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THE END OF THE WORLD (as she knows it) by Adam Zang Adam Zang 1401 S Holgate St. #205 Seattle, WA 98144 734.660.4914 FADE IN: INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT - 1990 A pre-adolescent girl’s room-- photos of friends and pictures ripped from Tiger Beat magazine on a corkboard, a New Kids on the Block poster on the wall... Wearing pajamas with a Teddy Bear pattern, KATE WILSON, 10, lets her GRANNY tuck her into bed. Kate examines the ANTIQUE WEDDING BAND on Granny’s finger. KATE I decided I’m never getting married. GRANNY Is that right? KATE So you don’t have to give me your ring unless it’s for a birthday present or something. GRANNY I said the same thing when I was your age, but my grandmother saved it for me anyway and gave it to me when I met your grandfather and changed my mind... and her grandmother gave it to her, and her grandmother gave it to her... KATE How old is it? GRANNY So old that it was blessed by Saint John Francis Regis. Do you know who he is? Kate shakes her head. GRANNY The patron saint of marriage. INT. CHURCH - DAY - 1635 A small wedding ceremony, presided over by SAINT REGIS. 2.


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