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continue (as FOA) the "Gold trail Hikes" in posted letter form somewhere else on the
USAGOLD site. We can still address many of the forum discussion items as deemed
necessary. Yet, it will be done more in a letter format. If I am to post again on the
forum (sparingly), I must use a different handle and debate the issues as myself,
rather than represent the Thoughts of Another. This removes me from a conflict
most of you did not know existed.
To everyone that wrote here in support of these writings, I reply with a thanks from
a true heart. I accept this knowing that your words are also for all the other fine
persons that post here.
MK, you are the Hollywood producer and director of this drama. A film being shown
around the world for all to see. It's your call my friend?
Thanks FOA

(02/08/00; 11:55:06MDT - Msg ID:24704)

(No Subject)
PH in LA, Cavan Man, and ALL,
I'm waiting on some possible new structural changes to this website. If it works out
it will be very interesting. Also, I will receive a new handle for this forum and for the
first time post representing myself only (not anyone else). Give it some time, this
will all work out very well.
Only market events can change the opinions of "hard" gold bugs that are looking too
much into the past for guidance. No amount of human logic or our discussion will
sway them to view the future in a different context. Many of them only see the here
and now plus 3 steps in front of them.
Later, god willing, all of us will "walk the gold trail" as a group (FOA included) with
an eye on the future, not the past.
Thanks all,,,for your many comments ,,,,,, I'm taking this time to complete several
projects. Will
return later (a number of days).