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XistentialAngst’s Johnlock Fic Rec List

-#s001 [c]
By tepidspongebath, rated M, word count 5927 – EROTICA
Exceedingly strange little fic, kink meme prompt. John has sex with people and returns to the flat
where Sherlock likes to deduce every sexual thing John did. This turns John on.
Celibate!sherlock, sexy!john, explicit
9 Inane Conversations with Sherlock Holmes [c]
By pennydreadful, rated M, word count 5237 – HUMOR
Sherlock decides to experiment with being vulgar. A series of hilarious scenes ensue when he shocks the
crap out of Donovan, Lestrade, Molly etc. The final vulgarity is to force John to see the truth about his
sexuality. Great ending.
First kiss (discussed), non-explicit
17 Letters [c]
By out_there, Rated G, word count 2357 – FLUFF

Sweet little fluff piece. John and Sherlock admit their feelings for one another by changing the password
on John’s computer. First Sherlock changes it then John does.
non- explicit
**26 Pieces [c]
By Lanning, Rated M, word count 28,235 – EPIC

Mycroft gives Sherlock the apparently simple task of solving a puzzle box containing a stolen microchip.
It isn't simple. Sherlock and John area trapped in the sewers with a man who wanted to hurt them both
and then it’s flooded. They barely survive. Very long and sweet ‘first time’ scene. Great. Quote: John:
"The first moment I laid eyes on you—" "I thought you were the most beautiful man in England."
First kiss, first time, explicit
*34 Minutes [c]
By bendingsignpost, Rated M, word count 4698 – EROTICA

Sherlock conducts an experiment in which he and John have to sit close together for 30 minutes and
speak completely honestly, then keep eye contact for 4 more minutes. Intimacy ensues. Really
fascinating little psychology EROTICA piece.
First kiss, first time, non-explicit, major UST
Another fun first time/EROTICA fic from bendingsignpost: [c for the collection] [c for collection
Elsewhere Come Morning [c]– post Great Game, John and Sherlock come home from the hospital and
have sex for the first time. BAMF!John
An Offer of Kryptonite [c]– Lovely UST fic involving a chocolate éclair and Sherlock waiting for John to
make a move. Great Sherlock characterization.
An Interruption in Gravity [c]– John and Sherlock in a shower, Sherlock’s first time, Chaos ensues.
An Absolute Pain [c]– Humor, non-explicit, John comes home very drunk and Sherlock decides to


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