists predict the motion of the
asteroids say, they may take into account the gravity of the sun,
and the gravity of Jupiter on the asteroids, but they will not bring
into the equation the fact that the asteroids also exert a
gravitational force on the sun; there is an order of magnitude of
difference, and the affect of the asteroids on the sun will be
neglegible. Also we ignore the affect of other suns, and the motion
of the galaxy as a whole; we are only interested in the laws of a
certain level.

Laws and Psychology
We can also use this model to apply to our own inner
psychology. For instance, there are some laws which are
fundamental, which we can not operate without, and other laws
which we are subject to, but which are of a lower order, and could
be dispensed with.

For instance, we are under laws governing the way impressions
enter us, the way our memories work, the way we respond to
things; some of these laws being more fixed than others. E. g.,
twins brought up separately are often found to have similar
attitudes, perhaps due to some psychology being hard -wired into
us. There are also laws such as "we have to breathe to live".
There's no getting round that.