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In Kyle's suicide note to his best friend and director Eric Protiva, he gave Eric his blessing to go ahead
with the films. Kyle trusted Eric. Eric put the right cast and crew together, and got this ball rolling!
If we can make a good film #InKylesMemory and save some lives by sharing Kyle's story - and some of
ours - we have done our part.
Rest in Peace, Kyle. #STOPSUICIDE.

*Portion of Kyle’s suicide note to Director, Eric Protiva.

Donations Account
We have a donations account open! We’re trying to raise money to send this film to festivals
#InKylesMemory and of course, raise awareness anywhere we go to #StopSuicide!
We ask that you share with your viewers, readers, listeners our story – and ask that anything they can
donate, anything at all, if it’s $1 or $10, it will help us sent this film to festivals and make Kyle’s forever
dream of being a successful filmmaker come true in the only way we can make that happen for him!
The link is directly on our website,

Behind the Scenes
We will also be putting links to behind the scenes videos, photos, interviews and more up on our
Facebook account and our Twitter. From cast and crew, and Kyle’s family as well! To keep track of our
progress, with premiere dates and such more into 2013, please visit and follow us
on all our social media accounts!
Shooting will begin January 26th, 2013.