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Project for a Confederal Hansa of Nordeuropa

NORDEUROPA is one Folk !

- Clearly !

The North-South religious difference
within Europe is also very clear !

And it fits with Hansa & Rheinland Model...

Hansa & The Island of Gotland as
''Cultural Centre'' and references...
- The Island of Gotland was the
main starting point of the Viking

- The Island of Gotland was also
the founding place of the now
revived Hanseatic League :

- The Island of Gotland is in the
middle of our Nordeuropean
Folk's area : Brugge - Bergen Novgorod...

The Cultural Roots of

- Our ''Roots'' are not in the
steps of Abraham in the
Middle-East's desert and we
are not part of the 3 Folks of
The Book...

- We nevertheless agree
with the values of Work &
Family of the Conservative
wing of the Catholic Church.

''Respect & Equality'' !

Respect and Equality of our Women giving us enough
children to survive as Nordeuropean group with our culture,
traditions, Way & Level of Life : the Keystone of our vision...

Our ''Family 5 Plan''
- We are clearly in a dangerous
phase of Ungifted Demography,
with less than 2,1 child per family...

- All what we do serves to nothing
if our Nordeuropa group has not
enough children to survive...

- The ''Family 5 Plan'' is a
Nordeuropa Positive
Discrimination Action for young
families of Nordeuropean Natives...

Building a Peaceful Society

Peace begins by struggle against Criminality.
We have two main points of struggle :

1° Promote the implementation of ''The 3 Strikes
Law'' in Nordeuropa, as it is already active in
several western countries. See it in Wikipedia.

2° Promote the idea that foreign criminals should
be deported out of Nordeuropa after their
complete Jail Time is done, eventually in subcontracting abroad or in their country of origin.

About Demography, promoting the idea that all
Familial Grouping of Non Nordeuropeans should
be temporary forbidden as long as our
demography remains Negatively Ungifted under
the basic replacement level of 2,1 child per family.

Marking the Steps of Life & Nature

- With our ''GOTLAND SEMINARY'', we intend to mark Our
main Celebrations in Front of the Sippe of Family & Friends are :

- Name giving of a Child
- Celebrating Teenaging
- Entrance in the Community
- Marriage of Man & Woman
- Funerals

- Midsommer
- Yule Time & New Year
- Becoming ''-Hans'' by doing the Hanseatic Cruise-Pelgrimage.

Rheinland Model : Our Economic vision...
- In Medio Virtus : We have choosen for a
''The 3rd Way'' - ''In the Middle of the
Road'' : The ''Rhineland Model'' that
rejects as well Short-Term CasinoCapitalism than Collectivist Dogmatic...

- We urge you to read the book
''Capitalism against Capitalism'' from
Michel ALBERT that explains very well
this local German+Benelux+Scandinavian
Way of Making Business at long term and
with a social dimension... A vision known
in Germany under the name of ''Sozial
Marktwirtschaft Ökonomie''. This book
exists also in German, Dutch and Russian.

Practical Economy...
- We are against the Brussels EUdiktat and propose its
replacement by a Nordeuropa
Confederal Hansa that could join
the E.F.T.A with Norway, Iceland,
Zwitserland and Lichtenstein...

- We are against the actual Euro
Currency and propose its
replacement by a Nordeuropa
Money together with people with
similar Way AND Level of Life...

We need Help !
- First, we need help for
translating this presentation
in Swedish, German and

- Then we will need local help
in Nordeuropa in order to
organize small meeting groups
''à la Tupperware'' to present
our action and convice people
to start to act locally.

Indicating a Clear Way !
- We are a Neo-conservative social and cultural
movement that intends to go to politic later.
Competitors are as well on the Left than on the
Right sides, the worse being the de facto RedGreen-Islam Coalition supported by our own socalled ''Elites''... that are backed by EU and ShortTerm Speculating Casino-Capitalists. Our vision is
known in Germany under the classification of
''Sozial Marktwirtschaft Ökonomie''.

- Our ownn''False Elites'' are indeed the worse
because being enemies inside our own social system
and are playing the card of Mass Immigration for
personal financial or politic profits : Lowering of
Salaries and Votes for Power. They will later be
invited in our Nürenberg 2.0 for Low Treason.

- Willem-Hans von BREMEN lives in
Antwerp / Flanders / Europe. He is
1- the President of ''NORDPEACE''
2- Commander of ''HANSA MARINE'' for
Solidarity & Social Help to 4th World : our
own Rooted Poor People of Nordeuropa
3- The Spiritual Leader of the GOTLAND

- We are present on Facebook with the
group ''NORDPEACE''

- You can e-mail to :

Friends...and Others...
Our vision can be shortened
in one image and a few words
: "Los von Brüssel, Los von
Rom und Los von Mekka"...

We are Norht-European
Regionalists, Confederalists
and Sovereignists... and so not
involved to any ideology or
system that intends to
dominate or rule the world.

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