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Powerful Golf Swing Instructions
3 Powerful Golf Training Articles

Compiled By: Daniel Kase

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Article #1
Useful Golf Swing Tips for Golf Beginners by Nicolus Cage
in Sports / Golf (submitted 2010-11-23)

Ever look on the internet to find a few useful golf swing tips only to find far more advice on the golf
swing than you ever felt possible? The next thing you know you read a dozen or so golf swing tips and
become even more confused than before.

Not to add to the confusion, but hopefully cut through the clutter, the following list contains tried and
true golf swing tips that will help aid the beginner golfer [http://www.golfhelptips.com/] and serve as
gentle reminders for more advanced golfers. These golf swing tips are not intended to offer new or
breakthrough golf swing methods, but fundamentally sound golf advice that if incorporated in your
game, will certainly help lower your score and ingrain sold golf swing fundamentals.

General Golf Swing Tips

Relax: you can have the best golf swing in the world, but if you are too uptight and introduce tension
into your swing, you are doomed. If you simply relax when you swing (think a golf grip of '5' on a scale of
1 to 10), you will hit the ball further, more solidly and more consistently.
Pre-shot routine: establish a standard pre-shot routine before every shot.
Establish good rhythm and tempo: think 'Slow Back, Fast Forward' and work on getting your body and
swing tempo in sync.

Make solid contact with the golf ball: if you find you are hitting the ball short, fat, thin, left and right,
then on your next shot, relax, take more club, shorten your swing and simply ensure that you are
making solid contact with the ball

Short Game Golf Swing Tips

Putting: Keep your eyes over the ball and head steady; ensure consistent backswing length and followthrough; keep lower body 'quiet'; make sure to hit through the ball.
Chipping: Keep most of your body weight on your front leg throughout shot.
Pitching: Open stance and keep most of your body weight on your front leg throughout shot.
Bunkers: Keep left arm straight throughout shot and control shot with good body rotation, not just

Practice and Play Mindset

Separate 'play' from 'practice.' When practicing, focus on fundamentals, mechanics and adjustments.
When playing, resist analysis and focus only on the target for your next shot.
When playing, track golf shot statistics to monitor progress and identify development needs including
number of fairways hit, greens in regulation, 'Up and Down' Percentage and Putts Per round
Analyze your statistics and overall play after your round to set basis for practice agenda.
Practice with a purpose 'define your practice agenda, needs and focus areas before you practice.
Sixty percent or more of golf score occurs within 100 yards of hole. To lower your golf scores, devote
half or more of practice time to short game (pitching, bunkers, chipping and putting).

About the Author
Useful golf swing tips provided by Golf Genie to resolve swing problems. Golf putting basics to polish
your golf skills, get right golf training aids to become consistent golfer.


Article #2
Improve Your Handicap With These Golf Swing Tips by Jeremy Winters
in Sports / Golf (submitted 2011-09-18)

Can you use some golf swing tips? It's without doubt that golf is a favorite sports activity for
professionals and hobbyists. Although it isn't an Olympic event, a great number of men and
women watch events on television. Regardless of if you play as a hobby or as a professional,
you might possibly take advantage of golf swing tips to improve your game.

Among the essential golf tips to follow is that you will need a good shoulder so you will be able
to strike the ball the correct way and allow it to fall close to the hole. It is not as easy as most
people think because they are under the idea you have to raise the left heel quite a bit off of
the ground to make this work. This will cause the hip to rotate however no bounce is produced.
What is the aim here? The lesson here is the fact that a player can create recoil by not turning
too much.

The next golf swing tip to bear in mind is to not permit your head to touch your chest simply
because you are going to have trouble swinging your left arm across your body as you swing
backward. The proper method to do this is to hold your chin up even while your left arm swings
freely across your upper body. You'll create a wide arc so that you will be able to hit the ball in
the correct direction.

The way you hold the club is one of the most critical golf swing tips. Refrain from gripping your
club too tightly. A device that should help you avoid this is the golf grip. A benefit of the golf
grip is it fits any size club. It's made out of plastic and may quickly be removed. Often your
upper body isn't really the problem when you are trying to play your very best. You may need
to improve your footing with a foot wedge. The foot wedge helps to keep your weight on the
right foot.

Another helpful golf swing tool is the weighted club. Weighted clubs are usually two to five
pounds heavier than the standard clubs. An advantage of these clubs is the fact that they allow
you to practice your swing in slow motion so you will master the proper form. In case you have
difficulty keeping your arms together whenever you swing, stretchable arm bands are available.
These are placed on your triceps to make a "v" all the way through the swing.

Finally, do not forget to relax. Tension may cause you to miss a swing and overlook these golf
swing tips. If you are participating in a tournament, try to block everyone out. You may not
learn these suggestions immediately but as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.

About the Author
Looking for golf driving tips? Be sure to visit my site to learn some golf tips for driving and other
great tips

Article #3
Golf Swing Tips For Any Level Of Play by Laughing
in Sports / Golf (submitted 2012-03-31)

The way in which you swing your golf club is actually the most basic of golf techniques, but it
can for a lot of individuals be by far the most elusive. Regardless of whether you happen to be a
beginning golfer or a seasoned expert trying to make improvements to your game, you’ll find
quite a few tips and techniques you can put into practice to either help you master the game or
achieve lower scores. Understanding the way to correctly swing a club is one of the most
difficult and crucial components of the game, but by simply following several fundamental golf
swing tips it can be very easy to enhance both your accuracy and the distance of your drive.

A golfers grip is definitely the most essential aspect of the golf swing. You’ll find several
different options when deciding on the proper grip and deciding which grip is best for you is
vital in both how far and just how straight you are able to hit the ball.

The Interlocking Grip is the most frequently utilized grip for men and women with short or thick
hands. It enables you to establish the required leverage to deliver the maximum amount of
power as you are able to into your golf swing. This grip requires the index finger and the little
finger of opposite hands to overlap and interlock.

The Baseball Grip is actually the most frequently utilized grip for beginners or men and women
who lack arm or wrist strength. In this grip, very similar to the sport it’s named after, the index
and little fingers do touch, however they do not overlap or interlock.

The Backswing is yet another crucial component of a players swing. By simply allowing the
outside knee to collapse during the backswing, you will cause a dropping of your shoulder and
swaying of your hips, impacting your swing significantly. In the backswing, one really should in
addition remember to keep the arms locked when drawing back to the furthest point possible
and to pause at the top of the backswing.

An additional area where golf swing tips tend to be useful is during the follow-through.
Completion of a good follow-through should leave your head facing the target with your chin
over your shoulder. Try to remember to keep the head behind the ball as you fully release the
club and right after hitting it to extend your swing through the ball. Condition yourself to hit the
ball and the tee together, as this can enable you to train to bring your swing through the ball as
opposed to at it.

Practicing some of these basic golf swing tips will enable you to not just improve your game,
but also to feel much more self-confident each time you step on the course. For all female
golfers, here comes a ground-breaking product. Women’s golf shoes offer you terrific playing
stance which are not able to be disturbed by any bad circumstance, including wet grass. Never
again will you feel bad when you fail to swing accurately because of the terrible shoes.
Furthermore if you are on-foot-type of golfer these will perfectly suit you.

Wanting to acquire women golf shoes, you have a huge and important decision to make. But it
doesn’t have to be a hard one. Is it style, spikes or no spikes, type of spikes, brand price or size,
it all matters for buying good shoes. You should just read through all these categories, and
make up your mind on one pair.

There are traditional shoe spikes which are made of metal. These used to be helpful, but now
are banned on some courses since they can harm the grass. The other type is the plastic one,
created from high-quality plastic and sturdy rubber using the modern technology. With plastic
spikes you’ll do no harm to the grass while they will feel awesome.

When it is about style of women golf shoes, since it is for women, it certainly has a big effect on
choosing the right pair of shoes. You can pick between traditional, in the saddle or wing-tip
style. You have the privilege to decide on your own. Before buying just check at your course
which ones are allowed and which aren’t.

Lastly the size is the most important thing when we’re speaking about women’s golf shoes. If
they are too big you can stumble and fall, and if on the other hand they are extremely small
they can constrict your feet and give you blisters. Surrounded by heaps of brands, which can be
fairly pricey, you should try each one to check if they are fitting you nicely, and make your
money worth-giving.

In estimation of experts in this topic, comfort is considered to be an essential aspect. Even if
you just love some model of women’s golf shoes, if you do not feel cozy, you must not take
them. Have the liberty to try dozen of different types until you find the right ones, because
when you do, the job is done.

Beside the fact that this footwear will drastically assist you in playing golf, knowing that they
improve your physical condition is also very important. They essentially support your spine and
give the correct stance. And therefore despite all other factors mentioned, your feet need to
firstly feel comfortable and smooth in them.

Based on the facts stated above, what a real female golf enthusiast ought to think about, is this
footwear. You will feel cool, and will definitely have more wins and better score.
About the Author

This article is from Golf Swing Tips For Any Level Of Play - Sports - Golf Also, We recommend
some good top golf clubs to you. Thanks for reading my article!
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