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XistentialAngst’s Johnlock Fic Rec List
The Adventure of the Painting in Red [c]
By EverdeenFrayPotter, Rated T, word count 10,019 –HUMOR/FLUFF

During a gory murder case, Sherlock is acting oddly towards John and asking bizarre sexual questions.
When John is nearly killed, Sherlock admits his feelings. A well-written first kiss fic with (an actual) plot
and good characterizations.
First kiss, non-explicit
The Adventure of Rainbow Flutter [c]
By pastiche_pen, Rated M, word count 7846 – CASE / EROTICA

Sherlock meets John’s gay military secret, Sean. Sherlock pretends to find it dull. Sean needs their help
on a case involving his missing boyfriend, gay rugby leagues (where a handsome rugby player takes a
fancy to Sherlock) and gambling clubs. I enjoyed how the tension racketed up in this fic, with both John
and Sherlock forced to see each other through new eyes.
First kiss, first time, explicit, UST, virgin!sherlock, gay!case
The Adventure of the Six Painted Virgins
By saathi1013, Rated NC-17, Words 14K CASE / EROTICA
Sherlock dresses as a priest for a case involving smashed Virgin Mary statues at a local parish. John is
John but he is an ex choirboy with deep conflicted feelings about the church. The case is a pretty good
read and there is a nice ‘first time’ scene that occurs in part 2 where John finally makes a move on
First kiss, first time, explicit
Affectionate Investment
By MilleTheFreak, Rated T, Words 6K HUMOR/FLUFF
Summary: “Sherlock and John start to accidentally eat each other's food, and start feeding each other,
much to the amusement and shock of their peers. Of course, it all feels natural to them, but one
chocolate-covered thing can lead to another.”
XA: This is a very funny little ‘hyper domestic’ fic where John and Sherlock start sharing food and drinks
and eventually start snogging. The scene at Lestrade’s party playing “Never have I ever” is not to be
First kiss, non-explicit, food!kink
After Mary Died
By Manzy, Rated T, word count 5122 –ANGST

John was married to Mary (it’s unclear if this is pre or post Reichenbach). This fic begins just after Mary
dies of an undisclosed heart condition. John, in mourning, moves back in to 221B. Sherlock takes care
of him. Over time, John realizes that Sherlock is in love with him and probably always was. This fic is
not overly angsty – it has sweet moments and a happy ending. I found it very realistic.
First kiss, first time, non-explicit
Alarmed [c]
By RosaPotentis, Rated X, word count 3826 – EROTICA

Summary: “Set after Scandal in Belgravia. John asks Sherlock about Mycroft's snide remarks, and it goes


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