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'Kill for Her' focuses on choices made, and not made, when they can impact your life the most.
What life lessons must one learn to be able to paint right from wrong clearly? What you see isn't
always what you get. Or is it?”

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Kyle was a great person.
A kind , intelligent, and creative person. Kyle loved watching the stars. Kyle loved the colors Black and
Red. Kyle loved the television show 'Lost'. Kyle loved cooking. Kyle loved discussing films, scripts, and
everything cinema.
He attended film school to follow his forever dream of becoming a director. Kyle would spend countless
hours writing amazing scripts, and making wonderful shorts. He always dreamt of working with his
filmmaking idols.
Kyle had also battled depression. He spent his life seeing therapists, taking medication, and trying to
control the demon inside him that screamed 'your not good enough'. He attempted to take his life once
- recovered - and we all thought he was on the right track to happiness.
We were fooled.
On April 6th, 2011 Kyle Linford committed suicide.
He left behind a mother, father, sister, dog - friends, extended family and co-workers. Also, many
scripts. Many amazing scripts.
One of which, was 'Kill for Her'.