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Reviews on the iPhone 5 and “Pitch Perfect” p1

West Islip High School
1 Lion’s Path
West Islip, NY


October Issue 2012
Vol. 3 Issue 1

New iPhone 5 Impresses , Does Not Dazzle
Micah Miale
On September 21st of
this year, Apple released the
6th generation of the iPhone.
Like all of its predecessors,
the iPhone 5 is priced at $199
for the 16GB model, $299 for
the 32 GB model, and $399
for the 64 GB model. These
are the prices when upgrading
a phone or signing up for a
new 2 year plan. Without this
upgrade or new plan, iPhone
5s cost from $650 to $850.
The iPhone 5 is available
on three different networks
including AT&T, Verizon, and
Sprint. The carrier plans range
from $80 dollars to upwards
of $200 dollars depending on
how many minutes, how much
data, and how many texts are
needed; the price also depends
on whether or not it will be a
family plan.
Although the prices may
seem steep, they are similar
to those of other new smartphones. The phone comes in
both black and white. As for
the features of the iPhone 5,
the list grows everyday with
the creation of newer and better “Apps”.
Just like any other Apple
product, one of the main features of the iPhone is music.
On an empty 16GB iPhone,
around 3500 songs can be
stored and listened to. Around
7000 songs can be stored on
the 32 GB and 14000 on the
64 GB, all of this depending
on how large the audio files
are. It’s also possible to store
songs, pictures, and videos on
the iCloud which has 5 GB of
free storage and more is buyable. The songs are imported

from the iTunes library that
is linked with your computer at home. This music can
be bought from iTunes for
around a dollar each or downloaded off the internet for
free. Other free and paid apps
such as Pandora and Spotify
can be used to listen to radio
stations and also collections
put together by the user.
Music can be listened to
using headphones or out of the
built-in speakers. The iPhone
also comes with the new EarPod headphones made by
Apple which actually have
crisp and sharp sound quality compared to the old iPod
headphones. The speakers are
also much louder than previous iPhones as well.
The next main feature
of the iPhone 5 is the camera. Sporting an 8 megapixel
camera on the back and a
1.2 megapixel camera on the
front, the iPhone is perfect for
point-and-shoot picture taking. 1080p videos in HD can
also be taken along with still
pictures throughout the video.
The front camera can be used
to take 720p HD videos and
also FaceTime (video chat)
with other iPhones in HD with
facial recognition.
A new addition to the
iPhone 5 and its predecessor,
the iPhone 4S, is the panoramic camera. In retrospect,
the pictures and videos are
extremely high quality especially since it’s only a phone
and are some of the best in the
smartphone world. Pictures
can also be edited and shared
with Apple’s built-in Camera

Right on Pitch

app or a multitude of other
With this generation of
iPhones, Apple upgraded the
internal and external components. Apple increased
the size of the screen up to 4
inches diagonally.The Retina Display from the iPhone
4 and 4S is back, but with a
larger screen comes a better
resolution of 1136 x 640. This
provides crystal clear images
in pictures, videos, movies,
games, and everything else the
phone has to offer. They also
made the iPhone 5 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the
previous model. When held,
this is an extremely large difference and is noticed immediately. The new A6 internal
processor is double the speed
of the prior iPhone and allows
a much smoother experience.
You can download apps, buffer movies, open apps, scroll
through pages, and everything
else the iPhone 5 offers at
rapid speeds with near zero
lag. The iPhone 5 now supports 4G LTE which provides
internet speeds much faster
than 3G and in some areas,
even faster than WI-FI. Another major change is the look
of the iPhone 5. As opposed
to the all-glass back panel of
the 4S, the 5 has a mainly aluminum backing with 2 small
glass panels on the front and
back, one of which serves as
the housing for the back-facing camera. The bumper along
the sides of the phone is also
made of aluminum. For the
black version, the aluminum
is a dark grey/slate color while

the white iPhone has a silver
panel. This new design is very
pleasing to the eyes and offers
a sleek look to the iPhone.
There has been many videos
and reviews online showing
how surprisingly durable this
generation actually is, including drop tests from 6 feet with
no real damage to the phone
iOs 6 isn’t much different from the previous operation system other than a few
new additions. The Maps
built-in app now features
turn-by-turn voice directions
which are actually extremely
helpful. They are even viewable at the lock screen. It
turns out that there is actually
a major glitch within the app
and will need some updating
to become fully functional.
This glitch has to do with the
new 3D portion of Maps. As
of now, it appears to be very
glitchy and inaccurate at some
points. These future iOs updates can be downloaded via
wi-fi without even connecting to a computer. With iOs 6
comes a smarter Siri as well.
Siri is the interactive voice
control system that comes
with the iPhone. Now, users
are able to ask Siri questions
such as “Who won the Yankee
game last night?” and she will
reply with the box scores of
last night’s yankee game. Siri
is extremely helpful in finding
out information. She can even
help in making reservations,
finding out the weather, and
many other things. The new
operating system is integrated
with Twitter and Facebook and

can post statuses and photos
straight from the notification
center that you can pull down
from the top of the screen. Another major feature of iOs 6 is
the App Store. The App Store
is where the user browses for,
purchases, and/or downloads
the tens of thousands of Apps
that are available. These have
almost unlimited possibility
ranging from graphing calculators to language translators
to intense 1st person shooting
games. There are thousands of
free apps while the heavy majority of paid apps cost from
99 cents to $5. Other small
additions like personalized
text vibrations were added
too. It is important to note that
the iPhone 4S has all of these
features and the iPhone 4 has
most of them as well.
The iPhone 5 is a high
quality piece of technology,
but many think that it didn’t
reach expectations. Consumers expected an upgraded
camera with more megapixels, a major upgrade in the
operating system, and some
even expected futuristic
add-ons like hologram keyboards. With that being said,
anyone who has the iPhone
4S isn’t in need of an instant
upgrade since it might not be
worth $200 for a phone that
doesn’t blow them away. For
those who have the iPhone 4,
an earlier generation, a nonsmartphone, or even possibly
another smartphone, this is
definitely worth investing in if
an upgrade is available.
Oh, and it makes calls

Sam Comparetto
It’s predictable, it’s conventional, and it’s
cheesy. However, it’s also surprisingly fun and right
on pitch. “Pitch Perfect” is a movie that’s made to be
seen more than 100 times, obsessed over, and quoted
as devoutly as movies like “Mean Girls” and “Finding Nemo.”
Based on the nonfiction book by Mickey Rapkin about a competitive a cappella group, “Pitch
Perfect” is a fabulous production written by Kay
Cannon and directed by Jason Moore. The movie is
taking over the box office with its witty humor and
perfect harmony while setting a high standard for
this Fall’s upcoming films.
Anna Kendrick stars as Beca, a freshman in
college and a wannabe music producer with a com-

What’s Inside


puter full of amateure remixes. Her father, noticing
the amount of time Beca spends in her dorm room,
strikes a deal with her: if she joins a group and gives
college her all, he will allow her to quit after a year
and move to Los Angeles to begin her career as a
DJ. Agreeing to her father’s terms, Beca joins her
school’s all-female a cappella singing group, The
Bellas, and finds herself an unlikely, but surprisingly compatible, group of friends. The Bellas compete
against their rivals, The Treblemakers, resulting in
fierce competition and impressive vocal numbers.
When it comes to actress Anna Kendrick, believe what you’ve heard. Not only can she act, she
can really sing! Additional plaudits must be given to
Rebel Wilson whose hilariously self assured charac-



ter, Fat Amy, had me doubled over laughing. Let’s
just say Fat Amy is a character not easily forgotten.
The cast also included stars such as Brittney Snow,
Elizabeth Banks, and Anna Camp who, along with
Anna Kendrick, had me only wishing this hysterical
film could have lasted longer.
The humor in this movie is spot on. Where other whimsical comedies fail, “Pitch Perfect” had me
laughing myself to tears right along with every other
member of the audience. If you want a musical comedy that will have you rolling on the floor, then this
is the movie for you. Although having an expected
ending, “Pitch Perfect” was an overall fantastic display of how an individual can break the mold and
march to the beat of one’s own drum.




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