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XistentialAngst’s Johnlock Fic Rec List
torture him with innuendo about what he did in that state. Great dialogue.

-AAd Meliora [c]
By Lotherington, rated NC-17, word count 3305– AU/EROTICA
Summary: “John Watson is a priest undergoing a crisis of faith, Sherlock is a trainee priest who makes it
XA: This fic has heavy and profane use of religion, so take that with a grain of salt. Otherwise it’s a fairly
simple AU story of John as a priest who encounters Sherlock and can’t resist temptation. Short and hot.
First Kiss, first time , Explicit
The Acronym
By DancingGrimm, Rated T, word count 13K – FLUFF

John gets a comment on his blog telling him he’s a BAMF. He doesn’t know what it means, but the 12
chapters of this fic prove without a doubt that he is one. Each chapter has another scenario in which
John prove his multitudinous BAMFness, from beating Anderson at darts, to taking down suspects, even
one memorable scene where he and Sherlock have a fist fight (it’s hilarious). This is non-slash
(personally, I would have liked to see a little slash in this) but worthy nonetheless in his oh-yes-John
platonic, non-explicit, BAMF!john
The Adventure of the Consulting Woman [c]
By DancingGrimm, Rated M, Words 39,303 CASE / EROTICA / SOME HUMOR
Sherlock dresses as a woman for a case where a killer is murdering men who abuse their wives. John
poses as Sherlock’s abusive husband. Sherlock trains for it by getting lessons from a style consultant.
John is bi; he is in love with Sherlock but doesn’t think Sherlock can return his affections. There’re quite
a few ‘case’ chapters here which are well-done. Very sweet scene in a restaurant after the case where
Sherlock tries to head off where this is going with excuses, and John, well, puts a stop to that. Hot last
few chapters. (taxi ride)
First kiss, first time, explicit, BAMF!john
The Adventure of the Flatmate’s Fetish [c]
By Quinn Anderson, Rated M, word count 17626 – EROTICA

Story summary: “In which Sherlock finds himself in the unusual position of trying to educate John about
the endless variety of fetishes that exist in the world. When that gets boring, he sets himself on a very
important case: figuring out if John has any fetishes. Which, of course, he does.” Fun character piece.
First kiss, first time, explicit, dom/sub



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