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Pit returns...




On April 21st, 2011, a little event was put on at the Kokomo Events Center (now part of Ivy Tech) that would mark the FIRST event that a
newly formed, Always One Ministries would put on. The event was called The Pit, and it was envisioned by, and created by a man with a special heart, A1M co-founder, Chris Bousum. The PIT was going to feature some music that would target those were considered “outside of the
mainstream.” The hard rocking, heavy metal, hardcore, hard punk music that attracts those kids, would be featured. That first PIT show was
a tremendous success. We had more kids there than we thought we would, and the response from those kids there than night was phenomenal.
For anyone who doesn’t know what The Pit is, or why we do these events, we went directly to the man who is the architect of The Pit,
Chris and we asked him to describe his vision and thoughts. He laid it all on the line for us, “I've always felt on the outside of normal. I grew
up as a 'different' type of person. There was a natural tension between how I viewed myself and the traditional or what was expected. I
struggled most of my youth with being an outcast. I also struggled with a belief that God was compassionate and understanding, that He
wasn't bound to the mainstream. What I read of Jesus in the scriptures was that He was unconventional, even to the point of angering traditionalists and standing against prevailing religious views of His time.
It was my belief that those outside of the mainstream today where pushed aside and forgotten by the largest part of the Christian community. I feel this is a shameful contradiction of how Jesus dealt would have with them. There are Christians and non-Christians alike that are
neglected and rejected because of their cultural leanings. Gages, piercings, tattoos, clothing... None of this should change the value or relevance of a single person.
The Pit was to accept anyone, everyone exactly where they were at. Even if they were in 'the pit.' It would provide an atmosphere of
acceptance, compassion, and understanding. No fear of those different or outside of accepted norms. To understand that some may be
even hostile to faith and tradition. They may hate church. But churches, as a whole, have propagated the fallacy that traditional norms are
equivalent to righteousness and cultural biases are the same as holiness.”
I remember in our first PIT show, there was a kid who came in wearing a shirt that said “F**K YOU” on the front of it. We had no problems
letting him in and showing him Gods love. We weren’t there to judge, condemn and to cram Jesus down their throat, just a place where we
can tell them that God loves them, no matter who they are or what they look like. The impact on them was instant and recognizable. You
could go back through the history of the comments on the PIT’s facebook page and see the responses.
In order to maximize the amount of young people we could reach, and plant seeds of God’s love in, we not only booked Christian bands,
but we also brought in local non-Christian bands as well. Chris explains it best when he says, “By including secular bands from the area with
some of the best counter-cultural Christian music we can 'be the love of God' to these people. Most of them have heard enough sermons.
We aren't going to just say we understand why you rebel and try to get them to assimilate a normal lifestyle. The Pit was to accept the
legitimacy of diverse cultural movements and through the love of God expand His kingdom there. This meant the inclusion of secular music
and understanding secular expression. We love these kids and they aren't obligated to love us back,” he concluded.
The initial PIT shows saw crowds of 50-80 kids attend the shows which were
held at the Kokomo Events Center. There was a passion and a buzz about the
PIT shows. One night, one young man got a little carried away while entertaining his friends and broke a window. Despite A1M paying for the damage, and
taking full responsibility we were still banned from doing shows there anymore. As a result, The Pit shows were going to be held at churches that believed in what The Pit’s ministry stood for. While the shows were just as good if
not better, attendance dropped alarmingly.
“We lost our original room at the Kokomo Event Center when a kid got a
little rough and as a result we've had our last shows in churches who believed
in the ministry of The Pit. I think many of our former attendees couldn't make
that jump. Others were offended when members of christian bands spoke
about their faith. This is what it is. Until we have a building of our own we
appreciate, and indeed, rely on the generosity of these loving churches. As far
as the gospel... Can't hold back the truth. God loves them as He loves
Todd from The Burial begins ministering to kids who
us. Hard not to talk about that,” Chris said.
would normally have gone outside between sets.

“Some of my favorite A1M moments were at PIT shows,” Jay Karp told us. Both he and Angie Leyda
agreed that one moment that truly stood out to both of them was when Todd from The Burial poured
out his heart and began ministering to kids who actually were captivated by what he said (that is pictured above). Chas Kidwell mentioned she “loves the energy at Pit shows, and enjoys seeing the kids
express themselves with their different ways of dancing.” Everyone agrees that having a chance to
love on people, and show God’s love to people that other’s may ostracize is a huge reason we do what
we do. There has been so much to love at Pit shows. Chris even struggled when asked about his favorite moments, “there have been so many great moments and bands it would be hard to enumerate
them all. Big moments at the top of my head would be Chris from Gnashing Of Teeth and Josh from
Taking The Name joining The Rose Hill on stage. Day Of Vengeance, Your Chance To Die, Feint, The
Burial, Flatfoot 56, Grave Robber, From Among These Eyes, Strengthen What Remains, Awaken The
Dead, Goodnight Wednesday, Of Sights And Sounds, ForeverAtLast, From These Ruins, I could go on
and on. I have loved every single show,” he tells us.
Almost immediately after we began doing the PIT shows, requests began flying in from all over the
country. The requests were from bands who wanted to come play at The Pit. “So many bands have
played The Pit and so many more have wanted to. I could only guess the number of bands enquiring
to play. On busy weeks we might get a dozen or so requests,” says Chris who answers almost all band
related questions for our ministry, and not only just for The Pit.
While the attendance dropped when we began doing these at churches, the energy is the same.
The love is the same. We truly hope to get those former PIT kids to
return to the shows. While we don't cram Christ at them, they are getting a good dose of God’s love.
There have been kids ministered to. There have been kids that have taken home their first Bibles, from a
Pit show. Seeds are being planted at these events and an introduction to God is being made. When those
seeds take root, we will never know but we know there is a lot of value in these PIT shows. So we are so
excited to be resuming them in November.
“I am so excited about the coming Pit shows. We are going back to the 5-6 band format. We are in
contact with some awesome bands. For the November 9th show, returning are Feint, ForeverAtLast, and
From These Ruins. First time Pit performers will be amazing. Creating Constellations and The Protest will
join Mosely from Ottawa, Ontario. We got to meet Mosely at Cornerstone and they hands down won the coolest flyers of the festival
award. This will be an incredible show and no one will leave disappointed,” Chris said.
While the PIT shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the musical style, the dancing, and kids who may
smoke outside between sets, this is an event that is open to everyone, but is really targeted at a group of people that people tend to ignore. It was our first type of event as a full fledged ministry, and remains one area of
our greatest focus.
“If anyone feels outside, misunderstood, despised,
or alone... Join us at The Pit. We are outsiders. We
are despised. While we may not understand everything that makes you feel outcast, we understand being misunderstood and being
outcast. We will show you God's love and light by being there for you and accepting you as you are. Our slogan has been' Hard music for a hard world. ' That is as
relevant now as ever,” Chris told us.
We are so grateful to Chris and to his passionate heart for this branch of our
ministry. If you haven’t done so, please visit The Pit on facebook:

A couple of A1M’ers made the early morning drive down to Brownsburg for the Mission Possible Music Fest 2012, an
event that was designed as a fund-raiser for a missions trip to Russia. It was their first time putting on an event of this size
and scope, and all of those involved (Ginny, Melissa, The 512 and all of your crew) did a simply incredible job.
The event was spectacular. The bands all put on great performances. The schedule was expertly handled. There was never
a dull moment, the hospitality of the hosts, and the food...wow. The whole day was simply amazing. We also had a chance to
meet new people, reconnect with lots of friends, and rock with some amazing performers. Here are some photos from the
event, courtesy of our own Skip Johnson, and our good friends Cassie Pavey, and the incomparable Earl Huddleston.


3350 N. SR 267

PLEASE CHECK www.facebookcom/alwaysoneministries for latest additions.

Less than 24 hours after the Mission Possible Music Fest 2012 had ended, and the ringing in the ears had slowly subsided,
we found ourselves back in the car heading back to Pendleton, Indiana where the Trinity Life Center is rapidly becoming one
of the very best places you can possibly go to see a show. Jason Rockhill, of Rockhill Productions, teamed with our friend
Stephen Thomas to bring this (most recent) epic show to town. For the second straight night we got to rock with a band that
is so high-octane I get wore out thinking about them, Children 18:3. We also got to reconnect with one of our favorites, our
A1M family, The Protest. Amherst, made their live show debut, The Lasting Hope, and Letting Love also performed at the
If you haven’t made the trip out to Trinity Life Center in Pendleton for a show, you are missing out...however, you have
another shot on December 1st. They will be welcoming in one of our favorite bands...the one and only, FLATFOOT 56. You do
NOT want to miss that. In the meantime enjoy the photos taken by our own Skip Johnson, and some from our friend Cassie

Featuring the legendary FLATFOOT 56

Brianna Caprice


I work at the high school, and I coach 2/3 of the school year. I am around young people all day for most of my day. The school I work
at has roughly 2,000 kids and that gives me a pretty good sampling of what kids are truly like. In fact, since I began coaching at this
school (1995) and starting working full time here (1999) I have had a couple thousand kids per year, for a lot of years in my life. That
gives me a unique perspective when it comes to being able to see when you are blessed to encounter a “special” young person. This
past Saturday, I met one such young person.
One of the negatives about my job is that I get to see first hand how our young people in our society are not just falling away from
God, but it seems to be that they are running away from God. In their defense, none of us “older” folks had nearly as many temptations
so easily and readily available. I would bet that almost every kid you know has access to (through a friend, family member or just someone they know) alcohol and drugs. Each young person is still in that never-ending assault of “peer-pressure” to do things that they
know they shouldn't do. But the advances in technology has
made it even more difficult. The cyber world is dangerous.
Pornography is but a click away, strangers stalk young people
for nefarious purposes, and two issues are becoming even
more prevalent: “sexting” and cyber-bullying.
I see and hear these young people daily and at times it can
be very depressing. I read the reports of how IN THIS NEXT
GENERATION, Bible believing Christians will drop from 35% to
4%, at the current rate of evangelism. There needs to be some
young people willing to stand up for Christ. Young people are
more influential to each other NOW than they will be as they
grow older. I say all of that to say this...when I met this young
lady last Saturday, my faith in the youth grew.
I had no knowledge of her before Saturday’s Mission Possible Music Fest in Brownsburg. I was milling around and talking
with our friend Chad (from our friends Haydon) and this young
lady started singing. She was outstanding. I moved right up to
the front of the stage and began to be amazed by the performance that this young lady, Brianna Caprice was putting on. I loved the
songs, I loved her voice, I loved the sound...but mostly her heart comes pouring out in her performance.
This young lady, just 15 from Indianapolis is doing some amazing things for Christ. As a young person she has so much more of an
influence on the youth than us older folks have, and she uses it. Already a veteran of live performances at festivals, events, TV & radio
interviews and public speaking. She is one of those people who stun you with their talent, but then blow you away with their heart. I
had a chance to speak to her proud parents on Saturday and told them how impressed we were. The real highlight is actually talking to
Brianna herself. Here is our conversation with this extraordinary young lady.

At what age did you begin doing what you do?
“I started singing outside of my bedroom at age 9 when my mom told my Choir director at my church that I had a great voice and she
should consider giving me a solo in the kids program. And when she did, I went home and
cried!! I was mad at my mother for the longest time until I got up on that stage and sang. It
was then that I realized that it wasn’t so bad and that, in fact, I really enjoyed it.”
Was there a single experience or something in your life, that set you on this path you
are on and made you do what you do?
“There are two events that happened in my life that have brought me this far: I was asked
to help with the music for a teen girls event called Get REAL & B SMRT. I thought that I’d just
help with that event and be on my way... Little did I know I was going to fall in love with the
women and teens in that girls mentoring organization. I was hooked and I became the Worship Leader and one of the primary teen speakers for Get REAL inC. Get REAL has given me
the opportunities to speak at conferences, churches, and fundraisers.
Around that same time, I was encouraged by my friends and family to audition for
Shine.FMs singing competition... so, I did and to my surprise I made it to the top 4! Though
that competition was three years ago, I still get phone calls and emails from people who saw
me in it asking if I’d sing for events and fundraisers. I believe God placed these things in my
life for a reason. It is remarkable when I look back and see God’s hand at work in everything
that has happened the past few years. In truth, I think I am just being faithful to keep walking
the path that He has laid out for me.”

In regards to your ministry, what do you get the most satisfaction from?

“When kids my age come up to me and tell me that my words/songs
have had an impact on them to make changes in their life. It’s the coolest to know that God is working through me.”
Who are some people that inspire you?
“Definitely my mom. Even when life is tough, she is always happy! I
look up to her big time! Another inspiration is Matthew West. His heart
and passion for Christ is incredible. When he shares his faith, you can
just see him overflowing with joy in his Lord and Savior! He also has a
great way of telling stories and expressing feelings. I’d have to say that
my biggest inspiration has to be Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf. Her lyrics and
her story speak so boldly in my life.”
What have been some of the highlights of your career, at this young
“There are so many! One of the biggest would probably be that I got
to be the opening act for Big Daddy Weave and Sanctus Real at the Indiana State fair this year! What an honor! Over the past couple of
years I have sung to thousands of people, spoken at conferences, led worship in churches, done radio and TV interviews, taught in
schools and youth groups... and I have met so many neat people.
God has provided so many amazing opportunities for me to share my heart (and Him).”
How does following this intended career path affect your life and where do you see yourself in
the future?
“Doing all of the things that I do has helped me become a better person. I know that’s so cliche, but
it is so true. I have learned to work hard and not waste my time. I have been challenged beyond what I
thought I was capable of, only to find that that’s when He steps in. Through it all, God has shown me
that that this is where He wants me. He’s given me His voice, telling me to use it for His glory, and I
intend on using it! As for my future, I cannot say. It is my hope to continue on this path that I am on –
affecting people’s hearts through music and God’s word - but I know that He may call me another direction someday. Regardless, I pray that I am still affecting lives for His glory.”
If you could give one bit of advice to a young person right now, what would it be?
“First, don’t crave fame and fortune. Only crave to be faithful in honoring God in all things that you
do. Don’t try to carve your own path. Follow His.
And finally, you might not believe it, but your voice is so much louder at your age right now! Don’t wait
to make a difference in this world... Do it now! Be a light in this dark world. “Don't let anyone look
down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in
faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12”
In addition to amazing young people like Brianna, and the Purcell’s from
the band Silver From the Flames, there are some great young people out
there. They are out there making a real difference and a huge impact.

Official: www.briannacaprice.com (under construction)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BriannaCaprice.artist
Reverb Nation: www.reverbnation.com/briannacaprice
Get Real: www.getrealinc.org

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
This past week, a young mother walked into
their house looking for her son. As she searched
the house calling his name, there was no response. She finally entered a room and found his
body lying lifeless. The young teenager had decided to take his own life.
Unfortunately this is a scene that has been
played out time and time again. It is the 3rd leading cause of death amongst young people 15-24
years old.
God loves you, no matter who you are or what
you’ve done. He is a loving father who just wants
to be close to you.
There are people who do care for you. If you
need prayer, please message any of us from
Always One Ministries, or if you know any of our
band family members, I know they would love to
pray with you.

On December 22nd, we are going to be doing something special. It is the Saturday before Christmas and we will be having a huge show that night,
it will be the fourth Revolution Next show we have put on, but it will also be so much more than that. We have been trying to find a way to do something
more. Always One Ministries, in association with New Covenant Christian Center, Family Worship Center, and our three bands, Blake Whiteley, Pure Star
Movement, and The Protest are going to make a difference in lives.
On that day, our groups will be out delivering the gifts we have purchased for select families in need. That afternoon, we will be feeding those
families (and the bands) in a holiday meal, prepared by our crew. That night, we will be opening the doors to a FREE show with an open, free-will donation at
the back of the room. Portions of that donation money will also be given via a donation to an additional cause or charity. It is our way of really making an
impact in our area. We can use your help. Donations will be critical as the more money we raise, the more families we can help.



Vist us on the web: www.alwaysoneministries.com, www.facebook.com/alwaysoneministries, twitter: @A1MKokokmo


We have had a blast hanging out at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Carmel,
and it has also proven to be very beneficial to us. They have been so gracious to us allowing us to come in and do fund-raisers there, where on a
set date, and for a certain time, A1M receives a % of all non-alcoholic
sales. We get to eat, hang out with friends, and just have a blast, AND get
money for it.
In our trips there we have had the privilege of hanging out with so many f
our band friends and family. In the past we’ve had so many show up to
help support us, including The Protest, Blank Pages, Silver From the
Flames, Falling Higher, Follower, Ironsides, Jacob Generation and of
course Strange Reflection, but the band members are not the only ones
we have hung out with.
It was at our fund-raisers where we met such incredible people as, the
guys from Drowning Fish Ministries/The 512. We met the oh-so-awesome
Pavey girls at one of our Bdubs fund-raisers.
Lastly, the bands that do show up, often bring with them some CD’s or
Tshirts or some form of giveaways. We have been able to play some of
their music at the restaurant as well from time to time.
Ultimately, we just have a blast, eat great food and hang out with awesome people...and get paid to do it. God is so good. Come hang out with
us on Wednesday, November 7th. You never know who will be there!

Always One Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit ministry that is dedicated to
reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ, through a variety of Christian music concerts and events.
The ministry began officially in the spring of 2011, and has three main
branches of ministry. The annual Kingdom Come Festival, which is once a
year in the heart of downtown Kokomo, is the biggest of the three
branches. Additionally the ministry produces two concert “series” that
have completely different goals.
The Pit, is a hardcore, death-metal, hard-punk, hard rocking band event
that is held in venues across the area trying to reach out to those kids that
society labels as “outcasts.” We know that Jesus Christ died for ALL of us,
and God loves all of us, just as we are, just where we are. To HIM we are
Revolution Next is designed to go into churches and youth groups and
inspire Christian youth to get involved and become much more active.
They need to understand that they are far more “influential” on each
other when they are young.

Scripture for the Week:

EPHESIANS 5: 18-19

(English Standard Version)


And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, 19 addressing one another in psalms
and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart,

Send any staff member an email by just putting
their name in the subject line {ie, @Jay} sending
your email to: info@alwaysoneminstries.com

Jay Karp
Chris Bousum
Angie Leyda
David Leyda
Brent Bousum
Chas Kidwell
Tammy King
Aimee Keiper
Andy Patmore
Liz Harrison
Marc Pemberton
Max Scott

Aaron Keiper
Matt Hardin
Scott Miller
Kailey King
Pedro Ramirez
David Bousum
Philecia Allen
Destiny Kidwell
Joy Ammerman
Bonnie Patmore
Cara Herron
Skip Johnson

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