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down the dollar reserve slope. This slide will create the illusion of a economic
deflation, but then isn't the dollar really an illusion also? Thanks
Friend of Another

(9/20/98; 22:12:19 Msg ID:54)

To some of my friends I say good day and to others good night. Will return for more
discussion and thoughts. Thanks

(9/22/98; 07:00:04 Msg ID:79)

Aragorn III (9/21/98; 16:07:21 Msg ID:71)
Mr. Aragorn, Your write offers good thoughts. I also often question why a person
would want to hold the "silver for the little person"? Indeed, the gold can be divided
into very small parts and still it holds the good value. I think the silver issue comes
from the same view point that gold should not be "up valued" against paper
currencies. It has always been seen that an official reset of the gold price is "the bad
thing". Always, it is "at all costs do not raise gold price"!
The political Western stand is "Give the citizens silver and let that price rise, but,
keep the gold low and we purchace it for our well being". It would seem that those of
the "democratic power" want to hold the gold for "insurance" (as Mr. TYoung rightly
does) and never allow it's good effects to pass to the "little person", as you say.
Perhaps we do still see the "human nature" at work with silver. Persons are always
attracted to the leverage argument in any investment. Again, the western analysis
uses the past dollar performance of silver to make the point of "it will rise at faster
rate than gold". I think, if the past economic and monetary performance was to
continue, this could be true. However, we come to the end of this era. The changing
of a monetary system for the benefit of removing "debt load" does also require the
changing of rules for past game!
History will be written as this: "we now know that in times of major financial change,
real gold increases in value and holds that value far greater than any paper gold
derivative" also " no other form of commodity (silver and platinum included), even
food, was valued as gold". Even in times of past war, soldiers and citizens were
found starving for food, but still, gold was found in the pockets, not food!
Thank You

(9/22/98; 07:36:39 Msg ID:80)

Goldfly (9/21/98; 21:37:48 Msg ID:77)
Mr. Goldfly, Perhaps your question will be answered in the future we now approach.
However, for today, if we place ourselves in the land of Russia at the entrance of the
"once most strong bank". What price do you offer for gold to replace the lost savings
account? It would seem that in the process to return a portion of your wealth, that
does represent a "lifes productive efforts", any price for gold would be as "the
I do admit that it is not the good position for ones family to be in, as others will also
bid for this opportunity to gain gold. Tomorrow, when you and your neighbor use
Euros to purchase the gasoline, a much smaller supply of gold will be divided by the
dollars in existence. Few will concede that gold could be so high, as at present,
"dollars price gold". But few have known a time when "Gold priced dollars"! Thank