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Trail Guide

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Trail Guide

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The Gold Trails
Thank you Aristotle!
A fine work that's worth a long study, my friend.
Many writers today offer nothing less than a philippic discourse about the flaws in
today's fiat systems. Always looking backwards, they are lost to grasp how what was
considered "hard money policies then",,, "eventually failed then",,, as these same
interacted within the economy. Truly, a hard financial structure trying to blend with a
soft, flexible "human nature". In a larger degree, how much more could it not work
in today's modern world. Once implemented today, these same policies would again
"crash and burn" in response to the demands from "real people" living a "real life ".
Aristotle, your five part series is trechantly written and offers readers a glimpse into
a future that must be. Will be!
My thoughts on a deep subject:
If the modern banking system has mislead us at all, it mislead by supporting a view
that our wealth, our things, were not money. They implied that "paper settlement
money" was our real wealth and only it could be as such. Truly, as we walk and
breathe, human's things have always existed as both money and wealth. Side by
side by side they walked with us in our financial life, in both modern and past
context. Yet, in our modern "Western World" of thought, the largest portion of one's
personal asset holdings now reside in the form of "paper money". Worse, the
majority in it's "contract derivatives" forms. Gold included.
No longer do we hold our greatest portions in real forms that transcends the peaks
and valleys of fiat money value ,,,, a variable fiat money system that our
"changeable nature" demands. No, we option to ignore the true purpose of this paper
money system and cast the entirety of our resources into it. Never stopping to
understand that this money is but an "economic need" "to process a trade". Not an
"economic product" and therefore wealth itself.
Through out recent time, fiat money has responded well to human nature, flowing
like a river as it expands and contracts to our wants and desires to buy and sell
things. From drought to flood it is the channel of our trading system, as it moved the
"end product water" that flows within it's wide banks.
Today we use the remains of this dying "dollar settlement system". It continues a
natural death, as society struggles to use a currency that can no longer represent
our financial structure. A changing structure in a world that marches on. The dollar's
debt load has aged it and brought it to the end of it's time line.
Only today, the end of this "time line" will find many holding their wealth in this
same system, for a purpose it should never have been intended to perform. That
being, to represent one's life long accumulation of real wealth as their money wealth
things. Most will understand the impact of this well after the fact as we are indeed in