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Important Characteristics Of Diamond (2) .pdf

Original filename: Important Characteristics Of Diamond (2).pdf
Title: Important Characteristics Of Diamond

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Important Characteristics Of Diamond
Diamonds are precious stones which consist of clear and colorless shiny crystals of pure carbon.
These are the toughest naturally occurring material on the planet. Diamonds are used in making fine
jewelry also. But purchasing diamond jewelry isn't an easy task. Selecting the perfect diamond has its
own issues. Prior to purchasing any kinds of diamond jewelries from online auction or traditional
stores, you have to know about 4 Cs? Well, you have may have heard about the 4 Cs of diamonds
before however you may not know some facts about this. So, what actually is 4 C? Why 4 Cs are
essential terms when talking about diamonds? We shall be discussing 4 Cs within this article.
The quality and cost of diamond are usually evaluated according to four major traits called 4 Cs. The
4 Cs of diamond refer to carat, cut, colour and clarity. These 4 Cs are also used to compare and
grade of diamonds. 4Cs are essential factors when choosing your diamond.
Diamond Carat
Carat is the term used to describe the weight of diamonds. It's the measurement of weight of
diamond, not its dimension. Bigger the carat weight of diamond, more rare and valuable it is. The
price of diamond directly depends on carat size. But two different diamonds of same carat may not
have same cost based on other elements like cut, colour, and clarity.
Diamond Cut
Diamond cut generally refers to the shape, proportions, symmetry and polish created when
transforming a rough diamond into fine diamond jewelry. Diamonds are cut by skilled craftsmen and
these cuts determine the beauty of the diamonds. The reduce gives the diamonds its sparkle,
brilliance and fire. Cut is the most important factor which determines the overall look of the diamond.
There are lots of different designs of diamonds accessible these days but the most common shape is
round brilliants.
Diamond Colour
Usually diamonds are colorless. "Colorless" or "white colored" diamond are more valuable since the
light is free to go through it which gives it a shiny look. There are a few diamonds which can be found
in fancy colors like yellow, brown, pink and blue. But the colorless diamonds are extremely popular.
The diamonds are graded from D to z based on the color. D signifies the least colour and Z has light
yellow colour.
Diamond ClarityIn its authentic state, diamond contains small imperfections inside (called
inclusions), or on its surface (called blemishes). Diamond clarity refers to those imperfections within
the diamonds. Diamonds with less inclusions or blemishes have higher brilliance and vice-versa.
Diamond with greater clarity is more valuable because it doesn’t have inclusions or blemishes.To
summarize, you always need to think about the importance of each of the 4 Cs in order to find an
ideal and high quality diamond that fits your budget. The 4 Cs - colour, clarity, cut, and carat are
important factors that decide the value, rarity and beauty of one's diamond. If you are looking for a
diamond engagement ring or any other kinds of diamond jewelry, make certain you totally understand
the 4 Cs so that you'll be able to purchase the high quality diamond.

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