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H ow l on g h a ve you b e e n h e re ?
Al a : I came at the beginning of October. It's my second month here.
Zosi a : Like Ala, I came here at the beginning of October and now I have started my second month in
B e fore a rri vi n g , wh a t wa s you r b i g g e st fe a r?
Al a : Hm... I was afraid that I would die in a plane crash. And that Ukrainian
Airlines would lose my luggage. But finally, I realized it wasn't very reasonable - I have AXA insurance....
Zosi a : My nightmare was, how I would pack for one year with one piece of luggage. And of course.
when I finally packed the Ukraine airlines lost it.
I s G e org i a a s you e xp e cte d i t?
Al a : More or less - yes. But still I can't believe that most of the things that I
have read/knew about Georgia before actually happen and exist.
Zosi a : I was in Georgia last year on my holidays, so I knew what to expect.
H ow i s you r G e org i a n l a n g u a g e ?
Al a : I think I was born to speak Georgian. I already know, hm.... one, two...or maybe five words.
Zosi a : I like it very much, I want to learn it even if I can't manage to talk like native Georgians.
H a ve you m a n a g e d to tra ve l i n G e org i a ?
Al a : Yes. I've already seen some places in Georgia. Apart from Rustavi, of
course. During the winter I plan to visit all museums, galleries and other cultural places and events in
Tbilisi. I postpone travelling till spring. So if any of you knows something about any events taking place
in the neighborhood - let me know.
Zosi a : Yes, and I wait for other opportunities to discover beautiful Georgia.
H a ve you h a d a n y u n u su a l e xp e ri e n ce s i n G e org i a ?
Al a : Everyday I experience something new and try to get used to Georgian perception of time and
planning. But it's still in progress.....
Zosi a : Yes, but if I told you I would have to kill you.
D o you m i ss som e food ?
Al a : Food is one of our main topics, but it's still Georgian food, so it seems that I don't. Besides - what
else does vegetarian need apart from vegetables, fruits, cheese and wine?
Zosi a : Not yet, I am still amused by Georgian cuisine.