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The Impact of Jamey Brantley will Never be Forgotten.
On Thursday night of last week, I received a text message from Angie telling me of
the shocking news. Our friend, Jamey Brantley, the youth leader at First Church of
the Nazarene, was killed in an accident. My heart sank. It was an unusual feeling
due to the fact, I never really got to know him as well as I would have liked to. I met
him at a show, and his charisma and fun-loving attitude just grabs you. Jamey was
that guy who, you met once, and instantly you liked him. Some of the other A1M
staffers got to know him much better than I did, but my admiration and respect for
him was immediate. Despite the limited relationship I had with him, that news
struck me like a sledgehammer to the stomach.
I had no idea when I first met him, how much I had in common with Jamey. We
both have a passion for Christ, a love of music, work with youth, love of sports,
highly competitive personalities, great sense of humor, and the belief in doing all we
can for others. I didn’t know any of those things. I didn’t know that he and his gang
was at Cornerstone while we were. When I learned of all these things, my admiration for him went even higher. But I was just scraping the surface of the incredible
man that he was.
He was a tremendous father and husband. His wife Terra and their 10 kids are
one of the most inspirational families I’ve ever seen(...and yes, I did say TEN kids).
Not only was he the father of these, but listening to the emotional words of those
who spoke at his funeral, those youth that he led, all saw him as a “father” as
well. One of his youth group members, mentioned this “Jamey you are such an
inspiration to everyone's lives around us. .Everyone has a silly story about you and
everyone has a unique story with you. You were so different than anyone else I
ever knew.. And it's because you devoted your whole life to God. How great is it
to be known for something so miraculous? Jamey: Man Of God! .. I love you.”
Angie, one of our A1M crew, had gotten to know Jamey better than the rest of us,
and she lamented that she will really miss dancing and goofing off at concerts
alongside of Jamey. She also added, “My heart is broken for the Brantley family. I
had really just begun a friendship with Jamey and Terra. It was so easy and natural, which speaks to his character. He was SO awesome and fun to be around. We
shared a love for reaching the youth and rocking out to some amazing Christian
music. We had serious plans for concerts in the near future... I guess he will now
have the best seat in the house. Thank you, God, for the time he was here. Shower
your peace down on Terra and their beautiful children.”
Max Scott, a longtime friend of Jamey’s, and a member of our A1M crew posted this
comment, “today We lay to rest a Man who will be forever missed... I can't begin to
tell you how much of an impact He has made on us all, but I do know that He leaves a
legacy of hope...Jamey Brantley, R.I.P. My Brother... see You soon…”
Jamey has made an impact on so many lives. We can never know exactly how large
his “footprint” here on Earth will be. Anyone who had the chance to meet him, liked
him. Any young person who spent time with him connected with him. His influence on
his youth, his kids, his family, his friends and even strangers like myself are just undeniable.
He was such a well rounded man. An excerpt from the Kokomo Tribune obituary read

Jamey graduated from Kokomo High School in 1992, then graduated
with a bachelor’s degree in arts from the Art Institute of Indianapolis.
He was employed with Vizi Learning/Deltec in Muncie as a graphic
artist. He was a disabled veteran of the United States Air Force.
Jamey was a devoted, fun-loving “everything-you-could-ever-want”
dad and a marvelous husband. He had a passion and love for teens at
First Church of the Nazarene. He cared deeply for his teammates
when he played city league basketball and softball. He was a member
of First Church of the Nazarene, where he was a lay youth pastor. He
was the art director at Jena Se Qua magazine; he coached and officiated Upward basketball, and also coached NYO basketball. He also
helped coach Little League UCT baseball.
Jamey loved life to the fullest. He was an avid Star Wars fan, music lover, creative artist, amazing friend. He was a devoted Christian whose deepest desire was to be remembered “as more than a great basketball player, but as a follower
of Christ.”
His artistic side was very evident in this series of thought provoking photos he had created in an album he called “SINS.”
The stylistic photos featured Jamey in black & white photos with a splash of color. The only color used was red, in a tie,
which symbolized Satan in the photos. Each photo was accompanied by wording, including the name of the SIN, and
some accompanying comments. We will “share” that album on our Always One Ministries facebook page soon, so people
can see and appreciate his work.
As you can imagine, the sudden loss of a husband/father is going to be very tough on the Brantley family. We at A1M
would like to encourage you to help them out with your donations. There is an official address where you can mail your
gift (below) and there is also a new facebook page called KHS Class of 92 Jamey Brantley Memorial.
It was an emotional celebration of an amazing life today. Tears were shed, and laughter shared, but most of all there was
an appreciation of the time that was shared with an amazing man. Although I personally never got that opportunity to
spend much time with him, I felt like I knew him forever. I admired his passion and his work. I realized after the fact that
we had so much more in common than I had ever guessed. He even made me smile one more time at the end of the
emotional service. After a momentary silence, the familiar sounds of “I’ll Fly Away” began to play...not just any version of
it though, it was the FLATFOOT 56 version. A band we both love, a band that we actually helped bring to his church last
Jamey has impacted so many lives. We are all a little better off for knowing him.
Thank you God, for putting him in our lives.





Vist us on the web: www.alwaysoneministries.com, www.facebook.com/alwaysoneministries, twitter: @A1MKokokmo

Our friends from New Castle are still blowing up, not just locally...but regionally
and even nationally. Don’t believe me? They still have Christianrock.net’s #1 Top
Songs of the Week, “Throw The Roses.” Edging out such incredible bands like
(another of our A1M band families, NINE LASHES) as well as Disciple, Flyleaf, and
Thousand Foot Krutch.
While they are still climbing the charts and blowing people’s minds with their high
energy shows, they took the time to head down to Nashville, where they are in
the process of recording a new single. We are so excited to find out what it is.
The Protest will be in Kokomo for a very special Revolution Next show on December 22nd. That show will also feature our friends Pure Star Movement, and Blake
Whiteley. It will be a FREE show at Family Worship Center in Kokomo.
If you haven’t gotten your hands on their newest CD, “Game Changer” you need
to. It has received a great deal of critical acclaim. You can get it online at a variety
of places like Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more. I would recommend that you
actually get to a LIVE show where you can see it first hand for yourself… and pick
it up while at at the show.

We have not seen our Wisconsin friends since June last year at the
Kingdom Come Festival, but that is for good reason. They have been
touring the country, particularly the deep south and in addition to the
touring, they finally got into the recording studio for the eagerly
awaited new Loftland CD.
While we have no way of saying for sure, we think the new CD will be
ready at the beginning of the year. I don’t know about you, but it sure
would be an awesome thing if we could make a road trip to Wisconsin
for the CD Release show. Maybe we could talk them into coming back
here to do a release show….what do you think?

Oh how we love our buddies, Pioneer. As you know, these guys
are a huge reason that we even exist as a ministry. They were
our first KCF headliner, and their belief in us, and all of the encouragement and prayers they offered us helped launch A1M.
Pioneer has had 2 songs now hit #1 on the Christian Rock charts
nationally and have been touring the country with the rest of
their Slospeak Records bands.
Pioneer has a lifetime invitation to play with us and we can say
that without a doubt, they will be back at the event they helped
to create...Kingdom Come Festival 2013 will once again have a
prime-time performance by our original band family.

We have had the privilege of getting these guys in at the Words
and Worlds Tour earlier this year, and saw them again at The
Protest’s CD Release show. One of the most unique and mind
blowing shows you will see, PSM does not disappoint.
They will be joining The Protest, and Blake Whiteley here in
Kokomo for the Revolution Next show on December 22nd. The
show will be FREE at Family Worship Center, and will be an
amazing event.
PSM also has new music out, “Invasion” is available online at
Itunes and Google. Check them out. Incredible unique sound.

SEATTLE, WA – October 12, 2012 –Tooth & Nail Records’ rock/pop act ICON
FOR HIRE has just signed with Linkin Park’s agent Michael Arfin of Artist
Group International for worldwide booking. This signing positions ICON FOR
HIRE to continue to impact the music scene with their infectious live show
and unique fashion sense.
The band’s manager Tim Cook states about the new signing, "Michael Arfin is
the perfect partner for Icon For Hire. Not only is he one of the top agents in
the world, he understands that their vision extends beyond touring into the
fashion world and other areas of the entertainment business."
"I’m extremely excited to be working with Icon For Hire,” shares Michael
Arfin. “The band is poised for huge success in all spectrums of the entertainment business and Ariel is an absolute star!"
Since the release of their label debut, Scripted, ICON FOR HIRE has been touring constantly traveling across the nation as well as internationally to Germany, Amsterdam and Canada. They have toured with the likes of RED, Brian
“Head” Welch, Emery, P.O.D, Love & Death and Family Force 5.
"Being on the road for 20 months straight has given us plenty of experiences
to write about on the next record,” shares drummer Adam Kronshagen. “I
don't think we have ever been this anxious to write new music and get it in
the hands of our fans."
ICON FOR HIRE has been working hard while on the road to prepare for the forthcoming album.
President of Tooth & Nail Records Brandon Ebel states, “The band’s first album had the highest new artist debut street week sales in our label’s
history. We are very excited about this next chapter and engaging ICON FOR HIRE to be creative and think outside of the box to make an amazing
sophomore release.”
"Our writing process has substantially changed due to our touring schedule,” describes guitarist Shawn Jump. “Pieces of our next record are everywhere the drums are on a lap top, the lyrics are in Ariel's journals and the guitar riffs are recorded in my iPhone. A lot of people don't realize
that a large percentage of our songs start out as hip-hop songs with Ariel rhyming over a drum loop. We have already started looking for the right
people to help us capture the various sounds, and are even considering producers from the hip-hop world."


Tis the season! No, not for red and green tinsel and silver bells. Well, yes, stores have started pushing Christmas already. But we are just a few
days out from that most terrifying of all holidays. The day that sticks in the gullet of the devout: Halloween. So it behooves me to recount a chilling tale from the scriptures...The witch of Endor! (Cue: ominous music).
Saul, Israel's first king, had lost God's favor and knew that David would eventually replace him. Little information like that can turn a person into
a real jerk. And Saul did indeed become an enormous jerk. Someone in this position might even become enraged to the point of attempting
murder. Saul did indeed. So David spent quite some time running from Saul's jealous fury. David even took refuge with one of Israel's arch enemies, the Philistines. These same Philistines were plotting an attack on Saul and the Israelites. And this is were our story begins.
King Saul heard that the Philistines would launch a major offensive. This scared the crap out of Saul. His
"go to" guy, the prophet Samuel, was dead. Where would the king go to find wisdom and comfort in this
perilous hour. He tried to petition the Lord for instruction but to no avail. Saul was not what you'd call a
beacon of honor or virtue, so I guess it wasn't surprising that he called one of his servants and made an
unusual request to find a medium, a clairvoyant, a woman who consults familiar spirits...a witch! The servant knew of just such a woman who practiced the dark magic in Endor.
Now let's set the scene. Endor is a small village deep in the woods. The trees there never have leaves. It
is midnight and the moon is full. The wind moans through the branches. Saul is being played by Russell
Crowe and has shed his kingly garments and has disguised himself as a peasant. His servant is played by
Jack Black, though we don't see him again. The witch is played by Jane Lynch with long but sparse scraggly
hair. Ever see Pumpkinhead? She looks like Haggis but maybe more warts.
At Endor, King Crowe, I mean Saul, finds the witch and asks her to consult a spirit for him. Now sometime earlier, Saul had outlawed the practice
of mediums and those accused of such acts faced execution. Thusly, being an election year, she disavowed any knowledge of clairvoyant activities and was actually a good Christian girl raised in the Midwest who worked herself through college and found success by the sweat of her
brow. Once the strange commoner (we know he's really Saul) convinces her there would be no reprisals for spiritualist acts she 'fesses up. "Who
is it that you want me to bring up for you?" Said the old hag. "Bring up Samuel for me," Saul commands in a dark, raspy tone.
So the witch does some incantations and strange hand motions...witch stuff. She heaves and convulses circling her campfire as her eyes roll back
in her head. Then she stops. She stares in the distance. Her face looks puzzled then overcome with fear. She sees a figure coming up from the
earth. A vague figure in a haunting haze. She turns suddenly to Saul and screams, "Why have you deceived me? YOU ARE SAUL!"
The king tells her she is safe and no crime will be held against her then asks, "What do you see?" The frightened witch answers, "I see a spirit
form coming up from the earth!" "What does he look like?" Saul quickly responds. The terrified soothsayer describes the specter as an old man
dressed in a cloak (played by Ian McKellen). Saul knew it was Samuel and falls to his knees pounding the earth with his fists. (Ominous music
The ghost then speaks in an eerie voice directly to the king. "Why did you disturb me by bringing me up?" "I'm facing serious trouble," Saul replies. The king tells the spirit about the imminent attack of the Philistines and God's silence toward him. "So I called on you to see what I should
do," Saul continued. The voice of Samuel echoes as he speaks, "Since the Lord has turned away from you and has become your enemy, why do
you ask me? The Lord has done exactly what he has said through me. The Lord has taken the kingship out of your hand and given it to your
neighbor David." The spirit reminds Saul of his sin against the Lord and foretells his defeat in the coming battle.
Saul looks up, saddened and full of fear. The apparition stares deeply at Saul in silence for what seemed like eternity. Then in a low yet commanding voice proclaims, "Tomorrow you and your sons will be with me!" The king falls to the earth wailing and in tears. The witch cackles
loudly as the campfire suddenly brightens. And the ghost of Samuel walks backward slowly and sinks back into the earth leaving only a light haze.
(Cue: Psycho shower scene music)
Scary stuff, huh? Stephen King eat your heart out. This makes R.L.Stine seem like Dr. Seuss. And true! Well I embellished a little but the quotes
were from 1 Samuel 28 Holman Standard Christian Bible. Saul and his sons died in that battle and an new era began for Israel under the reign of
David. Whether you participate in spooky fun or abstain from such you can find true stories of romance, heroism, and even a bit of horror in
these "Tales From The Script." (Ghastly laugh: fade to black.)

Always One Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit ministry that is dedicated to
reaching the next generation for Jesus Christ, through a variety of Christian music concerts and events.
The ministry began officially in the spring of 2011, and has three main
branches of ministry. The annual Kingdom Come Festival, which is once a
year in the heart of downtown Kokomo, is the biggest of the three
branches. Additionally the ministry produces two concert “series” that
have completely different goals.
The Pit, is a hardcore, death-metal, hard-punk, screamo band event that is
held in venues across the area trying to reach out to those kids that society labels as “outcasts.” We know that Jesus Christ died for ALL of us, and
God loves all of us, just as we are, just where we are. To HIM we are perfect.
Revolution Next is designed to go into churches and youth groups and
inspire Christian youth to get involved and become much more active.
They need to understand that they are far more “influential” on each
other when they are young.

Scripture for the Week:

PSALM 27:1
“LORD, you are my Light and my Savior,
so why should I be afraid of anyone?
The LORD is where my life is safe,
so I will be afraid of no one!”

Send any staff member an email by just putting
their name in the subject line {ie, @Jay} sending
your email to:

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