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dirty float) for the benefit of an IMF/Dollar reserve system, this action gave Japan an
enormous advantage in trade and finance. As this has gone on for over twenty five
years, Tokyo could not help but represent a bloated financial system. Today, they
have reached an end that no one ever thought would come; the dollar reserve
system is ending.
As one might expect, Japan having received the largest return for supporting this
system, will now suffer the largest loss. They simply do not know how to play a
different game. The Yen will one day fall with the dollar. Will the BOJ buy enough
gold through the BIS to offset the complete destruction of their financial system?
They will no doubt try, but I doubt their is enough gold out there to make a
difference. At present valuations, all the gold held by Central Banks is worth what,
300 billion dollars? If we doubled or tripled it the amounts would make but a small
speck compared to the loss of the second largest financial system in the world.
You see, the current supply and demand for gold as a commodity or weather one CB
is buying or selling some of it today is really a non-event compared to a changing
World Financial System. For the regular citizen, gold priced in the many thousands
will have little effect compared to oil priced at $200 or $400 a barrel!
My friend, we are coming into changing times as never before. It will be here, on the
USAGOLD Forum that we will follow these events. As Another would say, "We watch
this new gold market together, Yes?"! Be assured, he will post here as soon as this
site is known to be open. Thanks
Friend of Another

(9/20/98; 20:16:24 Msg ID:49)

My last post was to your 18:29. Also, I somehow double posted? Because not many
are here, perhaps we willtalk for a while. I expect Another will send something if
able. I will reply to your 19:30. Thanks
Friend of Another

(9/20/98; 20:48:44 Msg ID:51)

Here are a couple of items I read from someone else:
"The China Daily published a special report from the Chinese state planning
commission that outlines a plan to reallocate foreign reserves ratios away from U.S.
dollar holdings. It recommends reducing U.S. dollars as a percentage of reserves
from 60 percent to 40 percent. This suggests U.S. dollar sales of $28 billion. The
report went on to say that China should prepare for a weaker U.S. dollar on grounds
that the U.S.(as a net debtor) consumption boom has created a Bubble."
Sept 3 ( AFEC/AGENCIES ) - China may be forced to switch much its enormous
foreign currency reserves into the new Euro if the dollar falls in the future, a leading
economist was quoted as saying Thursday. While there has been widespread
speculation over a devaluation of the Chinese yuan, state development planning
commission economist Wang Jian said China would have to watch for any fall in the
dollar when elaborating its economic policies, the official China Daily newspaper
reported. Wang said the US economic boom of recent years was a "bubble," caused
by a massive influx of foreign capital, which could burst when the Euro is introduced