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Annex A
1. Sembawang GRC Hypesteria 2013 Countdown Party – countdown to
10,000 residents of Sembawang GRC will gather under the starry night sky
and create a different experience for them to embrace the New Year
together. To fit into the “COSMOS” theme, one of the fringe activities will
feature the Astronomy Interest Group with equipment such as the sky
watchers (aka telescopes) set up by the youths in Woodlands. Residents
will be able to understand more about astronomy and to “watch the stars” in
a picnic-style concept to promote bonding and create opportunity for
interaction among residents.
The YEC interest groups will displays activities such as Foosball, Nerf and
Wii games for youths with similar interest to participate and make new
For the first time, with live SMS feed, residents are able to share their well
wishes Live at the event.
The Sembawang GRC YECs will be compiling 3,000 photographic shots of
the spectacular fireworks from the residents bringing arts to the heartlands
and stars near the residents.
For more information, please contact Ms Wilynn Ng 63689938.

2. Sengkang West “SHOUT” 2013 Countdown Celebration
Together with local professional and amateur cosplayers in Singapore,
more than 3,000 residents are expected to join in the Sengkang West
Countdown Party at Anchorvale Community Club. The Sengkang West
Grassroots Organisations will attempt to set a Singapore Book of
Records for the “Singapore Largest Cosplay Gathering”.
Residents are encouraged to don costumes and accessories to represent
characters from Eastern or Western Manga, Anime, Comic Books, Video
Games and Films. They will also have the opportunity to take pictures with
their favourite Cosplayer and there will be a photography competition for
the “Best Shot of the Night” on New Year’s Eve.
This will be a unique occasion where a mass Cosplay display happens at
night as there will be lightings surrounding the areas to amplify the intricate
handiwork and hues of the Cosplay costumes. There will also be a special
“Red Carpet style” mini catwalk and fashion parade.
For more information, please contact Kam Kwek Keong at 64894959.